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Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 19, 2023


An Undergrad student at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) who is pursuing design development in Indian ethnic wear reveals that life at this design school is not all that pleasant and that students must work really hard to establish a name for themselves. Desiring to establish her own label, she discovers that life at NIFT is not as glamorous as she had imagined and that students should expect to be under a lot of strain as part of their programme, which includes a lot of presentations and paperwork.

NIFT Delhi, the alma mater of fashion industry heavyweights like Tarun Tahiliani, Manish Arora, Ritu Beri, and Sabyasachi, is known for providing students with extensive experience through frequent industrial visits and trips to various fashion weeks.

This NIFT Delhi student had nothing but appreciation for the college's professors, resource centre, and on-site food vendors, which provide delectable delights at incredibly low costs. If given the opportunity, she would like to see NIFT Delhi's infrastructure modernised.

Question 1:

How did you get enrolled to NIFT? Could you describe the basic admissions procedure?

I took the NIFT admission test, which you may only take if you received 50% in your qualifying exam. The General Aptitude Test (GAT) is the first test, followed by the Creative Aptitude Test (CAT) (CAT). If you pass both of these admissions phases, you will be invited to the Situation Test round, in which you will be required to create a 3D model. If you are accepted in this round as well, you will be assigned a rating, and you will be offered admission to various NIFT campuses based on your rank.

Question 2:

Is life at a Design college all you imagined it to be?
No, it's not the same; it's a little different. I didn't anticipate living at NIFT to be glamorous, but I did expect there to be a lot of things with which we could have fun, but there is a lot of pressure and the courses demand a lot of effort.

Question 3:

What does a typical college day look like for you?

There is no set time for going to college and returning. You have a lot on your plate, including a lot of presentations and paperwork to prepare. In addition, as one thing finishes, another begins.

However, on average, a normal college day begins at 8:30 a.m. and finishes around 4:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. However, the average number of hours spent in college is determined by the number of lectures attended on any particular day.

Question 4:

What would be the first thing that anyone would notice at NIFT Delhi?

The college's crowd would be the first thing anybody would notice. NIFT Delhi has a good audience. In the instance of my college, I can confidently assert that the student body defines the institution.

Question 5:

Tell us 5 really good things about your college?

First and foremost, there's the audience. Then there are the teachers and then there are these kiosks, the Nescafe Kiosks, which provide really delicious sandwiches and muffins that are incredibly tasty and are very inexpensive, very economical. We pay Rs 15 for the muffin. Sandwiches range in price from Rs 25 to Rs 30 and an ice tea costs approximately Rs 10.

Aside from that, we offer a whole stationery set. You name it, and it's yours. Then there's the Resource Centre, which is made up of students who have graduated from college and are working in the design sector, and which offers a lot of advice to students.

Question 6:

Things you want to change about your college?

Since this infrastructure is outdated, I would like to update it. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's old and has to be replaced. That's it!

Question 7:

Are there any hostel facilities offered at the college?

The hostel facility was formerly available, but as additional courses have been added, the hostel space has been transformed into regular college grounds. The institution does, however, have a hostel outside of the campus, although only ladies are allowed to stay there. Boys do not have access to a hostel.

Question 8:

Is the college very strict? How are classes conducted?

It is mandatory to have 65% attendance in each subject and 75% attendance overall.

The professors are not that strict, they are really nice. A batchmate of Sabyasachi is our professor and he keeps telling us stories about his college days and so it is very interesting to know that someone so famous is an alumnus from our college

Question 9 :

What is the college's assessment procedure like?

Surprising tests are carried out on occasion, but they are uncommon. We do, however, have common tests at the end of each semester. These tests are held in a central location for all NIFTs. They are held in the same manner as Board examinations. As a result, when I present my paper in Delhi, it will be evaluated in NIFT Kolkata.

We have Juries at the conclusion of each semester when we are judged on the work we have completed. Everything must be presented and documented.

Question 10:

Do you have any advice for students interested in attending your college?

If someone is interested in attending NIFT Delhi, my only bit of advice is that they must work really hard. I say this because the entrance exam and everything else is relatively easy, and I assumed that obtaining admission would be the most challenging part of the process, but what is truly difficult is getting through it. Getting into college is the first step, and it is quite simple. When your course begins, the actual work begins.

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