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NIFT 2023 Mathematics Questions & Preparation tips

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : May 4, 2023


Summary: Making preparations for the NIFT entrance exam is critical for admission to UG and PG design courses available at the National Institute of Fashion Technology's (NIFT) various campuses. With the NIFT 2023 exam rapidly approaching, it is critical to have a well-planned approach and study plan in place in order to ace the exam. You must complete as many NIFT 2023 sample question papers and previous year's model questions as possible. You must also be familiar with the exam pattern, detailed syllabus, and best NIFT preparation books. In this article, we have put together some probable NIFT maths questions that you should be aware of for the NIFT 2023 exam.

The NIFT Entrance doesn't involve highly difficult math problems yet includes tricky question maths to check the student's mental ability, high-order thinking skills, and critical analysis.

You might have questions for yourself like, Is Mathematics important for NIFT?

If you want to apply for a BFTech course, you must have mathematics in your 10+2 standard. It is not required for the B. Des course.

However, questions based on mathematics are asked in the B. Des entrance exam, but they are of a very basic level.

Mathematics is a paper that sometimes crafts fear among various students. Hence, to overcome this kind of situation, you can take help from the questions and solutions of mathematics for the NIFT entrance exams. 

The National Institute of Fashion Technology offers a mathematics syllabus of analytical thinking with basic knowledge.

The NIFT Maths Syllabus comprises Current Affairs based on quantitative aptitude, comprehensive ability, analytical ability, time-related questions, the number system, missing numbers, easy percentage questions, measurement-based questions, measurement, and other matric or senior secondary level maths topics. 

The best and most interesting thing about maths is that it can be easy with practice every day. Every time you solve a question, it becomes easier to understand the concept behind that, eventually assisting in solving other questions related to the same concepts. 

The questions in the mathematics section can range from easy to tough, requiring regular daily practice.

Here is the list of highly probable mathematical questions and answers that can be helpful in preparation for the NIFT Entrance Exam.

NIFT Maths Questions

Question 1. Find the possible values of a and b in the given series 8, a,b, 5, and 10, whose mean is 6 and variance is 6.80.

(a) a = 5, b = 2

(b) a = 0, b = 7

(c) a = 3, b = 4

(d) a = 2, b = 4

Question 2: 2, 4, 8, 32, 256, ?

Find the question mark of the given series.

(a) 1024

(b) 512 

(c) 8192 

(d) 4096 

NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Online Coaching

Question 3. 10, 11, 23, 39, 64, ?, 149 

In the given series, find the number missing by following a pattern in the series : 

(a) 103

(b) 128

(c) 100

(d) 78

Question 4. Calculate the distance of A super fast bus that starts from Thailand and reaches 'Phi Phi Island' in 50 minutes with an average speed of 45 km/hr. Gradually the speed of the bus increased by 15km/hr.

(a) 39minutes 

(b) 41 minutes 

(c) 43 minutes 

(d) 45 minutes

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Question 5. The difference between 5 times and 15 times a figure is 50. What is the figure?

(a) 6 

(b) 5

(c) 10

(d) 8

Question 6. Find the number whose 135% is 540?

(a) 400

(b) 300

(c) 600

(d) 800

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Question 7. X is divisible by four and ten and lies between 500 and 600. What is X?

(a) 460

(b) 540

(c) 700

(d) 140

Question 8. One-fifth percent of 150 is :

(a) 3.0

(b) 0.30

(c) 0.030 

(d) 30

Question 9. Find the maximum marks that have been set for paper 1 when the candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 30% marks to appear passed, whereas the secured only 30 marks and failed by 10 marks?

(a) 100 

(b) 200 

(c) 180 

(d) 150

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Question 10. Find the least number that has 27 and 54 as the factors.

(a) 130 

(b) 145

(c) 170

(d) 135

Question 11. If 150 is increased to 300, what is the percentage increase?

nift mock test

nift Mock test

(a) 16.67 

(b) 50 

(c) 23 

(d) 17

Question 12. For how much should a shopkeeper sell the items to gain 30% when he had already lost 20% while selling the items at ₹160?

(a) 204

(b) 305

(c) 109

(d) 300

Question 13. Find the value of xy if 7862xy is divided by 125?

(a) 25

(b) 75

(c) 105

(d) 55

Question 14. At what time will a train that is 100 meters long pass a bridge that is 80 meters long if the train's speed is 36 km per hour? 

(a) 18 seconds

(b) 20 seconds

(c) 30 seconds

(d) 36 seconds 

Question 15. How much will it cost for 150 grams If a quarter kilogram costs Rs. 60?

(a) Rs. 30 

(b) Rs. 24 

(c) Rs. 36 

(d) Rs. 40

Question 16. How many days will 5 men and 7 boys take to do work, If 2 men and 5 boys finish the same piece of work in 20 days?

(a) 5 

(b) 8 

(c) 10

 (d) 6

Question 17. Calculate the sum of the first 50 natural numbers is 

(a) 5050 

(b) 1725 

(c) 1500 

(d) 1275

Question 18. The distance between the feet of the two poles is 12 meters, and the height is 6 m and 11 m. Calculate the difference in the distance between the tops of the poles :

(a) 11m 

(b) 5m 

(c) 23m 

(d) 13m

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Question 19. Ramu has a solid sphere of lead of radius 16 cm. The teacher asks him to make balls of a radius of 8 cm and helps Ramu estimate how many balls he can make.

(a) 8 

(b) 16 

(c) 32

 (d) 4

Question 20. Find The solution to x2 +6x+9 = 0 is ……..

(a) x1 = + 3, x2 = -3 

(b) x1 = 3, x2 = 3

(c) x1 = -3, x2 = -3 

(d) No solution

Question 21. What is the chance of getting a 2 or 4 in rolling a die?

(a) ⅔

 (b) ⅙

 (c) 1/3 

(d) 1/2

Question 22. Calculate the simple interest per annum for an amount that will be doubled in 10 years.

(a) 10% 

(b) 7.5% 

(c) 16% 

(d) 15%

Question 23. Four times an unknown number is 4 less than 40. The unknown number

(a) 9

To(b) 10 

(c) 11 

(d) 5

Question 24. A wall clock in an old mansion strikes 4 on a sunny evening; the butler tries to measure the acute angle between the minute hand and hour hand of the same, which is?

(a) 1200 

(b) 2400

(c) 500 

(d) 900

Question 25. The volume of a cylindrical vessel doubles after every 5 minutes when the water is filled in it. Calculate the time taken by a vessel to be filled by only 25% If the vessel takes 30 minutes to be full?

(a) 20 minute

(b) 25 minutes

(c) 7 minutes 30 seconds 

(d) 10 minutes

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Question 26. In the equation x7 + 14x 5+ 16x 3 + 30x – 560 = 0 how many real solutions can be there ?

(a) 1

(b) 4

(c) 7

(d) 5

Question 27. If 50 % of a number is added to 50, the result is the number itself, then the number is:

(a) 250 

(b) 700 

(c) 100 

(d) 400

Question 28. Mr. A was a horse race connoisseur who loved betting on horse races. For his personal interest, 5 horses are selected, and Mr. A selects two of them randomly and bets on them. What is the possibility that Mr. A has selected a winning horse

(a) 4/5

(b) 3/5

(c) 1/5

(d) ⅖

Question 29. Find the largest number if the sum of two consecutive numbers is 55.

(a) 25 

(b) 28 

(c) 26 

(d) 27

Question 30. After selling ⅔ of an item, the shopkeeper covers the CP of the whole lot. Calculate the percentage of his profit.

(a) 33 1/8 % 

(b) 66 2/3 %

(c) 25 % 

(d) 50 %

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Question 31. The perimeter of a rectangular field is 150 meters, and the ratio between the length and breadth is 3:2. The area of the field is:

(a) 1350

(b) 1530

(c) 1150

(d) 1305

Question 32.  Calculate the volume of a cuboid whose length is 3.5 meters and breadth is 2.5 meters with a height of 1.5 metres.

(a) 13.12 cu.m.

(b) 13.21 cu.m.

(c) 13.215 cu.m.

(d) 13.521 cu.m.

Question 33. Calculate the maximum marks if the passing mark is 40% and Lisa scores 150 marks falling short of 30 marks and failing the test.

(a) 400 

(b) 500 

(c) 475 

(d) 450

Question 34. An obtuse triangle will always have its circumcentre in

(a) Midpoint of the diameter

(b) Exterior of the triangle

(c) Midpoint of the side of the triangle

(d) Interior of the triangle

Question 35. In mathematics, the degree of the semicircle is measured at?

(a) 180

(b) 360 

(c) 90

(d) 270

Question 36. Name the point of intersection of medians of a triangle?

(a) Circumcentre 

(b) Centroid 

(c) Orthocenter 

(d) Incentre

Question 37. What is the slant height of the cone whose height and diameter are of equal measures, given that the radius is 'r'.?

(a) 2r 

(b) 3r

(c) 4r 

(d) 5r

Question 38. The surface areas of two spheres are 4:9, then the radii of two spheres are

(a) 3:9

(b) 2:3

(c) 8:27

(d) 4:6

Question 39.  Given below is the progression 3? 2, 6, 6? 2

Calculate The common ratio.

(a) 3 

(b) 2 

(c) 2

(d) 3

Question 40. Calculate the number of passing students in English and Maths both if the total strength of the class is 100 out of which

50 passed in Maths

70 passed in English

5 students failed both subjects.

(a) 30 

(b) 45

(c) 60 

(d) 20

Question 41. Find the speed of water in the stream. If the speed of a boat in still water is 9 km/hr and 12 km downstream and comes back to the starting point in three hours. 

(a) 3 km/hr 

(b) 4 km/hr 

(c) 4.5 km/hr 

(d) 5 km/hr

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Question 42. A student was asked to add 20 and subtract 15 from a number. He, by mistake, added 15 and subtracted 20. If his answer is 35, what is the correct answer?

(a) 40

 (b) 26 

(c) 30

 (d) 32

Question 43. A right-angled triangle has a Hypotenuse of 10 cm and a base of 8 cm. Find the area.

(a) 48 sq.cm

(b) 30 sq.cm

(c) 26 sq.cm

(d) 42 sq.cm

Question 44. Find the next term of the series: 

1,4,9,16,25,36,49,64 ……

(a) 68

(b) 60

(c) 81

(d) 57

Question 45. Find the number which consists of 20% of its value plus 20.

(a) 30

(b) 25

(c) 22 

(d) 35

Question 46. What is the sum of 20% of 5 and 5% of 20?

(a) 5 

(b) 2

(c) 6 

(d) 21

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Question 47. When the clock strikes 8:30, what is the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand of a clock?

(a) 800 

(b) 600 

(c) 1050 

(d) 750

Question 48. There are three friends Alpha, Beta, and Gamma- they have Rs. 1581 that is divided by the ratio of 10: 15: 6. What is the share of Beta?

(a) 510

(b) 700

(c) 765

(d) 400

Question 49. Find the smallest number that is included in the sum of four consecutive counting numbers, which is 154. 

(a) 36 

(b) 37 

(c) 38 

(d) 31

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow expert suggested preparation strategies for NIFT Exam given in the above post. We have also curated subject-wise preparation tips that can help your preparation.
Yes. You can crack the NIFT exam with out coaching. However, you need a lot of practice and hard work to crack this exam on the first attempt.
Toprankers offers free previous year question papers with solutions in this post. Solve the question papers and verify your answers using the solutions. 
Yes, you can download the last 20 years NIFT question papers in this post. Question papers play an important role during preparation. 

NIFT has developed CEP - Continuing Educational Programs which are designed by industry experts and reputed scholars that will prove to enhance the career opportunities of the candidates imbibing them with all the necessary support for entering the professional world.

The NIFT Entrance Exam is inclusive of different levels of difficulty which is considered keeping in mind the solving capabilities of all the candidates. Hence, One should be thorough with all the sections beforehand. Practice makes the candidate perfect. The more you practice, the more you can ace the exam with great percentile. Set a daily routine, to be followed so as to keep a larger amount of time for studies and rest for the daily necessities.
There are two exams that are mandatory to clear before getting admission in the NIFT: CAT and GAT. CAT tests your creative abilities where you have to design a poster or depict an emotion. GAT tests quantitative aptitude, GK , English communication skills.

Usually it is recommended to study and prepare for a whole year for the NIFT Entrance Exam, which includes thoroughly studying the whole syllabus and Solving practice papers. Industry experts recommend solving as many previous year papers as possible.


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