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Unfolding and understanding IPM IIM Indore journey with Shivam (IIM Alumni)

Author : Akash Kumar Singh

Updated On : September 6, 2023


Summary: Explore the IPMAT IIM Indore journey with alumnus and Toprankers Product Director Shivam Arya. He discusses preparation strategies, his IPMAT experience, and life at IIM Indore. Shivam emphasises the necessity of holistic preparation for the exam and offers useful advise to prospective candidates. 

The IPMAT exam, developed by IIM Indore, has become a beacon for students seeking a career in management immediately after high school. In a recent podcast, Shivam Arya, a proud IPMAT alumnus and the Product Director for IPM Category Toprankers, gave thoughts on the entire experience - from preparing for the test to passing it and living afterwards. 

1. Journey of being an IPMAT Aspirant: 

Shivam's IPMAT journey began in 2011, when IIM Indore introduced the programme. He chose to study for the IPMAT alongside his engineering studies because he was drawn to the vibrant campus, research opportunities, and uniqueness of the programme. 

After 5 months of preparation (supplemented with IIT preparation), he cleared the exam in his first attempt in 2012, but did not receive a final call post-interview. Unfazed, he returned in August 2013 and secured his spot. 

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2. How to Pass the IPMAT Exam: 

Shivam stressed the importance of a multifaceted strategy to exam success: 

Academics: Mastery in Maths and English is essential. 

Personality Development: With interviews playing such an important part, personality development is essential. Consultation with IIM alumni and family support can be beneficial. 

Other Preparations: Other preparations include a strong resume and daily news is vital. 

Building skills in classes 11 and 12 is critical for students who do not have a maths background. Beginning in class 11, Shivam advises an organised study plan based on NCERT and aptitude resources. The intense competition, which rivals IITs, needs good time management. Balancing board exams with IPMAT prep is critical, and it is supported by structured study schedules, practise examinations, and tutoring. 

Considering a gap year for IPMAT can be beneficial but is also demanding. 

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3. Life After the IPMAT Exam: 

Shivam portrayed a picture of academic rigorousness, vibrant extracurricular activities, and essential exposure when describing his 5-year experience at IIM Indore. Power yoga and swimming were among the activities, as were studies of Panchatantra and the Bhagavad Geeta. Utkarsha, Atharva (culture and management), and Ranbhoomi (sports) were grand events attended by students from all across India from institutions such as IIT, DU, LSR, and SRCC. These festivals provided significant exposure for both participants and organisers. 

The nightlife at IIM Indore is bustling, with facilities such as the library, mess, and sports facilities open 24 hours a day. 

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Questions Asked in the Podcast 

  1. How did Shivam shift his focus from engineering to management and how did he manage to do so? 

Shivam was initially preparing for engineering courses. However, the allure of the IPMAT program, its research opportunities, and the vibrant campus of IIM Indore motivated him to transition his focus from engineering to management. 

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  1. What was the difference in the preparation of the first and second attempts? How did Shivam change his strategy after not getting selected for the interview in the first attempt? 

In his first attempt, Shivam had a 5-month preparation, where his prior IIT preparation played a supportive role. After not receiving  a final call post-interview, he made a determined comeback in August 2013, implying a shift in strategy and renewed focus. 

  1. How long did Shivam prepare for the IPMAT exam for his first attempt? 

For his first attempt, Shivam prepared for 5 months. In 2012, IPMAT circular came out in March and exam was conducted in September. 

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  1. Was IPMAT exam pattern the same as the current exam pattern? 

The provided notes do not specify if the IPMAT exam pattern during Shivam's time is the same as the current one. 

  1. How can students from a non-maths background prepare for the IPMAT aptitude section? 

Non-maths students should enhance their maths skills during classes 11 and 12, as this is foundational for the exam. Shivam recommends understanding the syllabus and then exploring resources, including NCERT for basic concepts and other books for aptitude tests, to get a broader perspective. 

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  1. What should be the level of maths preparation for students who are self-preparing for the IPMAT exam? 

Aspirants should have a deep understanding of the syllabus, conduct thorough research as per the IPMAT syllabus, plan a dedicated self-study schedule, and grasp the conceptual knowledge through NCERT. Additionally, they should familiarize themselves with the type and level of questions using other aptitude books. 

  1. What is the ideal time period for IPMAT exam preparation? 

Shivam believes that serious aspirants should initiate their preparation in class 11, especially considering the steep competition. 

  1. How was your life in IIM, and how did you spend the 5 years at IIM? 

Life at IIM Indore was a blend of rigorous academics and enriching extracurriculars. From power yoga, swimming, and exploring diverse subjects to participating and organizing grand fests, Shivam’s time at IIM was transformative. 

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  1. What kind of activities are part of the fests like Ranbhoomi and Atharv? 

Ranbhoomi is a sports fest promoting active participation in sports, while Atharv includes both cultural events such as dance, drama, singing competitions, and management-related events like business plan competitions and public speaking. 

  1. How is the night life at IIM Indore? 

IIM Indore has a vibrant nightlife. Facilities, including the library, night mess, and various sports amenities, remain accessible throughout the night. 

  1. What was the placement package which IIM graduates used to receive during the initial years of the IPMAT program? 

Between 2011-2016, the average package was 12-13 LPA, and for the batch of 2013-2018, the average rose to 16 LPA with the highest around 60-70 LPA. 

Academic Year Range Average Package (LPA) Highest Package (LPA)
(First Batch of IPMAT)
12-13 -
(Shivam Arya's Batch)
16 60-70
  1. What were the Himalayan outbound program and rural immersion program at IIM? 

The Himalayan outbound program, conducted in the 5th year, involves treks across Himalayan peaks, judged activities, and real-scenario camping. The rural immersion program sees students coordinating with district administrations to gain ground reality insights at both corporate and village levels. 

  1. Time management is crucial for IPMAT aspirants when they are in Class 11 or 12; how should they manage their time for their preparation? 

Shivam stresses on a harmonized preparation for boards and IPMAT. Having a month-wise study plan, taking IPMAT mock tests for weak areas, joining coaching or test series, and continually analyzing one's performance are critical. 

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  1. What are Shivam's tips for students who are preparing to take a drop for their IPMAT preparation? 

Taking a drop is not necessarily negative. However, it comes with its pressures, and the time should be used fruitfully.

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  1. What was the message from Shivam to the aspirants who are preparing for the IPMAT and to the students who are not yet aware of the IPMAT exam as of now? 

Shivam highlights that the 5-year journey at IIM provides a wealth of experience. Aspiring candidates should begin their preparation as early as possible, preferably in class 9 and 10 for basic topics. Proper planning and preparation are essential, whether through institutes or dedicated self-study. 

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In essence, Shivam Arya's IPMAT IIM Indore experience illuminates the path for prospective management students, providing a template for success both in the exam and in life at IIM. His experiences and thoughts highlight the importance of devotion, preparation, and overall development. As the management landscape evolves, insights from graduates like Shivam are crucial in navigating career paths and making educated decisions. 

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