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NIFT Exam Day Instructions 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 16, 2023


Summary: Experience NIFT 2024 from the comfort of your own space with online remote exams. Discover the rules, proctoring NIFT Exam Day Guidelines, and minimum system requirements for a seamless test-taking process. Learn about the do's and don'ts to ace the NIFT entrance exam effectively. Prepare yourself for success and embark on your design journey with confidence.

NIFT 2024 will be held under strict invigilation, which will include ID verification, camera surveillance of the test-taker, and other measures.

To safeguard the safety of all test takers for the NIFT exam 2024, the administration decided to conduct the exam in an online remote manner. 

The CAT and GAT written tests are required for admission to B.Des and M.Des programs. You'll be selected for a Situation Test (B.Des) and GD/PI based on your CAT and GAT scores (M.Des).

It implies that you will not have to visit any NIFT test centre to appear in the entrance exam. Instead, you can take the NIFT 2024 exam from your home or office (s).

What is Proctoring?

When someone is monitoring/invigilating you through the digital system, it is known as Proctoring. 

Rules and Regulations for Online Proctored NIFT Entrance 2024

Now, since the NIFT 2024 Exam will be conducted online from remote locations, there is a particular set of rules and regulations/Instructions to ease the invigilation process. 

  • Download admit card

your admit card contains all the essential information. So the first and foremost step should be to cross-verify all your details given in the NIFT Admit Card 2024 ex: Name, Date of birth, program that you have applied for, etc.

  • If you have applied for both exams, then under the Exam Details heading, you will see the exam schedule for both examinations. 

Under the same heading, there are three more crucial pieces of information.

1. Link for Online Exam

2. User ID for taking the examination

3. Password for  taking the examination

These are the prerequisites to start your online examination at the portal. So, keep this information handy beforehand. 

  • The link for Online Exam, User ID, and password are the same for the mock and actual examination afterwards, so do not get confused.
  • Read all the NIFT Proctored Exam Details, rules, and regulations again for better clarity.  If you are found flouting, corrective measures are likely to be taken as recorded evidence during the exam. Also, students are advised to check out the NIFT official website for more details on NIFT situation test exam day instructions.


  • The examination will require you to have TWO devices. Where precisely will you use this second device in SAT exam? 
  • This device two can be your mobile, and it needs to have a working camera and microphone. 
  • Device Two will be used for viewing the room from the side/back, in addition to the laptop/pc (Device One) from which the examination will be taken for the entire duration of the exam.
  • Once you log in, you need to select your paper and complete the camera verification on your device.
  • Subsequently, you will also be shown the QR code for scanning and connecting your second device. 
  • Once the device TWO (e.g., mobile) gets connected, its camera will activate. 
  • Log in 60 minutes before the examination starts time to ensure smooth verification. 
  • You can examine your system through the link- http://niftadmissions.in/ via the "TEST YOUR SYSTEM" button.

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

NIFT Minimum System Requirement 2024

  • The device you will take your test can ideally be a laptop, PC, Tablet, or mobile.
  • Desktop/Laptop: Apple Laptop- MAC OS 11 or below with the latest Chrome browser installed for taking the test. For the second device, you need an ANDROID MOBILE as the app required for pairing works on Android.
  • This device should have a working camera, microphone, and an installed latest Chrome browser.
  • The examination works on the latest Chrome browser; hence it is recommended to install/update it as mentioned. The test will not open on any other browser.
  • The exam can only be given using Windows 7 and above operating systems.

Video/Audio: The laptop/PC needs to have a webcam min 1.3 MP and a good-quality Mic

Operating System: Windows 7 or above

RAM & Processor: 4 GB+ RAM, i3 5th Generation 2.2 GHz or equivalent/higher

  • Uninterrupted power backup/power bank (UPS/Inverter, etc.)
  • You must also have a good speed internet connection.

nift mock test

nift Mock test

NIFT Common Do's and Don'ts: Behavioral instructions

  • Once you log in to the system and start your exam, your face should be clearly visible. 
  • You can keep your water during the exam. No Toilet or other breaks will be allowed.
  • We advise you to mock the test to familiarize yourself with the process beforehand.
  • Choose a quiet place that also has proper lighting.
  • All your activities will be monitored using the webcam and microphone during the exam.
  • In case of any technical issue, you can chat/talk to the help desk with the invigilator's permission. 
  • It would help if you did not use headphones, earbuds, or listening equipment.
  • The dress code for NIFT entrance exam would be to wear comfortable, neutral attire without logos or distractions for the NIFT entrance exam to ensure focus and ease during the test.
  • You must not switch off the webcam or mic or cover the webcam during the entrance exam. 
  • You must not attempt to open other applications/navigate away from the exam window.
  • Ensure the unstripped power source for the mobile and laptop/PC for smooth conduct of the examination.

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Innovative design aspirations meet modern convenience with NIFT's online remote exams for 2024. By embracing this new approach, you can ensure a safe and controlled test-taking environment while adhering to essential NIFT exam guidelines. Remember, your success lies in both preparation and adaptation. So, gear up, follow the rules, and make the most of this opportunity to showcase your creative potential. Best of luck on your NIFT journey!

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