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Strategic Roadmap: 6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : November 1, 2023


Summary: Discover a comprehensive 6-month preparation strategy for the NIFT exam to excel in one of the most prestigious fashion institutes. Reading this article about "6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam" is essential to develop a structured plan and maximize your chances of success in the highly competitive world of fashion education.

The NIFT exam is extremely competitive and is taken by about 22000 applicants yearly. Although there is a lot of competition, it is regarded as India's simplest admission exam for fashion.

Are you planning to take the NIFT and looking for 6 months preparation strategy for NIFT Exam? 

Read the entire article for a thorough understanding of study strategies, key points, how to create the ideal study schedule, and subject-specific preparation advice.

6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam: General Tips

With a well-structured plan and a preparation strategy, you can easily crack the exam. To score well in the exam, time management, improving speed, revision, and knowing the simple tricks to answer the questions with accuracy are most important. 

Check out the best tips that will help you prepare well for the NIFT Exam in 6 months.

  • Set clear and achievable goals: Understand the requirements and set achievable goals. 
  • Research: Research is not only required to know important topics or what to study but also to gather the right study materials. 
  • Stay Updated: Keep checking your official website for the latest updates on the exam. 
  • Enhance Speed and Creativity: Creativity alone won't suffice; speed is crucial. Cultivate the ability to express your creativity swiftly through consistent practice.
  • General Ability Test: Read the newspaper to stay up to date with current affairs. Learn more about the Fashion Industry, World Events, Socio-economic development, newspapers, documentaries from relevant websites. 
  • Know the Pattern: Familiarize yourself with the NIFT exam pattern, which reveals the question paper's structure, marking scheme, and section-wise question distribution.
  • Explore the Syllabus: Before diving into preparation, thoroughly examine the detailed NIFT Syllabus. It sheds light on crucial topics for exam readiness.
  • Craft a Study Plan: Devise a robust 6-month study plan on paper, allocating extra time to weaker areas while revisiting your strengths for optimal results.
  • Solidify Basics: A strong foundation makes the journey easier. Ensure you have a clear understanding of fundamental concepts.
  • Hone Visualization and Observation Skills: Alongside sketching prowess, nurture your creativity, observation, and visualization abilities.
  • Practice Past Papers and Mocks: Solve previous years' NIFT question papers and mocks to grasp the exam's difficulty level and question types. It's the best way to grasp the exam pattern.
  • Take Breaks and stay positive: Incorporate regular breaks during study hours to maintain focus and concentration.
  • Prioritize Revision: Allocate at least a month for comprehensive revision, as it's easy to forget earlier topics without it.

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam: Important Topics

According to the NIFT Exam Pattern, the entrance test comprises two main parts: The Creative Aptitude Test (CAT) and the General Aptitude Test (GAT). Have a look at the important topics for CAT and GAT and plan your preparation accordingly.

6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam: Important Topics for Creative Aptitude Test

Design Theory Colour Terminology
Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions Elements & Principles Of Design
Natural & Geometrical Form Innovation in Design
Creative thinking & writing Optical Illusion
Visual Logic Form & Function
Theme Development Drawing Fundamentals
Memory Drawing Inspiration & Creativity

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6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam: Important Topics for General Aptitude Test

Section Topics
Quantitative Ability Addition, Multiplication, Percentage, Rate of Interest, Work and Task, Ratio and Proportion, and Distance.
Communication Ability  Synonyms, Antonyms, Words with corresponding meanings, One-word Substitutes, Idioms, and Phrases, Spelling correction
English Comprehension English language skills through the questions based on the passage
Analytical Ability Questions from the areas of logical reasoning where you are supposed to draw logical conclusions from the analytical reasoning questions
General Knowledge and Current Affairs Current affairs section and general knowledge.

6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam: Which Books Should I consider for NIFT Exam Preparation in 6 Months?

Preparing from the right books would definitely help you perform well in the exam. You can refer to the following books while preparing for the NIFT exam.

Name of the Book Name of the Author
NIFT, NID and IIFT Entrance Exam Guide D Mittal
Guide to NIFT/ NID for Groups A, B, and C R.P. Datson
NIFT Entrance Exam Mock Papers D Mittal
NIFT entrance exam preparation course Prashant Kumar

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6 months Preparation Strategy for NIFT Exam: Section-wise Tips

Our experts at Creative Edge (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for NIFT) prepared a subject-wise preparation strategy to help you perform well in the NIFT 2024 Exam. 

What is the Subject-wise Preparation Strategy to Crack NIFT in 6 Months?

Follow the NIFT Preparation Tips and improve your speed and problem-solving skills.

How Can I Prepare for the Creative Ability Test in 6 Months?

Creative Ability Test

  • Enhance skills in perspective drawings, 3-D concepts, space design, product design, illustration, human figures, visual communication, and colour interpretation.
  • Practice sketching and drawing objects from memory.
  • Develop creative design ideas addressing societal issues and government schemes.
  • Learn basic colour theory.

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  • Focus on reading comprehension skills.
  • Build vocabulary through daily newspaper reading.
  • Learn 5-10 new words daily.
  • Emphasize synonyms, fill in the blanks, sentence correction, spelling, and one-word substitutions.


  • Concentrate on coding & decoding, syllogism, blood relations, puzzles, and directions.
  • Solve logical reasoning questions, understanding that answers are often hidden within the questions themselves.
  • Practice with previous year's papers to gauge the difficulty level.

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General Knowledge

  • Cultivate a habit of reading newspapers and fashion magazines.
  • Stay informed about brand endorsements by following the news.
  • Focus on sports, culture, and India's history.
  • Keep up with Daily Current Affairs to stay globally aware.


  • Practice is paramount.
  • Master concepts like number systems, averages, time & speed, probability, height & distance, ages, and permutations & combinations.
  • Learn short tricks for quick problem-solving.
  • Solve numerous previous year's papers.

NID, NIFT, UCEED & CEED 2024 Masterclass

NID, NIFT, UCEED & CEED 2024 Masterclass

Do Really Solving Mock Tests will help me Score Well in the NIFT Exam?

According to the experts, solving mock tests will help improve your time management skills and problem-solving skills. Also, it will help improve your speed and accuracy in the final exam.

  • You are advised to solve at least 1-2 NIFT Mock Tests on a weekly basis to test your preparation levels.
  • With the help of mock tests, you can build your confidence levels.
  • Also, you can find out your weak areas and work on them.

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In the pursuit of a rewarding career in fashion through NIFT, understanding and implementing a strategic preparation plan is essential. This article has provided a comprehensive 6-month preparation strategy for the NIFT exam, offering invaluable insights into the various aspects of the examination process. By following the advice presented here, aspiring fashion enthusiasts can enhance their readiness and maximize their chances of success in this highly competitive arena.

Key takeaways:

  • Tailor your preparation for the different sections of the NIFT exam. This includes enhancing your creativity, observational skills, English proficiency, logical reasoning, general knowledge, and mathematical abilities.
  • Utilize the recommended books to bolster your preparation and gain a deeper understanding of the subjects tested in the NIFT exam.
  • Regularly practising mock tests is crucial for improving time management, problem-solving skills, speed, and accuracy.
  • Identify your weaknesses and consistently work on them to ensure a well-rounded preparation.

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