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NIFT Drawing Questions

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 9, 2023


Today's environment around us has a vast pace of competition in every aspect of learning various skills, education, and courses. One such pioneering exam to get admission to courses such as the Bachelor of Design(B. Des), Masters in design, Bachelor of Fashion Technology(BFTech), etc.

This exam has an entrance test for various subjects and a paper for basic knowledge of previous skills and learning. The subject that is compulsory for an exam is general knowledge, design models, drawing, maths, etc.

Questions arise from current affairs related to general knowledge, basic maths questions, some constructive questions about design models, drawing-based questions, etc. 

The NIFT (National Institute of fashion technology) derives the entrance test for taking admission in courses offered such as designing, fashion, management & technology, etc.

In NIFT's entrance test, questions are asked from various subjects like maths, science, social science, etc., as well as NIFT conducts proper tests and exams to check general and creative ability. 

This exam and test are named by NIFT as NIFT CAT (Creative Ability Test). In this, with the help of various questions, students' creativity, innovation skills, observation skills, intuition skills, learning ability, etc. are all checked.

Questions related to Creativity are asked inside NIFT CAT, in which students are admitted on the basis of good use of colors, illustration skills towards them, and knowledge in the field of design.

Overall, it can be said that in the NIFT CAT exam, questions are also raised from drawing by the institute to get an idea of creative design from drawing. Although mainly 3 questions are asked from drawing, still all these are very important from the point of view of the entrance exam.

Below are the drawing questions asked by the institute in their Entrance test from 2010 to 2019. You can easily score higher marks on the entrance test by reading and practicing these questions for the test.

2022 Questions for BDes in NIFT CAT

1. Choose the alternative that best expresses the meaning of the expression in bold: Hang Together

(A.) Be united

(B.) Hand with each other

(C.) Live together

(D.) Go together

2. A sum of money becomes double in 10 years at simple interest. In how many years will it be triple? 

(A.) 30

(B.) 20

(C.) 25

(D.) 15

3. Draw a trunk of a tree with its branch with the following scenes:

(A.) Afternoon coffee with your friend

(B.) Kids playing on a street in the evening

2019 Questions for BDes in NIFT CAT

The following are some important questions curated from the Previous Years' NIFT Question Papers. Practicing these questions will help enhance your preparation levels.

1. Visualize in your mind any one of the options given below, how it will be in 2050 then draw and color it with the help of dry color.

(A.) Lunch box

(B.) Umbrella

(C.) Door lock

2. Using any of these shapes, rectangle, teardrop, circle, triangle, or hexagon draw any one of the things given below. Also, demonstrate your drawing with up to 100 words 

(A.) Wind Chime

(B.) letterbox

(C.) personal computer

NIFT Mock Tests

NIFT Mock Tests

3. Explain the process of any one of the following things effectively in four frames without using words. (You do not have to use words, only have to explain the process in any four frames with the help of drawing, which can be understood.) 

(A.) Birth (budding) and blooming and flowering of Rose flower

(B.) Shirt hung on a clothing rope that is getting dry from wet.

(C.) A bird that is flying from ground level to the sky

2019 Questions for MDes in NIFT CAT

Practicing the questions given below will help enhance your NIFT Exam Preparation and score well in the upcoming exam.

1. Write an essay of comparison between writing through paper and pen and writing on computers, laptops, or other devices. give the preferences which you prefer in your day-to-day life

2. Write and share your experience of going blind for a day. Also, tell about five such difficulties which seem to be the biggest in your life. Explain and illustrate well which one seems to be the biggest among them.

Q.3. Every person uses a different kind of spectacles in their life. There are some personal names given below. Draw the right kind of spectacles for each one of them.

(A.) School students (kids)

(B.) Passenger of public transport

(C.) Traffic police

(D.) Players or sportsperson

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2018 Questions for BDes in NIFT CAT

Q.1. Clarify the steps or phases of any of the following work in four frames or drawings. ( do not use words or sentences to explain the steps or procedure)

(A.) The process of putting a bulb in the holder

(B.) The process of converting paper into a boat

Q.2. With maximum detailing, make a design of a bag with you for any of the following tasks and highlight it by colors only.

(A.) Bag of wedding

(B.) Picnic bag

(C.) Post-shopping bag

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3. Display your full personality in Geomatic Shape with the help of a drawing that can be easily estimated your personality. You are free to use any kind of color in drawing for explaining your personality

2018 Questions for MDes in NIFT CAT

To help get an idea about the type of questions asked in the CAT exam, we have provided dew important NIFT CAT Questions with Solutions here.

Q.1. Explain any of the processes completely given below in just 10 steps

(A.) Making tea or coffee in the kitchen

(B.) Playing on the ground at the time of raining

Q.2. Design a chair that can completely reflect their self and personality. Also, explain their concept or idea and support and make realistic your design under up to 250 words

Q.3. Draw a picture in your mind about any one of the following and draw the picture which is in your mind on paper. If needed, you can make your drawing more effective by using dry painting.

(A.) A tea stole opened in the morning when people have come to drink tea.

(B.) A chef who is busy with his work or doing his work diligently.

(C.) A gardener who is busy with his garden work or watering the garden.

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2017 Questions for NIFT CAT

Q.1. Using your imagination and drawing power, draw any one of the different scenes given below as per your wish. The drawing should be relevant and correct.

(A.) The scene of a traffic signal that is being viewed from inside a car.

(B.) Organization of street sports events

(C.) Celebrating festival by a particular community.

Q.2. Describe any of the following themes printed on a T-shirt with the help of color and drawing. 

(A.) Dignity for aged

(B.) Music is the soul of human existence

(C.) Save the future of the wildlife

Q.3. Given below are pairs of three different words. Explain the difference by showing any one pair of these in two different pictures. Keep in mind that only one pair has to be differentiated and not all.

(A.) crispy and soggy

(B.) Balanced and unbalanced

(C.) Cluttered and uncluttered

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2016 Questions for NIFT CAT

Q.1. In the series of 10 blocks color the progression of following things from own to another. You need to strive only for options.

(A.) From cocoon to butterfly

(B.) From Dawn to Night

(C.) From spring to autumn

(D.) From shiny metallic to Rust

Q.2. Describe and express the human emotions given below with the help of only colors without using words.

(A.) Happiness

(B.) Rebellious

(C.) Astonishment

(D.) Sorrow

Q.3. Design the following things in an attractive and stunning way.

(A.) Table utility product

(B.) Footwear product

(C.) Textile design

(D.) Clothing product

Creativedge Results

Creativedge Results

2015 Questions for NIFT CAT

Q.1. Change any one of the quotes and words are given below as a poster and drawing.

(A.) There is will there is a way

(B.) "On every cloud, there is a silver lining"

(C.) "Better late than never"

Q.2. On any one of the following, depict the mascot in the poster.

(A.) Make in India

(B.) Swach Bharat Abhiyaan

(C.) Food security

Q.3. Write any one letter of Hindi or English and then add or remove something in it and make a product or picture.

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2014 Questions for NIFT CAT

Q.1. Explain and describe the clothes of the tourist guide of your state by drawing with the details of the accessories and fabrics attached to them.

Q.2. Describe the beginning to end of a trip in four steps and frames expressing feeling and emotion.

Q.3. To increase the awareness of voting, make a creative poster and also write the concept and idea behind the poster.

2013 Questions for NIFT CAT

Q.1. Assuming that you are a lizard, then draw the whole room from your point of view, in which you are in the form of a lizard on the wall.

Q.2. Briefly explain all the words given below.

(A.) Tsunami

(B.) Summer

(C.) Speed

(D.) Love

(E.) Tornado

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