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NIFT Placements 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : October 7, 2023


Placement is the prerequisite requirement of every student, and so is the case in NIFT. NIFT traces down its existence since 1986 and is in the endeavor of evolving and changing itself to be a parallel with the constantly changing market and the trends of Fashion thriving & in demand.

Across 16 Campuses, NIFT is creating histories in the Textile designing industry by Sculpting out the individuals with the power of creating an identity with new fashion. In 2006 NIFT was registered as a Statutory Institution by the Indian Parliament Act.

NIFT has always been striving to create a magical combination of modern and traditional culture to create a contemporary fashion.

At NIFT, the faculties are set to create a mass of self-motivated students who belong to the Clusters of people who always dream high and achieve new heights.

Here at NIFT, a combination of Arts, Crafts, and traditional heirlooms to Technological production of clothes, Everything is taught, and students are trained to develop a dynamic fashion that fits in multiple trends irrespective of the demographics and demands.

Designers hailing from NIFT are the individuals who are posing a great Competition to the fashion market because they have been provided with the cutting edge academic methodology as well as understanding and exposure to the Environment where a combination of techniques, technology, and traditional practice has been brought in the table to unfold their true potential Encapsulating Creative and Intellectual excellence.

To Enhance and upscale these skills, the requirement for the right platform is crucial. Keeping the same in mind, NIFT provides placement opportunities to Fresh Graduates each year (B.Des, BFTech, M.Des, MFTech) at the campus only.

The recruiters from varied Industries (Textile, Accessories, Interior Design & Others) come and become a part of the placement fair where they select the candidates to on-board their company.

These students are a combination of creativity, skill, and revolutionary ideas which could bring nothing but the best of the best to the table to benefit the company dynamically. 

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Industrial Session

NIFT creates an environment where the spirit of lifelong learning and desire to create a new market is constantly growing in the students, and a sense of productivity and efficiency becomes a vital trait of the individual hailing from this Fashion technology Institute.

To elevate this and encourage this attitude of continuous learning, NIFT provides Industrial Engagement to the Students where they will get optimum exposure to the real-life industry.

This is to make them learn how to take up new challenges without negatively impacting their performance. The Students here learn to create a balance between professional and Ethical practice so that they can stand out as a professional.

Also, the revised curriculum at NIFT focuses on developing the intellectual as well as ethical knowledge of Students. 

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The New Curriculum incorporated in NIFT provides a combination of everything one could ask from. It has a perfect balance of classroom learning, Workshops, excursions for enhanced outcomes, and Other upskilling practices.

These engagements are provided in NIFT by these listed means:

  • Seminars and Mass meetings with the industry Experts for Industrial Insights.
  • Classroom Assessment (Funded)
  • Excursions to real-time Companies
  • Internships
  • Research and Dissertations
  • Workshops in Industries for Practical Learning

NIFT is taking a holistic approach to continuously and actively incorporate industries and.m bring them to campus to provide more exposure and opportunities to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in NIFT.

NIFT Placement Process

Two employed students from NIFT have two Major Methodologies. The first one is campus placement, and the second one is pre-placement offers.

Before diving into that, let's look at the eligibility criteria: this category of the placement process under which Companies reserve the right to provide placement. 


You must satisfy the below NIFT Eligibility Criteria to be eligible for admission.

  • The company should have registration under 1956-2013. Or if not, then it has to be a Multinational Company, Which must have an Operational unit in India and must be dealing in Fashion domains which must include Dresses, apparel, Accessories, Shoes, bag & Jewellery.
  • It must be a group of companies dealing in the Fashion Industry.
  • Or it could be an independent firm however it should be registered either under MSME or Firm Act
  • Must be a Company Specialized in offering Workshops and Training.

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Let's quickly Jump to the nature of placement to obtain further details:

On Campus Placement

To begin with, the Companies need to inform the NIFT Placement management unit beforehand about their interest in becoming a part of the on-campus placement drive in the Campus.

For that, they need to register with NIFT one or two months before the Scheduled date and then once they are approved by the management. They are free to conduct the placement drive within the NIFT Campus.

Pre-placement offers 

These offers come to the student way before the campus placement drive takes place. These job offers are often channelized by the companies who are providing Internship or workshop conducting opportunities to the Students.

These are usually performance-based offers and are Extended by the companies to the students who are already employed as interns or associates in the company, however, for a restricted time.

However, once the students receive this PPO, they become ineligible to be a part of the On-campus placement drive. 

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Here, let's look at the dates scheduled for the On-campus placement drive for Avadi year 2024. 

Phase 1 April 25th May 7th, 2024 Interview in Online and Offline Mode 
Phase 2 June 1st - June 9th, 2024 Interview in Online and Offline Mode

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

Companies coming on campus: Major Recruiters 

Tanishq  Sonata  Kalyan Jewellers  Zara
Mura Fabrics  Abhishek Zaveri Amore Magazine  Artex Apparels 
Aura Jewels  Avada apparels  Avenue Supermarts Ltd.(D-Mart)  Avi Design Group 
Babyshop - Landmark Group  Banswara Garments
Bata India Limited  Beebay Kids Apparels Pvt. Lt
FLF - Central & FSL (Future Style Labs)  Flowery Fashion  Future Group  Find Business Ventures Pvt. Ltd 
Gamma  GanjamNagappa& Son Pvt Ltd  Gaurav Gupta  GEERT FAB 
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