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NIFT CAT Question Paper with Solutions

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 10, 2023


The NIFT Creative Ability Test, sometimes referred to as the NIFT CAT 2024, is administered by NIFT to candidates for admission to the B.Des. and M.Des. degrees in design. It usually happens in the first hour of the morning session.

With the aid of a test created specifically for this purpose, the candidate's power of observation, intuitive abilities, design aptitude, creation, and understanding of an idea will be evaluated. Additionally, the use of color and creative thinking will be examined.

The candidates' demonstration skills are evaluated as part of the NIFT CAT 2024 selection process. The CAT exam, which is required for admission to NIFT 2024, is often well-performed by those who have a solid grasp of creativity and who artistically approach art.

To succeed in this section of the exam, a candidate for the NIFT entrance test 2024 must have both a creative mindset and clarity in their reasoning.

Some tips for NIFT CAT 2024 Exam Preparation

Candidates who want to sit the NIFT CAT 2024 sometimes discover that keeping up with the exam's extensive and ambiguous curriculum is challenging.

Make sure to adhere to the study strategies and advice provided here to succeed on the exam.

The candidate must have a strategy before moving forward with anything else. It's hard to go ahead with anything without a strategy in place.

To ensure that the candidate's train of thought is organized and that they have a clear understanding of the final goal, it is essential to put out a strategy.

Making good reading choices is the second piece of advice. The applicant is advised to complete some preliminary study and collect the key NIFT Entrance Exam books before preparing for the NIFT CAT 2024. Spending excessive study time on the wrong books might ultimately hurt a candidate's results.

Getting publications that include significant and acknowledged amounts of information is essential. The candidate must also make sure that the book adheres to the most recent NIFT Entrance Exam 2024. requirements and curriculum.

To master time management for students getting ready for the NIFT entrance test. Time is the most valuable resource for candidates taking the NIFT CAT test in 2024, so they should keep that in mind while they study. It's crucial to handle your finances sensibly. Poor performance is sometimes brought by wasting time on useless study materials and repeatedly pausing work to take breaks.

nift mock test

nift Mock test

Sample papers and question papers from previous years- are the sole preparation. Constant practice is the only way to perfect anything.

Both sample papers and question papers from past years are great tools for getting ready for the NIFT CAT 2024.

It is also suggested to take the practice test first before going on to take the real exam. By doing so, the applicant can get acquainted with the structure of the CAT test offered by NIFT, reducing the labor required to finish the questions. In addition, a candidate who practices regularly is better able to forecast the types of questions that will be on the exam.

A candidate needs to guarantee that he has completed the whole curriculum well in advance of the exam to have appropriate time for review. Reviewing tough information typically leads to greater understanding and creates a clearer mental picture in the applicant's mind.

Overcoming Mental Difficulties Candidates are advised to keep anxiety, lack of confidence, and excessive confidence under control if they want to do well on the test. The mind of the applicant is sometimes thrown off by psychological impediments, and as a consequence, the candidate is unable to prepare for the exam or enhance their performance effectively.

The applicants must undertake preparatory study and continue with the required actions at the proper time. The aspirant needs to be able to hold their calm under pressure and have trust in their ability and readiness even when things look dismal, as it will help enhance your NIFT Exam Preparation and score well in the exam.

Get Enough Sleep. Although taking excessive pauses is something that should be avoided, breaks should not be put into the activity plan. It is conceivable that a candidate's mind will tire if they study hard and continuously for an extended period. Taking frequent pauses is essential since it allows the seeker to rejuvenate their mind. When students' thinking is clearer, they can study more successfully.

Have a positive attitude. To perform well on the exam, keeping an optimistic frame of mind while preparing for it is necessary. When a student is surrounded by a persistent atmosphere of negativity, it is exceedingly tough for him or her to understand the content that is being delivered. Maintaining a pleasant mood enhances self-assurance, which makes the process of getting dressed much less difficult.

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Some Examples 

The following are some of the important questions curated from the previous year's NIFT Question Papers.

1. The digit 3 is used in this fashion n times in the natural numbers 1, 2, 3, and up to 500. The number n is:

(a)100 (b)200 (c)150 (d)180

Answer: We can count to 100 and see that the number 3 appears 20 times. Similar calculations apply for 100 to 200; an additional 20 adds up to 40. From 200 to 300, another 20 brings it to 60 at this point. For numbers 300 to 400, it is 120, bringing the sum to 180. The total becomes 200 after an additional 20 for 400 to 500. So, 200 is the answer.

2. Up to 990, how many natural numbers are divisible by both 5 and 9 but not by 7?

(a)18 (b)20 (c)19 (d)50

Answer: A number must be divisible by 45 to be divisible by both 9 and 5. The total number of natural numbers that may be divided by 45 is 22 (45,90,135,.....,990). The numbers of the type 45*7l must be removed from these 22 numbers as the resultant numbers shouldn't be divisible by 7. The necessary number is 22-3=19 as a result.

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3. A kid creates n squares with sides of 1, 2, 3, and 5 inches. The average area these squares cover is:

(a) n(n+1)/2

(b) n(n+1)(n+2)/4

(c) (n+1)/2(2n+1)/3

(d) n

Ans. The solution is (n+1)/2(2n+1)/3 because the average area equals the total of the individual areas divided by 5, or the number of squares.

4. Then (x+y)x/y if x=6 and y=3.

(a)34 (b)19 (c)18 (d)81

Answers are (x+y)=(6+3)=9 and (x/y)=(6+3)=2 So 9^2 equals 81.

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5. When pursuing an elephant, a camel makes 5 leaps for every 7 made by the elephant, but 3 leaps are equal to 5 elephant leaps.

What is the speed of a camel compared to an elephant?

(a) 1:2 (b) 22:21 (c) 25:21 (d) 25:21

Ans. 5/3:7/5 = 5/3*15:7/5*15 =25:21

6. Determine the number of days the same stock of food will last for 27 students if 45 students can consume it in two months.

(a) 100 (b)120 (c) 85 (d) 110

Ans. student days are 45 and 60 and 1 and 60 and 45 and 27 and 100 and 60 and 45 and 27

So, 100 is the answer.

7. How much would 8 notebooks cost if 6 cost Rs 45?

(a) 40 (b) 24 (c) 60 (d) 100

Ans: A notebook costs $645, $145 multiplied by 6/8 of a sixth of

The result is 60.

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8. If each number begins with 35 and no digits occur more than once, how many 6-digit telephone numbers may be created using the digits 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8?

(a) 35 (b)45 (c)18 (d) 20

Answer: Since 35 already occupies the first two digits, the other 8 numbers may be chosen in 8p4 different ways, giving us 35 as the solution.

9. Three bells ring at intervals of 36, 40, and 48 seconds, respectively. At a certain moment, they all begin to ring simultaneously. They then ring a bell at

24 minutes, 12 minutes, 48 minutes, 6 minutes, and so on are the possible durations.

The H.C.F. of the indicated intervals is 12 minutes.

If a=bx, b=cy, and c=az, then xyz is true.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 0


Answer: xyz=1 is the result of applying log to the given equation.

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

11. Malika covered 5/16 of her distance by bus, 7/20 by train, and the last 10 km on foot. How far did she go overall?

8 km, 16 km, 14 km, and 29 km are the distances in (a), (b), (c), and (d), respectively.

Answer: When we solve 5/16 of x plus 7/20 of x plus 10, we get x=29 kilometres.

12. If x+y+z=0, then x2/yz+y2/zx+z2/XY has the value

(a) 0


(c) 2

(d) 3

Answer: 3

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13. The highest amount of money that can be expressed as an exact multiple of 49.56 and 37.94 is:

(a) 2.56

(b) 3.54

(c) 1.36

(d) 2.00

The provided amount's H.C.F. is 3.54.

14. If 2z/(x+y)=axbycz and b/a=c/b, then axbycz=cz.

(A) (x/2)

(B) (y/2)

(C) (z/2)

(d) 1

Answer: Using the log, we have x/2.

15. If 2^(x+3).

When 4(2x-5)=2(3x+7), the value of x is

(a) 4

(b) 6 \s

(c) 7 \s

(d) 5

Answer: The log is applied to both sides to get (x+3)log2. (2x-5) log4 = (3x + 7)log2 = 7

Choose the option that has the same meaning as the term in questions 16 through 20.

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16. Abase

(a) Suffer


(c) Estimate

(d) Embarrass

Ans. (d)

17. Abnormality

Deviation, horror, disgust, dislike, and absence are examples of deviations.

Ans. (b)

18. Balmy

(a) risk-taker

(b) devoted

(c) gentle

(d) fanatical

Ans: (c)

19. Buxom

(a) voluminous

(b) Uncertain

(c) Persuasive

(d) Bulky

Ans: (d)

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20. Callow

(a) Young

(b) Holy

(c) Peaceful

(d) Colorful

Ans: (a)

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