Career Options After 12th Science PCM Apart From Engineering Or Btech

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Updated On : October 5, 2023


Reader's Digest: Passionate about science but not interested in engineering? Read this blog to explore the diverse career options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering! 🌟

Are you at the crossroads of how to choose the right career after 12thEngineering often takes centre stage when we think about career choices after completing 12th Science PCM. However, there's a world beyond engineering that deserves our attention.

You're not alone if you find yourself passionate about science but not inclined towards engineering. Many possibilities stretch far and wide, offering diverse and captivating alternatives that align with your interests and aspirations.

Here's a guide to steer you through some of the most promising career options that go beyond engineering:

  • Exploring Career Paths After 12th Science PCM: A Journey Beyond Engineering
  • Secret High-Paying Career Options After 12
  • Stepping into the Medical Field Options

What Are the Most Popular Career Options After 12th Science PCM Other Than Engineering?

Raj, a curious Indian student, felt lost after his 12th Science PCM results. He yearned for a different path than engineering. One day, he met Mr. Vishwanath, a wise mentor who shared a treasure trove of alternative careers.

The table presented by Mr. Vishwanath illuminated Raj's possibilities - from Physics to Nautical Science. Raj's heart raced as he discovered his true calling in Aviation.

With Mr. Vishwanath's guidance, he embarked on a journey that led him to the skies as a pilot. The chart not only unveiled options but ignited Raj's passion, making him eternally grateful for the chance encounter with his guiding light.

Here's a table outlining the best career options after 12th Science PCM other than engineering:

Career Option Study/Course Salary (INR) Scope Growth
Physics B.Sc/M.Sc in Physics 3-8 Lakh Research, Teaching, Aerospace, Electronics Stable, Opportunities in Research & Academia
Statistics B.Sc/M.Sc in Statistics 2-6 Lakh Data Analysis, Actuarial Science, Finance High demand in Analytics & Decision-making
Architecture B.Arch 4-10 Lakh Design, Construction, Urban Planning Growing Infrastructure & Design Industry
Chemistry B.Sc/M.Sc in Chemistry 2.5-7 Lakh Pharma, Research, Quality Control Opportunities in R&D and Chemical Industry
Merchant Navy Marine Engineering 6-15 Lakh Navigation, Cargo, Cruise Global Opportunities, Promising Remuneration
Forensic Science B.Sc in Forensic Science 3-7 Lakh Crime Investigation, Labs, Legal Support Increasing Demand in Legal and Medical Fields
Industrial Design B.Des/M.Des 3-8 Lakh Product Design, UX/UI, Manufacturing Innovations in Products & User Experiences
Criminology B.A/B.Sc in Criminology 2-6 Lakh Law Enforcement, Research, Psychology Rising Concern for Crime Prevention
Nautical Science B.Sc in Nautical Science 5-12 Lakh Shipping, Navigation, Marine Operations Maritime Industry Expansion, Global Trade
Aviation CPL/Aviation Courses 5-20 Lakh Pilot, Ground Staff, Management Growing Air Travel, Emerging Technologies

Let's discuss all the career options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering in detail.

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Career Option #1: Physics

Physics, often dubbed the "mother of all sciences," is a fascinating career option that extends far beyond the equations and laws in textbooks.

Physics presents multiple captivating pathways, from Quantum Mechanics to the domain of Computational Physics. It's a multidimensional field that not only piques curiosity but also opens doors to a multitude of opportunities.

Studying Physics doesn't simply mean wearing a lab coat and jotting down formulae. This field has branches that cater to different interests.

Medical Physics, for instance, bridges the gap between science and healthcare, contributing to advancements in medical imaging and treatments. Nuclear Physics, on the other hand, delves into the core of matter, exploring reactions and energy release.

And there's Computational Physics, which employs complex simulations to model real-world scenarios, from climate predictions to particle interactions.

Here are some of the captivating Physics courses you might consider:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
BSc Physics 3 years Research Assistant, Lab Technician, Educator Research Institutions, Universities
BSc Nuclear Medicine Technology 3 years Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Radiographer Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers
BSc Astrophysics 3 years Astrophysicist, Observatory Assistant Space Agencies, Research Institutes
MSc Magnetic Resonance 2 years MRI Technologist, Research Scientist Healthcare Institutions, Research Labs
MSc Particle and Nuclear Physics 2 years Particle Physicist, Radiation Safety Officer Research Institutes, Government Agencies
MSc Quantum Photonics and Nanomaterials 2 years Quantum Physicist, Nanotechnology Specialist Technology Companies, Research Centers

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Career Option #2: Statistics

Statistics, often dubbed the "science of uncertainty," involves gathering, interpreting, and presenting data to uncover meaningful insights. It’s the art of transforming raw information into valuable knowledge.

However, Statistics is more than just numbers; it's about extracting meaning from raw data. This field involves utilizing advanced techniques to analyze data trends and patterns, making it an essential component of various industries, such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and research.

In an era where data reigns supreme, statisticians hold the power to uncover insights that drive innovation and growth. From predicting market trends to advancing medical research, statistics touches every facet of our lives.

If you possess a penchant for analysis, curiosity for patterns, and the ability to derive meaning from numbers, a career in statistics could be your calling.

Let's glance at the possible pathways in a structured table:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Hiring Companies
BSc/MSc Statistics 3-5 years Data Analyst, Statistical Consultant, Researcher Google, Amazon, IBM
BSc Statistics – Data Science 3 years Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer Microsoft, Facebook, Apple
BA Behavioral Statistics 3 years Behavioral Analyst, Market Researcher Nielsen, Deloitte, Ipsos
BA Economics – Statistics 3 years Economic Analyst, Policy Advisor World Bank, IMF, Economic Think Tanks
MA Mathematics and Statistics 2 years Research Scientist, Data Modeler Academia, Research Institutions
Graduate Certificate in Statistical Data Analysis 1 year Data Analyst, Research Assistant Any Data-Centric Industry

So, don't overlook statistics when contemplating your career options after 12th Science PCM other than engineering.

Career Option #3: Architecture

Amid the career paths in 12th Science PCM graduates, Architecture emerges as a captivating journey that diverges from the mainstream engineering trajectory. Architecture is rooted in creativity and precision and offers many possibilities beyond the ordinary.

Architecture, an artistic amalgamation of science and design, interests those passionate about shaping spaces. The pursuit of architecture encompasses a blend of aesthetics, science, and functionality. It requires an eye for detail, an understanding of materials, and a knack for innovation.

Venturing into architecture, you're not just crafting structures but sculpting experiences. As an Architect, you're the visionary behind the skyline, breathing life into blueprints.

If you choose architecture as a career after the 12th, you can specialize in a multitude of subdisciplines as mentioned below:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
Urban Design 3-4 years Urban Planner, City Designer, Landscape Architect Foster + Partners, Gensler
Landscape Architecture 3-4 years Landscape Designer, Environmental Planner Design Workshop, OLIN
Sustainable Architecture 3-5 years Green Building Consultant, Sustainable Designer HOK, Snøhetta
Interior Design 3-4 years Interior Decorator, Space Planner IA Interior Architects, HBA
Architectural Conservation 2-3 years Heritage Consultant, Restoration Specialist Vinci Restoration, John Canning Co.

Career Option #4: Chemistry 

Chemistry is one of the most intriguing and expansive career options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering.

It's a world brimming with complexities, offering specialized branches such as Food Chemistry, Metallurgy, Flavour Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry. If your heart resonates with the wonders of Chemistry, many promising job opportunities await you.

Chemistry is a kaleidoscope of discovery, delving into matter's composition, properties, and transformation. It's about understanding the universe's building blocks on a molecular level.

If the allure of chemistry has always captivated you, be prepared to be spoiled for choice regarding job prospects. Your journey could lead you to various roles, each with a unique canvas and challenges. And it doesn't stop there.

The world of chemistry opens doors to the realm of research, where groundbreaking discoveries await. Here, you can etch your name in history by birthing new inventions and innovations that shape the world.

Here's a glimpse into the courses available after the 12th Science PCM, presenting a path to plunge into the world of chemistry:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
BSc Chemistry 3 years Analytical Chemist, Research Scientist Pfizer, Dow Chemicals
BSc Nanochemistry 3 years Nanotechnologist, Material Scientist IBM Research, Samsung Research
Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology 2 years Chemical Technologist, Process Engineer BASF, DuPont
MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Energy 1-2 years Sustainable Engineer, Energy Analyst ExxonMobil, Shell
MSc Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Energy Storage Systems 1-2 years Energy Storage Specialist, Battery Scientist Tesla, Panasonic

Career Option #5: Merchant Navy  

What are the most popular career options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering? One such intriguing option is entering the Merchant Navy. This field plays a pivotal role in global trade, orchestrating the movement of commercial goods and cargo across international waters.

Merchant Navy involves facilitating international trade through transporting commercial items, cargo, and goods. It's a world where the sea becomes your domain, where ships are your vessels of exploration and commerce.

This career offers an extraordinary opportunity for adventurous souls—you'll embark on long-haul journeys overseas, uncovering the mysteries of the expansive oceans.

Setting sail into the Merchant Navy opens doors to various fascinating roles and responsibilities. Envision a table of career prospects stretching out before you:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
MSc International Marine Science 2 years Marine Biologist, Oceanographer, Environmental Officer Maersk Line, Mediterranean Shipping Co.
BSc Nautical Science 3 years Nautical Officer, Navigation Officer CMA CGM, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines
Bachelor of Technology Nautical Science 4 years Deck Officer, Ship Captain COSCO Shipping, Evergreen Line

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Career Option #6: Forensic Science

Forensic Science unfurls as a captivating alternative to career options after 12th Science PCM other than Engineering. Nestled at the crossroads of science and investigation, it thrives in its niche within the realm of criminology.

Another innovative field sprouting from the stream of Science, Forensic Science is a sub-field of Criminology concerned with applying science to criminal procedures and investigations.

Forensic Science might be your calling if unraveling mysteries through scientific analysis and investigative prowess intrigues you. It is an emerging alternative to traditional engineering paths for those who nurture a curiosity for criminalistics and analytical exploration.

Diving into the offerings of Forensic Science, an array of courses lays the foundation for a rewarding career:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
BSc Forensic Science 3 years Forensic Analyst, Crime Scene Investigator Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Forensic Science Laboratories
Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics 1 year Digital Forensic Examiner, Cybersecurity Analyst Deloitte, Kroll
MSc Forensic Science 2 years Forensic DNA Analyst, Forensic Toxicologist Metropolitan Police Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
MSc Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation 1-2 years Digital Evidence Analyst, Cybercrime Investigator Europol, INTERPOL

Career Option #7: Industrial Design

While engineering is often in the limelight, there's an equally captivating and creative avenue to explore. One riveting option is Industrial Design, where innovation takes shape and imagination finds its form.

Pause for a moment and gaze around—the phone in your hand, the car on the street, the appliances at home - all bear the hallmark of design. Industrial Design doesn't merely involve aesthetics; it's an art infused with functionality and purpose. It's about turning ideas into tangible solutions that enhance our lives.

The phone you use to read this blog, your car, or any home appliance were all designed. It's a career that amalgamates creativity with technical finesse.

But it's not limited to aesthetics alone - research and development play a pivotal role. The Industrial Design landscape beckons you to tinker, innovate, and engineer solutions that leave a mark.

For those with a Science PCM background, this path is not just accessible; it's tailor-made. Your technical skills and knowledge form a solid foundation for venturing into this multidisciplinary field.

So, let's delve into some of the post-12th courses that can catapult you into the world of Industrial Design:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
BDes Industrial Design 4 years Product Designer, UX/UI Designer Apple, IDEO
BSc Industrial Design 3 years Design Engineer, Research Analyst Philips, Bosch
MSc Industrial Design 2 years Design Strategist, Innovation Consultant Samsung, LG

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Career Option #8: Criminology  

In recent times, criminology has gained substantial traction in India and across the globe, offering an intellectual journey that delves into the field of criminal behaviour, legal studies, and the science behind it.

Criminology has emerged as a popular course in India and abroad. It's a field that ventures beyond the surface of crime, diving into the depths of its science, reasons, and impact.

At its core, criminology seeks to comprehend the intricate puzzle of crime, aiming to unravel its enigma, understand its implications, and formulate measures to prevent its recurrence.

Embarking on a criminology career transports you into a multidisciplinary universe. Here's a glimpse into a spectrum of courses that can set you on this intriguing path:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
BSc Forensic Science and Criminology 3 years Forensic Analyst, Crime Scene Investigator Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Forensic Labs
Diploma in Cyber Crime 1 year Cyber Crime Investigator, Digital Forensics Expert Cyber Crime Units, Law Enforcement Agencies
Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminology 1 year Forensic Technician, Criminal Investigator State Forensic Labs, Private Forensic Firms
MSc Forensic Science and Criminology 2 years Forensic Scientist, Criminologist Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), INTERPOL
MSc in Criminology 2 years Criminology Researcher, Policy Analyst United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Career Option #9: Nautical Science 

Nautical Science is a field that offers a unique blend of theoretical insights and practical skills and knowledge. Unlike conventional academic trajectories like engineering or medicine, this course delves into the art of orchestrating the movement of shipments from their point of origin to their designated destination.

Studying Nautical Science isn't merely about memorizing equations or theories - it demands a diverse skill set. The course necessitates the fusion of various abilities, including managerial acumen, organizational finesse, seamless teamwork, technical know-how, and practical communication skills.

This course is the study of handling and navigating shipments from their origin to the place of delivery. As a maritime professional, you become a pivotal link in the supply chain, ensuring goods traverse the waters safely and efficiently.

Curious about the opportunities that await you on this nautical journey? Let's take a glimpse at the possible courses that you can embark upon after 12th Science PCM:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
Diploma in Nautical Science 1 year Navigation Officer, Deck Cadet Maersk Line, CMA CGM
BSc in Nautical Science 3 years Nautical Surveyor, Maritime Planner Mediterranean Shipping Co., DNV GL

Career Option #10: Aviation

One captivating pathway to consider is none other than aviation. This dynamic field holds immense promise and potential for those who can think on their feet, boast physical fitness, and excel in communication skills.

Aviation is an exciting field with great potential and scope. It's where the sky becomes your domain, and aircraft become your exploration vessels.

Aviation might be your perfect match if you thrive in making swift decisions, are physically fit to navigate the demands of the profession, and possess excellent communication skills. This field isn't just about aeroplanes; it's about a comprehensive ecosystem that keeps the skies alive.

What sets aviation apart is the thrilling prospect of being part of a sector that ranks among the highest-paying. The options don't end there - you'll find yourself traversing across the globe, moving to different corners of the world while working. It's an opportunity to merge your passion for travel with a rewarding career.

For those who aspire to soar among the clouds and carve a niche in aviation, there's a myriad of courses to consider:

Course Duration Job Roles Top Companies Hiring
B.B.A in Airport Management 3 years Airport Manager, Operations Supervisor GMR Airports, Delhi International Airport
Diploma in Airport Management 1 year Ground Staff Manager, Customer Service Agent Mumbai International Airport Limited, Bangalore International Airport
Diploma in Ground Staff & Cabin Crew Training 6 months Ground Staff, Cabin Crew Member Emirates, Qatar Airways
Diploma in Aviation Hospitality 1 year Aviation Hospitality Manager, Guest Services Agent Air India, Etihad Airways
Diploma in Airfare & Ticketing Management 6 months Ticketing Agent, Fare Analyst JetBlue, Lufthansa
BSc Aviation 3 years Pilot, Aviation Safety Officer Southwest Airlines, British Airways
BSc Aviation Technology 3 years Aviation Technologist, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Boeing, Airbus
BSc Aerospace Engineering 3 years Aerospace Engineer, Research Scientist NASA, SpaceX
BSc Aeronautical Science 3 years Aeronautical Engineer, Flight Test Engineer Lockheed Martin, Boeing
BSc Air Traffic Management 3 years Air Traffic Controller, Airspace Manager Federal Aviation Administration, Eurocontrol

What Are the Most High Paying Career Options After 12th Science PCM Other Than Engineering?

Here's a table highlighting the most high-paying career options after 12th Science PCM other than engineering:

Career Option Study/Course Salary (INR) Scope Growth
Business Analyst BBA/MBA/PGDM in Business Analytics 5-15 Lakh Data Analysis, Strategy, Operations Increasing Demand in Various Industries
Market Research Analyst BBA/MBA in Marketing/Market Research 4-10 Lakh Market Insights, Consumer Trends, Surveys Crucial Role in Business Decision-making
Marketing Manager BBA/MBA in Marketing 6-18 Lakh Branding, Campaigns, Product Promotion Essential for Business Growth and Expansion
Investment Banker BBA/MBA in Finance 8-25 Lakh Mergers, Acquisitions, Financial Analysis Lucrative Deals in Banking and Investment
Management Consultant MBA/PGDM in Management 7-20 Lakh Strategy, Efficiency, Process Improvement Advising Organizations for Enhanced Performance
Technical Writer Bachelors in Communication/English 3-10 Lakh Documentation, Manuals, Content Creation Growing Demand in IT, Tech, and Healthcare
Quality Assurance Manager B.Tech/M.Tech in Quality Management 6-15 Lakh Quality Control, Process Improvement Key Role in Ensuring Product/Service Quality
Legal Counsel LLB/PG in Law 5-18 Lakh Legal Advisory, Compliance, Litigation Integral to Legal Affairs in Various Fields

What Are the Best Career Options After 12th Science PCM in the Medical Field?

Here's a table highlighting the best career options in the medical field after 12th Science PCM other than engineering:

Career Option Study/Course Salary Scope Growth
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery 8-20 Lakh Medical Practice, Research, Specializations Constant Demand in Healthcare & Academia
Bachelor of Dental Surgery BDS 4-12 Lakh Dentistry, Orthodontics, Oral Health Growing Dental Care & Cosmetic Procedures
Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPT 3-8 Lakh Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Wellness Increasing Focus on Physical Well-being
BSc Nursing BSc Nursing 3-10 Lakh Patient Care, Specializations, Education Vital Role in Healthcare and Nursing Fields
BSc Biotechnology BSc Biotechnology 3-9 Lakh Research, Biomedical Sciences, Industry Advancements in Biotech & Medical Research
Bachelor of Pharmacy BPharm 2.5-7 Lakh Pharmaceutical Industry, Research, Dispensing Key Role in Healthcare & Medicinal Sciences
BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery 3-8 Lakh Homeopathic Practice, Alternative Medicine Growing Interest in Holistic Healthcare
BAMS Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery 3-8 Lakh Ayurvedic Practice, Wellness, Research Revival of Traditional Medicine Practices


There are numerous exciting paths to explore beyond engineering in the vast landscape of career options after completing 12th Science PCM. Fields like Physics, Statistics, Architecture, Chemistry, Merchant Navy, Forensic Science, Industrial Design, Criminology, Nautical Science, and Aviation offer diverse opportunities for those passionate about science.

Key Takeaways:

  • Engineering is not the only path for science enthusiasts after the 12th PCM.
  • Fields like Physics, Statistics, Architecture, Chemistry, the Merchant Navy, Forensic Science, Industrial Design, Criminology, Nautical Science, and Aviation offer exciting alternatives.
  • These fields have diverse job roles and opportunities for growth in various industries.
  • Consider your passions, strengths, and aspirations when choosing your career path.

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