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NIFT MFM Syllabus 2023 PDF

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : January 18, 2023


Readers' Digest: When you dive into the details of the NIFT MFM syllabus, you will realize that it has all the components necessary to deliver its aim, like turning you into a marketing and management expert in the Fashion Industry. You will be made familiar with the fast-paced fashion industry once you shift to NIFT as a regular student.

The NIFT MFM syllabus is a set of subjects you must study before and after the entrance examination of NIFT. Now, you might be wondering where the discussion will head, so you should know that we will share detailed information on the GAT (General Aptitude Test) for admission to the Master in Fashion Management. Also, there will be a detailed overview of the subjects you must study while pursuing an MFM from NIFT. 

MFM, or Masters in Fashion Management, is a professional course curated and facilitated by NIFT if you are interested in pursuing Fashion Management. The course lasts for 2 years, which you must go for 4 semesters.

Let's now dive into the details of both the NIFT MFM Syllabus and Course Curriculum separately.

NIFT MFM Syllabus: Highlights

Name of the program 

Masters in Fashion Management 

Name of the Paper 

GAT (General Ability Test)

Medium of Instruction in Written Test 


Time Duration 

180 min (3 hours) 

Sections in Entrance Examination Paper

No. of Questions 

Communication Ability & English Comprehension


Case Study


Analytical & Logical Ability


Quantitative Ability


General Knowledge And Current Affairs




Detailed dissemination of the GAT syllabus for MFM NIFT

While preparing for a competitive/entrance examination, you need to know the exam syllabus in detail. It is crucial because it can make or break your preparation cycle and how you perform in the examination. 

Communication Ability & English & Comprehension: You must have the upper hand in English because the test will be of advanced levels. For the English section, you need to master Topics like

  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Words with corresponding meaning, numbers (Singular & Plural)
  • One word for a sentence (one-word description)
  • Long-form passages
  • English language and Comprehension
  • Phrases, Proverbs, and spellings. 

Case Study: In the case study section, you will be presented with an imaginary situation that can either be based on marketing, management, manufacturing, etc. You have to pick up the hypothesis and take problems innovatively solving Approach. Here you will be tested for your planning and Innovative styles. 

Analytical & Logical Ability: As the name suggests, this section is all about testing your logical bent of mind. It puts you in certain situations and demands you to apply your critical and lateral logical thinking to solve the problem. You have to identify the logic and reason behind each question and identify the best problem-solving approach accordingly. To master this section, focus on practising the concept of critical and analytical reasoning. 

Quantitative Ability: Quantitative Ability generally refers to the subject where your quantitative aptitude intelligence will be tested. For that, you need to cover topics like

  • Arithmetic (Addition & Subtraction)
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Rate of Interest
  • Fraction
  • Percentage
  • Days and Work
  • Distance and Time
  • Ratio and Proportion

General Knowledge And Current Affairs: General knowledge and Current Affairs focus on understanding your surroundings and events. In this, you will be asked about ancient and contemporary fashion designing topics and trending Topics in the fashion Industry. For that, you can follow the global and National news and can refer to various journals carrying facts and figures on the evolution of fashion. 

MFM NIFT Syllabus: What will you get to learn after admission to MFM 

We have already discussed that NIFT Masters in Fashion Management has 4 Semesters. It means that you have to study a few different Topics in 4 Semesters according to the patterns developed by NIFT. But what are those topics, and how are they divided into 4 Semesters? To facilitate you with that information, we have created this list below. 

Semester 1

  • Fundamentals of Fashion.
  • Process of dress/Apparel manufacturing.
  • Marketing and Merchandising of Fashion products.
  • Process of Fashion Designing 
  • Styling and Photography in the Fashion Industry. 

Semester 2 

  • Finances and Economics (Commerce of Fashion).
  • Resources and Supply Chains Management (logistics and distributors). 
  • Fashion Communication.
  • Lifestyle Journalism. 

Semester 3

  • E-marketing & E-Commerce.
  • Study on Consumer Behaviour.
  • Research Techniques and Methodologies.
  • Basics of Entrepreneurship.
  • Communication abilities, grooming, and etiquette.
  • Window Display & Visual Merchandising.

Semester 4

  • Internships and Field Expedition.
  • Event Management in Fashion Domain.
  • Project and Assignment for Evaluation in Masters in Fashion Management. 

NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Online Coaching

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MFM NIFT Subjects

It becomes a lot easier when you know beforehand what topics you need to cover in a particular subject before enrolling in that program. It will help you create your strategy to approach each topic according to your interest.

Keeping your interest in mind, we have created this table of some major topics of MFM NIFT.

Subjects Nomenclature

Units and Topics Covered 

Fashion Merchandising & Marketing Management 

Retail Strategies and Organization, Roles of Consumers in Fashion retailing, National and International Material Sourcing, Market research, Introduction to Merchandising, and Visual Retail. 

The procedure of Fashion Designing 

Design components, colour hypothesis, design notions, and so on.

Fashion Communication 

Brainstorming and thinking of design, Concepts, and Ideas of Communication in Fashion, Introduction to Commercial Fashion and Graphics designing, Planning media communications, industrial ethics, and responsibilities. 

Principles of Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry 

Entrepreneurs behavioural sciences and fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. Intellectual property rights and Patents. 

The strategy of Garments Manufacturing 

Sourcing and processing of raw material into finished goods, the decision on the layout (pattern/texture/design), and marketing of the manufactured products. 

MFM NIFT Preparation Books

MFM NIFT requires many top-notch books containing ideas and information about designs, as Designing is a profession of Innovation and Ideas. However, we have Enlisted a few handpicked MFM NIFT Preparation books for your reference below. 

Book you have to purchase 

Author of the recommended books

Patterns making for designing Pattern 

Joseph.H. & Armstrong 

Fashion Purchasing 

Blackwell Science & Helen Goworek

Components of Design and Merchandise designing 

Sumanth. G.

Analysis and Experiment of Design 

Douglas C.& Montgomery.

Fashion Writing and Criticism: History, Theories & Practice 

Sanda Miller & Peter McNeil 

Entrepreneurship and Elements of Innovation 

Peter & Drucker 

nift mock test

nift Mock test

How to plan for NIFT MFM Preparation? 

While preparing for your NIFT MFM Entrance Examination, keep a few minutes in mind. They will make your preparation easy and efficient. 

  • Develop a good command of the English language and literature because it will help you to deal with NIFT GAT's English Section. 
  • For Reasonings, focus on solving Maths up to 12th standard. It will be enough to serve your interest. 
  • For GK and Current affairs, you can pick up content from credible coaching centres so that you don't have to hunt for them all by yourself. 
  • For case studies, develop your logical understanding and try to keep your approach as practical, innovative, and creative as possible. It will help you achieve a remarkable score. 
  • Focus on harnessing your decision-making and communication skills because these are the leading factors for qualifying for the PI round in NIFT.

How can CreativeEdge benefit you for NIFT MFM Preparation 2023?

Creative Edge, a TopRankers initiative, is one of the top online NIFT MFM coaching centres. Here, we make your NIFT preparation more fun and easier to process. We help you to shape your skills and nourish your qualities to excel in the exam. 

  • Get to communicate with our top faculty.
  • Live classes with separate doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Online Mock Tests are available for self-assessment.
  • Get access to valuable study materials through PDF formats.
  • Stay focused on the subject with interactive visuals and sample papers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, even if you have qualified for the written examination, you must go through a personal interview round. You will be evaluated in multiple parameters like personality, decision-making, innovation, etc.

Candidates who want to enrol in Fashion Management must face no age bracket. Hence, you don't need to worry about the minimum or maximum age limit while applying for MFM NIFT.

The course lasts 2 years, during which you have to write a 4-semester examination. It implies that your batch will last two years, including field internships.
There are majorly 5 subjects that you need to study at MFM. However, you will see an extension of each topic in each semester.
If you are looking for the NIFT MFM Entrance Examination syllabus, then nothing can be the best place than the official website of NIFT.
Yes, NIFT course books are available both online and offline. So, you can purchase it as per your requirement. In addition to the books, you can refer to the research papers of previous alumni and E-journals.

Yes, the NIFT MFM Entrance Examination Syllabus is downloadable. You can download and save it in pdf format.

There is no relevant information available about it. If NIFT announces any changes, then you will be able to check it on its official website.


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