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Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 9, 2023


Readers’ Digest: If you have graduated from NIFT or are studying at NIFT, you can find many opportunities on your way. The Institute offers an excellent placement facility with high packages. Let's understand the Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024!

Generally, a graduate from NIFT can earn salaries ranging between 5 lakhs and 50 lakhs. The average salary of an employee who graduated from NIFT is five lakhs (Average salary package after NIFT). 

This post shall explain the job profiles and salary details after NIFT.

Get to know which companies you can be placed in and the salary offered.

In this article, we will learn about the Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024 in design background.

Top Companies at NIFT Placements

Life at NIFT is an excellent experience. Here is Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024 -

Amore Magazine

Bata India Ltd.


Fabric Monde




Go Colors

Incredible Leather

Info Edge (India) Limited


P&G Enterprises (P) Ltd.

Raniwala Jewellers Pvt. Ltd


Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

Job Profiles and Responsibilities after NIFT

Here are the top roles and their responsibilities of job profiles after graduating from NIFT

Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024 - 

1. Fashion Designer

  • This is one of the most common professions in the fashion industry. 
  • Many aspirants begin their careers by designing costumes for events and exhibitions to showcase their work. 
  • The main aim of this role is to create new products as per the latest fashion trend.

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2. Fashion Illustrator

  • This role involves sketching the design based on the fashion designer's inputs. 
  • The illustrator is the creator of the ideas given by the designer. 

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3. Fashion Stylist

  • This profession does not involve designing any costumes or clothes. But, a stylist creates a look.
  • Stylists coordinate with their clients and create a perfect look for them for any of their events. 
  • You must be creative and choose the most suitable look for the clients.

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4. Fashion Coordinator

  • This is a role for anyone who is interested in advertising, organizing fashion events, and more.
  • A coordinator mainly takes care of marketing policies and their arrangements. 

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5. Fashion Consultant

  • A varied role requires you to know the latest fashion trends and transitions.
  • You will be responsible for providing ideas regarding the development of a product.
  • You need to be sensitive towards changing vogues.

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6. Fashion Merchandiser

  • A merchandiser is mainly responsible for marketing. They must observe previous sales data and fashion trends.
  • You will collect the data from buyers, designers, and the product team to develop products that meet consumer needs.
  • You must have the latest fashion trends, fabric, texture, hues, etc., and market demand and production.

NIFT Mock Tests

NIFT Mock Tests

Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024

Here is the list of job profiles and the salary range.

The table below includes the entry-level profession, but the wages can vary based on growth.

NIFT salary for freshers and the Highest salary of NIFT graduates are also represented here. 

Job Opportunities and Salary after NIFT 2024 - Job Profile


NIFT Salary per Month (per month)

Production Executive

0-1 years


Junior Merchandiser

0-1 years


Assistant Merchandiser

1-2 years


Assistant Planner

0-1 years


Quality Assurance Executive

0-1 years


Regional Sales Executive

0-1 years


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A career in Fashion Design has become well-known among creative minds as one of the highest-paying industries today. Popularly regarded as a glamorous field, the domain is fraught with competition and vast challenges. However, fashion design has a broad scope both in India and abroad.

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