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How to attempt CAT in NIFT 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 19, 2023


How to attempt CAT in NIFT 2024

In NIFT 2024, there are some noteworthy changes. With the new notification, NIFT 2024 has taken a big U-turn. You will be taking the NIFT exam from your home this time around! Yes, it's true. surprise

Keeping the safety measures in prime focus, IIT Bombay has decided to conduct the NIFT exam online in remote proctored mode on February 6.

Now, since the NIFT 2024 Exam will be conducted online from remote locations, there is a particular set of NIFT Exam Day Instructions: rules and regulations to ease the invigilation process.  

NIFT Exam format for BDes and MDes admissions include Creative Ability Test (CAT) and General Ability Test (GAT).

In this article, we have talked about previous year trends, types of questions asked in the NIFT CAT part, and what should be your approach 

Let us first understand some of the aspects on which you will be evaluated in the NIFT Entrance Exam 2024:

Creativity  Use of Colors
Observation Power  Illustration Skills
Innovative Concept Design

Types of Questions asked in CAT part:

Transitions based questions:

For Example:

  • Depiction of transition
  • The transition of a cocoon to butterfly
  • Dawn to dusk
  • Life of Leaves
  • Human emotions
  • Life cycle    
  • How to scratch out a saree pallu
  • Table lamp
  • 2-D questions 
  • Geometrical shapes
  • Traditional designs
  • Analogous designs
  • Motifs

Download NIFT Previous Year Question Papers PDF Here

NIFT 2024: How to attempt CAT in remote proctored mode

While showing  transitions, the use of correct color is the key.  Each of you has your approach while depicting such transitional scenes. However, The experts of creative edge recommend a thoughtful approach here.

  • Example: Draw Dawn to dusk.

Now, let us look at the image given below:

While many of you begin coloring from the first to the last box, considering the first box as Morning and the last box as night.

But through do you know, you could get confused with your color choice in the middle !!

Instead, if you draw the precursor and post cursor simultaneously, you won't lose track, as shown below in the image: 


Things to remember while drawing and coloring:

  • Use correct division of space
  • Balance the design
  • Visual weight balancing
  • Colour balance
  • Connectivity and overlapping
  • Color connectivity
  • Rhythmic lines

Be ready with your arsenal: Pen, Pencil and colors

  • Use poster colors but do not use them in corners to avoid spills. Pencil colors can cover corners.
  • Be mindful with your colors and keep color, Micro liner handy
  • Poster color gives the advantage of variety. You can create any color by adding white or any primary color.
  • Use Analogous colors: 2 secondary and one primary color. Examples of Analogous colors are given below in the image

  • Practice with NIFT Previous Year Question Papers
  • As the exam will be conducted, you can keep your water during the exam.
  • You can take the NIFT 2024 exam from your location, and you will be in your comfort zone.
  • In such a situation, you must take care of strict time management. 
  • As per the NIFT Previous Year exam trend, we have compiled one more list of topics from which maximum questions are asked in the NIFT entrance exam
Design Theory Color Terminology Inspiration & Design Development
Color Psychology & Optical Illusions Elements & Principles Of Design Mood, Theme & Color Inter-relationship
Natural & Geometrical Form Creative thinking & writing Optical Illusion
Innovation in Design Principles of Composition Understanding Light & Shade

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