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Best Books For NIFT MFM Entrance Exam 2023 [Subject-Wise]

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : January 18, 2023


Readers' Digest: If you are taking the NIFT MFM 2023 entrance exam, you must have your book combination and study material in order if you want to do well. Find subject-specific books for NIFT MFM recommended by toppers and experts.

Nothing beats starting your NIFT MFM exam preparation with the best NIFT MFM Books available. Because proper study resources are up to date, they clearly explain concepts, are clear and concise, and comprise few, if any, errors.

We have compiled a list of NIFT MFM entrance exam books here. Make them a part of your preparation arsenal, and you'll have no trouble clearing NIFT MFM.

NIFT MFM Exam Pattern

Before heading towards NIFT MFM Books, let's look at the NIFT MFM exam pattern and the weightage it carries for you. With this, you will know about developing your strategy and plan to prepare for your exam.


Examination round 


Masters in Fashion Management 



Personal Interview/Group Discussion 


NIFT MFM Exam Pattern



GAT (General Ability Test) 

Types of Questions 

Number & weightage Questions 

Total Score 

Examination Duration 

Communication Ability & English (language and Passage)



150 marks. 


165 mins (3 hours)

Case study 


Quantitative Aptitude 


Analytical Reasoning 


CA & General knowledge 


NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Online Coaching

Learn more: NIFT MFM Syllabus 2023

Books For MFM NIFT

Now that we understand the MFM NIFT exam's structure and composition let's look at which are the best books NIFT MFM entrance exam books for your exam prep.

The NIFT MFM Books are listed in the table below. It will help you ace the NIFT MFM entrance exam.

The list should be kept brief, but it should be sufficient for you to pass the exam easily. Remember that it is simple to amass an extensive library, but it is even simpler to become lost in the stack.

McGraw Hill Education

NIFT Exam Guide by Verma

Concepts of Pattern Grading

NIFT Exam Guide by Dr R. P. Datason

NIFT Entrance Self-Study Study Guide

Popular Master Guide NIFT by R. Gupta

Bright Careers Guide NIFT Entrance Exam

Arihant NIFT Entrance Exam Self-Study Guide

NIFT Entrance Examination (Guide) by D Mittal

NIFT Entrance Exams: Ultimate Success Series By Surendra

Prashant Kumar’s NIFT Entrance Examination Preparation Guide

NIFT: Previous Years’ Papers (Solved) by Ramesh Publishing House

nift mock test

nift Mock test

Benefits of Using NIFT MFM Books

NIFT MFM books contain all of the necessary information in a well-organized format, including detailed information on each topic in the subject.

  • You can develop a clear understanding of the topics by using NIFT MFM books.
  • It broadens your knowledge, and you can refer to it as needed.
  • These books can be very useful for problem-solving questions, and you will find the answers quickly.
  • NIFT MFM entrance exam books also provide a large number of problems on a single topic, allowing you to practice a large number of problems in order to prepare for multiple entrance exams.


It should be noted that the list is kept brief, but it should be sufficient for you to easily pass the exam. Remember that it is simple to amass a large library, but it is even simpler to become lost in the stack.

Keep the NIFT MFM books to a bare minimum unless absolutely necessary.

The mantra is to prepare smartly rather than hardly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, even if you have qualified for the written examination, you must go through a personal interview round. You will be evaluated in multiple parameters like personality, decision-making, innovation, etc.

Candidates who want to enrol in Fashion Management must face no age bracket. Hence, you don't need to worry about the minimum or maximum age limit while applying for MFM NIFT.

Yes, you must have Indian citizenship while applying for MFM NIFT. Even if you are staying abroad, you must retain your Indian passport to support your claim of being an Indian Citizen. Only then will you be given preference.

You can opt for any of the below-given examinations to attain admission to MFM NIFT:

  • CAT
  • GMAT
  • MAT

If you rank 1-25 in the above examinations, you will be considered the most eligible candidate for admission to NIFT.

The segments you need to master before attempting GAT are Communication Ability & English (language and Passage), Case study, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Reasoning, CA & General knowledge.
GAT is a Computer based online examination.
There is no relevant information available about it. If NIFT announces any changes, then you will be able to check it on its official website.
When choosing study material for the exam, ensure the books follow the current syllabus, are well written, easy to follow, explain the concepts thoroughly, and so on. You can read books published by Arihant for NIFT MFM 2023.


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