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How to Solve IPMAT Verbal Ability Questions in IPMAT Indore?

Author : Prasant Pandey

Updated On : July 28, 2023


According to previous year's trends, the IPMAT verbal ability section questions no longer test your conventional English language or ask direct vocabulary questions like antonyms, synonyms, analogies, etc.!

Instead? Verbal questions test your overall expertise in English with question types like usage of words & phrases, fill-in-the-blanks, and your capability to use contextual vocabulary.

Hence, focusing on improving your comprehension abilities and speed would help you crack this section.

Are you finding it difficult to solve the verbal ability questions? Our experts at Supergrads have curated some best tips and tricks to help you better understand how to solve IPMAT verbal ability questions in seconds.

What are the Important Topics in IPMAT Verbal Ability Section 2024?

As said above, you will be mainly tested on your verbal ability skills and vocabulary in the IPMAT.

The following are some of the important topics for the IPMAT verbal ability that you need to focus on more to score good marks in this section.

Vocabulary (including Synonyms & Antonyms) Reading Comprehension Grammar Sentence Rearrangement
Sentence Correction Sentence Completion Correct usage of words and phrases Verbal Analogies
Logical Consistency Deductive Reasoning Inference based passages Prepositions
Conjunctions Tenses Modifiers & Parallelism Noun & Pronoun Errors
Fill in the Blanks One Word Substitution  Verbal Analogies  -

How to Solve IPMAT Verbal Ability Questions 2024?

As per the paper pattern of the IPMAT Exam, the question paper shall include a total of 100 questions. Out of these, 40 questions are from verbal ability.

Thus, along with the quant section, you need to be well prepared for verbal ability to get shortlisted for the next stage.

Also, make sure to attempt the IPMAT verbal ability mock test to enhance your performance better. You can also purchase a series of mock tests from our site to get hundreds of mocks in a bundle. 

Do attend the free IPMAT mock test available to know the level of questions prepared. 

Here are a few tips on how to deal with questions in the IPMAT Verbal Ability section.

Go through the topic-wise strategies below and enhance your preparation for the upcoming exam.

1 - Paragraph Completion

  • This topic mainly checks your understanding of paragraphs. 
  • You can get the questions on this topic correct only if you understand the given paragraph carefully.
  • Prepare thoroughly from IPMAT verbal ability sample paper and mocks. You will find IPMAT question paper resources online and offline. 

2 - Sample Question on Paragraph Completion

Out of all the taxes, corporate taxes imposed on multinational corporations (MNCs) are major sources of revenue for most economies. But in the event of these corporate taxpayers shifting their tax liabilities from a high tax jurisdiction to a low- or no-tax jurisdiction, massive revenue losses are imminent for the fiscal jurisdiction where they should have ideally paid the taxes. ______________________________.Tax evasion has emerged as a global woe in the last few decades with a mélange of some creative accounting techniques and existing loopholes in different fiscal jurisdictions worldwide.

  • Both historical and contemporary perceptions of tax have characterized it as a necessary extraction, a penalty.
  • Despite some significant limitations, various fiscal jurisdictions have already gone ahead with signing such agreements.
  • Tax evasion is where a seepage in the boundaries set by fiscal laws is discovered and then used to escape the tax net to a great extent or altogether.
  • States have deployed various countermeasures either at an individual level or as members of different economic groups.
  • Practise from IPMAT previous year question papers.
  • Once riddled with incidents of double taxation, the MNCs have now outsmarted the system and have moved into an era of double non-taxation.

3 - Word Usage

  • This doesn't mean just knowing the meaning of the words, but you need to beware of their usage.
  • If given a sentence, you need to know which word exactly fits there. 
  • Try to pick new words from the dictionary or newspapers and understand their meanings. This helps in knowing more words and how to utilize them. 

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Sample Questions on Word Usage

Identify which of the statements have the correct usage of the word.

1. Pupil

  • I. The photographer focused the camera pupil on the magnificent skyline.
  • II. Numerous studies have revealed that dilated pupils are caused due to recreational drug overdose.
  • III. Though the commissioner had reached new heights, he always regarded himself as a pupil of the headmaster.

A. Only I and II

B. Only II and III

C. Only II

D. Only I

E. Only III

2. Precept

  • I. The company was a precept between the Industry and the government.
  • II. Foregoing precepts, he was given one more chance given his stellar past performance.
  • III. The Regulator issued precepts requiring the companies to provide information about their financials.

A. Only I

B. Only II

C. Only I and II

D. Only II and III E. All of the above

3. Para jumbles

  • This mainly checks your command on comprehension. 
  • You are given jumbled sentences, which must be arranged in the proper order. 
  • Analyzing the sentences is very important to get them correct. 

Check: Short tricks solve algebra questions in IPMAT

Sample Questions on Para Jumbles

  • A. Despite the strong performance of the economy in 2010-11, the outlook for 2011-12 is clouded by stubborn and persistently high inflation and rising external risks.
  • B. The three key macroeconomic concerns before the Union Budget 2011-12 were high inflation, high current account deficit (CAD), and fiscal consolidation.
  • C. Additionally, there was an expectation that the government would restart the reform process.
  • D. While the Budget sets a lower nominal gross domestic product (GDP) growth target of 14%, we believe that the real GDP growth target of 9% factored in the Budget is optimistic.
  • E. The Budget has attempted to address all these issues, albeit through small steps.



  • This topic mainly checks how well you can form a just paragraph. 
  • You are also tested on how well you can analyze the story or passage and summarize it. 

Reading Comprehension

  • RC is one of the known topics. You are given a passage followed by a few questions. 
  • You need to understand the given passage and answer the questions correctly. 

Fill in the Blanks

  • This topic not only includes vocabulary-based filling blanks questions but is also grammar-based.
  • Your prior knowledge of parts of speech and vocabulary is tested.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Sample Questions on Fill in the Blanks

1. Children enjoy _____ TV programs.

  •  (A) to look at
  • (B) watching
  • (C) to see
  • (D) to watch

2. A  ____ of Japanese artists stepped off the coach amidst a warm welcome.  

  • (A) bank
  • (B) gang
  • (C) troop
  • (D) troupe

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability for IPMAT?

Diverse reading is the key to cracking this section with a high score. Here are a few expert-recommended preparation tips for the IPMAT Verbal Ability section that can help in smooth preparation:

  • Do daily reading as it will help in improving your speed.
  • Read the given passage carefully in the reading comprehension section. Ensure to analyze the passage and then proceed with answering. 
  • Pick at least five new words from the dictionary or newspaper every day and know their meanings. This helps in improving your vocabulary.
  • For the Grammar section, ensure to read the concept and understand the basics well. 
  • Solving previous year's IPMAT Question papers lets you come across a new type of question and know the difficulty level of the exam.
  • Try to practice more and more grammar questions from previous papers and improve your basics. 
  • If you are clear with the basics, you can attempt any question quickly in the final exam. 

Best Study Materials for IPMAT Verbal Ability Section 2024

Opting for the best study material or books will help you understand the concepts in-depth and cover all the topics as per the syllabus. 

Many resources are available for the verbal ability section; however, here are a few highly recommended Verbal Ability Books for IPMAT.

Book Name Author
Better English Norman Lewis
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
English Grammar and Composition Wren and Martin

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