Managing IPMAT 2024 Preparations with Boards

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : June 8, 2023


Cracking the IPMAT exam and studying in an IIM is a highly coveted dream for many of you. But at the same time, your board exams are equally essential to get a seat in any traditional degree course.

So, if you spare a minimum of 1 hour a day and a little more time during the weekend for IPMAT, then you could crack the exam with a high score.

It would help if you were smart enough to make the study schedule to balance the board exams and the entrance exam.

Read through the post that will give you a complete insight into managing IPMAT preparation with board exams.

How Can I Start IPMAT Preparation with Board Exams 2024?

You would need at least six months to one year to prepare for the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test. It is better to start your IPMAT Preparation as early as possible, along with your board exams.

It will give ample time for understanding the concepts in-depth, practice previous year papers, and revise all the topics once before the exam.

Initially, you can give 1-2 hours for IPMAT and the rest for board exams. Once the board exams get over, you can dedicate a maximum of 8-9 hours to IPM preparation.

Remember, each one of your preparation strategies may vary. Hence, plan your preparation at your convenience and complete the scheduled task on time for better results.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Best Tips to Manage IPMAT Preparation with Board Exams 2024

Preparation for the IPMAT 2024 entrance exam is one of the challenges for most of you studying for the board exams. However, you can easily manage both board exams and IPMAT preparation with determination and hard work.

Spare some time for IPMAT from your daily activities that you think are not important.

Divide your preparation into alternate days pattern, i.e., one day you can pick topics from Quantitative Aptitude and the next day topics from English, and so on because IPMAT has only two subjects.

Immediately after completing your board exams, you can follow the IPMAT Study Plan given in the table below.

Topic Preferred Time Allotment
Topics from Quantitative Aptitude 2-2.5 hours
Topics from Verbal Ability 2 hours
Reading Newspaper 45 minutes
Practice Reading Comprehension 1 hour
Revision for the day and planning for the next day 1-1.5 hours
Solve Previous Year's Question Papers 1-5-2 hours (weekly twice)

Suppose you are preparing for 8 hours a day; make sure to give at least 1 hour for revision at the end of the day. So that you can remember all the topics you have studied earlier for a more extended period.

Don't include tough subjects continuously. Try to mix and match the topics. If you assign a tricky concept from the quant, choose an easy topic from verbal ability.

In this way, you can build interest to study more and not get bored till the completion of the exam.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

How to Prepare for IPMAT Quantitative Aptitude 2024?

Most of you might feel that the quant section is tough, cannot score good marks as there are so many topics to study and more. Learning simple tips and tricks would definitely help you score good marks in this section.

The following are some of the best preparation tips for the IPMAT Maths section

  • During the preparation, you need to know your weaknesses and strengths. 
  • It will help to build up strong areas and focus on the weaker areas to work hard.
  • Try to focus more on Time, Speed and Distance, Time and Work, Trigonometry, Geometry, Data Interpretation, Set Theory, Ages, Series, and Unitary methods, etc.
  • Most of the questions are asked from these topics in the quant section.
  • Try to revise all the essential formulas related to these topics daily.
  • Solve as many questions as possible from the previous year's IPMAT Question Papers, as it will help improve your time management skills and speed in the final exam.

How to Prepare for IPMAT Verbal Ability 2024?

The most critical topics in the verbal ability section are Synonyms and Antonyms, Sentence Rearrangement, Reading Comprehension, Correct usage of words and phrases, Sentence correction, etc.

Improving your vocabulary will help you crack this section easily. The following are a few expert-recommended preparation tips for IPMAT verbal ability section.

  • Firstly, don't prepare for verbal ability like you would prepare for the Quantitative section.
  • Instead, learn three new words every day to improve your quality of English Language.
  • Make sure to read the newspaper at least for 45 minutes daily to improve your vocabulary and grammar.
  • Begin your preparation by assigning a fixed time for each topic and try to complete the topics on time.
  • Also, practice as many questions as possible from the previous year's question papers.

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