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NIFT Preparation Books 2023

Author : Reeshav Guha

Updated On : January 18, 2023


Summary: If you are taking the NIFT 2023, you must choose the right book amalgamation if they want to do well in the exam. Subject-specific books preferred by toppers and experts can be found here.

You must know that picking the right book for clearing the NIFT entrance exams is crucial to your preparations. Here is a list of recommended NIFT Preparation Books 2023 by experts to help you achieve good scores in this entrance exam. 

  • By choosing the right books, you can understand and schedule your preparation for all the essential topics from the exam point of view.
  • Applicants are advised to solve NIFT Previous Year Question Papers to understand the difficulty level of the paper and the type of questions that can appear in the NIFT entrance exams.

"By choosing the right books you can understand and schedule your preparation of all the important topics from the exam point of view."

But before we can choose which book is the best for NIFT exam preparation, let's first learn about the NIFT 2023 exam pattern.

The NIFT entrance exam 2023 is divided into two parts:

  1. Phase I consists of a combination of the CAT and GAT written exams. Candidates for B.Des and M.Des must take both the CAT and the GAT. Candidates for BF. On the other hand, Tech, M.F.Tech, and MFM only need to take the GAT.
  2. Phase II - If you qualified in Phase I must participate in this round. A Situation Test is administered to B.Des candidates. Candidates for PG programmes must participate in a Group Discussion / Personal Interview (GDPI).

Suppose you are looking for BF. Tech admission will be considered solely based on GAT scores; there will be no Round II.

The admissions merit list is created by assigning weightage to each test component (given in the table below).

NIFT 2023 - Weightage of test components

Each test component, CAT, GAT, and Situation Test (GDPI for PG courses), has a specific weightage (as shown in the table below).




Bachelor of Design





Situation Test


Master of Design







Bachelor of Fashion Technology



Master of Fashion Technology





Master of Fashion Management





NIFT Preparation Books 2023

The first stage in the preparation process is to buy suitable study material. We have sorted out the best NIFT Preparation Books from the vast material available offline and online, which covers all the essential topics of the NIFT Exam Syllabus as per the revised examination pattern.

Here is a list of the best NIFT Preparation Books 2023, and you can also download these NIFT entrance exam books pdf for studying online.

Book Name Author Price
Arihant NIFT Entrance Exam Self Guide By Arihant Experts Rs. 440.00
NIFT Entrance Exam  By Dharmendra Mittal Rs. 560.00
NIFT Entrance Exam  By R.P Verma & A Kant Rs. 500.00
NIFT Exam Full Package By LearnX Rs. 495.00
R. Gupta for NIFT Entrance Exam By Surendra Kavimandan & Shabina Kavimandan Rs. 395.00
NIFT Previous Years' Papers Solved  By Ramesh Publishing House Editorial Board Rs. 213.00

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NIFT Preparation Books and their Features 2023

Experts recommend the above-listed books for clearing NIFT Exam with a high score, and their specifications are as listed below: 

Arihant's Entrance Exam Self Guide for NIFT Preparation

This NIFT Preparation Book has been divided into seven parts, which are further divided into different chapters according to the latest syllabus and the test pattern.

  • A large number of MCQs have been provided, and after each chapter, there are two section tests for the rapid revision of the concepts and 3 practice sets.
  • A thorough analysis of the NIFT Question Papers has been presented to indicate the level and types of questions.

NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Online Coaching

NIFT Entrance Exam Book by Dharmendra Mittal

This NIFT Preparation Book has been divided into seven sections: Numerical Ability, English Language and Comprehension, Reasoning and Logical Deduction, General Awareness, Case Studies, Creative Ability, Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

  • Each topic is further subdivided into several chapters per the syllabus and exam pattern of the NIFT, NID.
  • The book contains a detailed description of each topic and many solved MCQ problems that have been designed based on the NIFT previous years' questions.
  • To help aspirants practice the concepts covered in each chapter, unsolved practice exercises are provided at the end of each chapter, with two section tests after each section.
  • The book also contains the last three years solved Papers NIFT exam to help aspirants get an insight into the recent examination pattern and the types of questions asked.

Check for more details: Life at NIFT

R. Gupta for NIFT Entrance Exam Preparation

This book contains concepts according to the recent exam pattern and comprehensively covers every question encountered in the examinations.

  • Questions from the latest papers of the NIFT, NID, IIFT, and other regional exams conducted by state universities have been incorporated into numerous practice exercises. 
  • This book deals with each aspect of fashion/design entrance exams and contains many questions on each topic.
  • This book also contains NIFT Sample papers so students can understand exam patterns and the questions posed in the examination.

NIFT Exam Full Package by LearnX

  • The book is divided into three parts, the first contains Lessons on Free-Hand Sketching for the NIFT drawing test, the second contains Comprehensive 'Design Theory' with graphic illustrations & examples, and the last contains the previous years' NIFT Question Papers with solutions.
  • It is a self-study, accurate textbook with quality content for quick and efficient preparation for the NIFT Exam.

nift mock test

nift Mock test

How will NIFT Preparation Books 2023 help you in your preparation?

By referring to the right book, you can enhance your preparation for NIFT Exam.

  • The books prescribed for each subject include a detailed explanation of the topic.
  • You can understand all the topics and concepts in depth.
  • The books shall also include solved examples.
  • For best results, you should refer to the right NIFT Preparation Books.

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How can CreativeEdge benefit you for NIFT Preparation 2023?

Creative Edge, a TopRankers initiative, is one of the top online NIFT coaching centres. Here, we make your NIFT preparation more fun and easier to process. We help you to shape your skills and nourish your qualities to excel in the exam. 

  • Get to communicate with our top faculty.
  • Live classes with separate doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Online Mock Tests are available for self-assessment.
  • Get access to valuable study materials through PDF formats.
  • Stay focused on the subject with interactive visuals and sample papers.

Learn more: NIFT Online Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Guide to NIFT/ NID for Group A, B and C by R.P. Datson
  • NIFT entrance examination preparation course by Prashant Kumar
  • NIFT 2 ED by Verma
You can follow expert suggested preparation strategies for NIFT Exam given in the above post. We have also curated subject-wise preparation tips that can help your preparation.
Yes. You can crack the NIFT exam with out coaching. However, you need a lot of practice and hard work to crack this exam on the first attempt.
It depends on each one's capability and confidence. With regular practice and following proper preparation strategies you can ace NIFT Exam with high score. 
However, as per previous year analysis, Mathematics section was difficult while General Knowledge was easy. English was tricky. So, make sure to focus more on mathematics for scoring better. 
There are a lot of books available in the market with their perks and cons, some of the best books suggested by experts for NIFT Preparation are Arihant NIFT Entrance Exam Self Guide, NIFT Entrance Exam by D Mittal, NIFT Entrance Exam by Verma, R. Gupta for NIFT Entrance Exam, and NIFT Previous Years Papers Solved by Ramesh Publishing House.
Yes, there are many books available in PDF format. You can download the books in PDF format and study whenever you wish to.
The NIFT Exam Syllabus for GAT includes quantitative ability, communication ability, English comprehension, analytical ability, general knowledge, and current affairs.
To make the best use of NIFT Books, you are required to read the same books again and again instead of reading different books on the same subjects with multiple revision sessions before the exam.
Applicants must choose the book that covers all topics and sub-topics under the NIFT syllabus and which is easy to read. While checking the best NIFT books, students should check the year of publication of the book, as learning from the latest edition will help them learn about the updated syllabus and exam pattern.
Making notes either in writing or digital, both serve as an effective tool for revision purposes. You can make notes by highlighting important information or weak sections in separate notebooks for different subjects. This will help you learn and brush up on concepts quickly.


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