LSAT India 2024 Exam: Notification, Pattern, Eligibility, Selection Process

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : October 18, 2023


Reader's Digest - Want to take admission into a top Law college? Appear for the upcoming Law School Admission Test (LSAT) 2024. Here's everything about the LSAT India 2024, including the syllabus, pattern, prep tips & more!

Are you aspiring to pursue a career in law and seeking admission to a prestigious law school in India? Look no further! The LSAT India 2024 exam is your gateway to legal education. 

The LSAT India 2024 exam is an important standardized test to get into a good law school in India. It tests your logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and reading comprehension skills in a multiple-choice format. 

The Pearson VUE in India (as appointed by LSAC) administers the exam. The LSAT India Admissions are taken through an online exam conducted twice a year, in January and May.

In this article, you'll get answers to the questions you have been searching:

  • Can I take the LSAT in India?
  • What is the cost of LSAT in India?
  • Who is eligible for LSAT in India?
  • Is LSAT India harder than CLAT? What is the difference between CLAT and LSAT?
  • Does Harvard accept LSAT India?

What is LSAT India 2024?

The Law School Admission Test India (LSAT India) is a standardised test used to evaluate the aptitude of prospective students for law school. The test assesses the applicant's abilities to think critically and analyse complex legal problems. 

After the establishment of Jindal Global Law School, its primary focus was to introduce a single standard test for multiple law colleges across India.

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC), USA, established the LSAT India Exam through their Indian affiliate Pearson VUE.

LSAT India consists of multiple-choice questions that assess a student's reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical skills. The test is administered in an online remote home-proctored mode. 

LSAT India 2024 Important Dates 

Refer to the table for LSAT India 2024 Exam Dates:

LSAT Events Important Dates
Registration Opens 14 August 2023
Registration closes for January 2024 LSAT India 10 January 2024
Test Scheduling for January 2024 LSAT India 10 December 2023 – 12 January 2024
January 2024 LSAT India System Readiness Check 17 December 2023 – 16 January 2024
January 2024 LSAT India Exam Date 20-21 January 2024 
Score Card Release for January LSAT India To Be Announced
Registration Closes for May 2024 LSAT India 2 May 2024
May 2024 LSAT India System Readiness Check 29 March – 12 May 2024
May 2024 LSAT India Exam Date 16-19 May 2024
Score Card Release for May 2024 LSAT India To Be Announced

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT India 2024 Eligibility Criteria 

LSAC does not specify LSAT India eligibility criteria to appear in the exam. However, the participating colleges consider eligibility criteria to confirm your admission to a particular course.

To be eligible for the LSAT-India, you must fulfil a few basic mentioned below: 

Academic Eligibility: You must have cleared 10+2 from a recognised board in India for undergraduate courses. Alternatively, you must have an LLB degree from a renowned university in India for a postgraduate course. 

All candidates who complete the test registration application, including uploading a photo and electronic copy of a valid photo ID, pay the registration fee promptly and follow the published test rules may sit for the LSAT India.

LSAT India Application Form 2024 (Released)

The LSAT India application process is multi-step and begins with submitting the LSAT India 2024 application form. This form is available online and can be downloaded from the LSAC website. 

The LSAT India application form 2024 requires applicants to provide basic personal information, educational background, employment history, and other relevant information.

Refer to the steps to fill out the online application form for LSAT 2024:

  1. Register for the LSAT India exam. You can do this by visiting the LSAT India website and completing the registration form.
  2. Gather the required documents for the application form. These typically include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement. 
  3. Complete the application form. This will include providing information about your background, educational experience, and career goals. 
  4. Pay the application fee. Most law schools require a one-time fee to be paid to submit your application. 
  5. Submit the application form. After completing the form, you must submit it to the law school you are applying to. 

LSAT India Fees Information:

Exam Price Amount
Registration fee for January 2024 LSAT India INR 3999/-
Registration fee for May 2024 LSAT India INR 3999/-
Registration fee for Jan + May 2024 LSAT India  INR 7998/-

LSAT India Admit Card 2024

The admit card for LSAT India is an essential document that prospective law students must obtain before taking the exam. The Admit Card includes information about the test, such as the candidate's name, test centre, date, and the test time. 

It also contains the student's ID number and other important information. Your LSAT admit card will be available to you if you have successfully registered for the same.

  • You will need your email ID and password to access the admit card.
  • Download and save the admit card for future reference.
  • Read the details and instructions on the admit card carefully.
  • Contact the respective authority in case of any discrepancy.
  • You would also need to carry an ID along with the admit card. 

LSAT India Exam Centers 2024

Choosing your LSAT India exam centre is an essential step in the registration process. However, LSAC now allows candidates to take LSAT tests from the comfort of their homes through a remote proctored exam assisted by AI technology.

How to Choose the Preferred LSAT India Test Centre?

Following these steps, you can carefully select your preferred LSAT centre in India without any mistakes:

  1. Click on the application button in the registration process.
  2. Access the LSAT India Application dashboard.
  3. Look for the preferred option and click on it.
  4. Choose up to three exam centres based on your location preference, commuting allowance, and convenience.
  5. Save and continue to submit your application form.

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LSAT India 2024 Exam Pattern 

The LSAT India comprises four sections: Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning (1), Logical Reasoning (2), and Reading Comprehension. 

Refer to the following points about the exam pattern of LSAT Exam:

  • Each section has a time limit of 35 minutes. 
  • You cannot attempt questions from that section when the time limit is exceeded.
  • There is no negative marking or penalty for incorrect answers.
  • Each question has 4-5 answer choices.

Refer to the table for the LSAT India 2024 Exam Pattern:

Section Type Number of Questions Duration
Analytical Reasoning 23 35 minutes
Logical Reasoning (1) 22 35 minutes
Logical Reasoning (2) 23 35 minutes
Reading Comprehension 24 35 minutes
Total  ~92 2 hours and 20 minutes

LSAT India 2024 Syllabus

LSAT India Syllabus 2024 consists of four sections of the LSAT India exam. Two sections of logical reasoning, one section of analytical reasoning, and one section of reading comprehension.

Each section assesses different skills and abilities necessary for law school success. Refer to the brief of the section-wise LSAT syllabus below:

Analytical Reasoning

  • The Analytical Reasoning section assesses applicants' ability to analyse arguments and draw logical conclusions. 
  • This section contains questions that are based on short argumentative passages. However, use LSAT India Analytical Reasoning preparation tips for scoring more. 

Logical Reasoning

  • The Logical Reasoning section assesses the applicant's ability to recognise patterns and draw logical conclusions. 
  • This section's LSAT India Logical Reasoning questions are short passages from newspapers, magazines, and other publications. They might talk about different topics, including law. You'll have to read the passage, understand it, and answer the related questions.

Reading Comprehension

  • The Reading Comprehension section assesses the applicant's ability to understand and interpret written material. 
  • The LSAT India Reading Comprehension questions are based on passages from various sources, including law-related materials. 

What Are the Best LSAT India 2024 Preparation Tips?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing for the LSAT, but some tips can help students maximise their study time.

Follow the tips on how to improve your LSAT India Score:

  • First, students should familiarise themselves with the LSAT India pattern, syllabus, selection process and the types of questions asked. 
  • Second, they should develop a study plan and stick to it. This should include reading comprehension passages, developing logical reasoning skills, practising LSAT India mock tests, and conducting an in-depth analysis of each mock.
  • Thirdly, manage your time correctly and maintain a rapid-fire speed immediately. You can not move between different sections during exam time. 
  • Fourthly, make an educated guess to get better results. Each question carries one mark and no negative marking for a wrong answer. 
  • Finally, students should find a mentor and prepare for the exam under the guidance of an expert. This can help create a sense of learning and be a great way to know where you stand.

Topper's Recommended LSAT India 2024 Books 

Preparing well for the LSAT India exam is essential to get into the top Indian law schools. To help you prepare, there are several LSAT India books available in the market. 

Refer to the list of LSAT books. For section-wise detailed list, check the best books for LSAT India 2024:

  • Crack the LSAT India 2021: Pearson's Ultimate Guide to LSAT India Preparation. This book comprehensively overviews the LSAT India exam and explains the concepts tested. It also includes practice questions and sample tests. 
  • The Official Guide to the LSAT India 2021 by Law School Admission Council - The creators write this book on the LSAT India exam and provide an overview. It includes sample questions and practice tests.
  • LSAT India Preparation 2021: The Ultimate Guide to Scoring High by GK Publications - This book is an excellent guide for LSAT India aspirants as it provides a comprehensive exam overview. It also includes detailed explanations of the concepts tested and tips on improving your score.
  • LSAT India 2021: The Official Guide to the Exam by McGraw Hill - This book provides comprehensive coverage of the LSAT India exam. It includes sample questions and practice tests.

LSAT India Exam Analysis 

Here is the LSAT India exam analysis for the four sections in brief:

  • As per the experts, LSAT India had a moderate difficulty level.
  • The analytical reasoning section was the toughest.
  • The Reading Comprehension section was the easiest but the lengthiest.
  • This year's January paper was moderately difficult compared to the question paper designed previously. 

LSAT India Answer Key

The answer key of LSAT India can be used to determine the candidate's performance in the test. It helps candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses and better prepare for the exams. It also helps the candidate to estimate their scores on the test.

Here are some essential points about the answer key:

  • Pearson Vue will release the answer key for the Law School Admission Test India on its official website.
  • The conducting authority finalizes the answers in the answer key.
  • It will be available to download in PDF format.
  • You can match your response with the answer key to get an estimate of your band score.

LSAT India Result

The result of LSAT India is given out as a percentile score. A percentile score measures how well a student performed relative to all other students who took the test. The higher the percentile score, the higher the student performed.

Go through the following points on the result. Check the result of LSAT India.

  • Your LSAT Scaled Score is based on the number of questions you answered correctly (your raw score). It estimates your proficiency in the skills tested. 
  • The result will be declared in a band range of 420-480.
  • Your percentile will be calculated by comparing your score with other candidates in the group.
  • Once the results are announced, you can download your score report by logging into your registration application dashboard.
  • LSAC shares your results with the participating institutes.

LSAT India Cut-Off

Refer to the following points for the cut-off of the LSAT:

  • You need to score above LSAT cut-off marks to qualify for an exam.
  • Pearson Vue, the conducting body of the LSAT India exam, declares a cut-off list to shortlist students for its participating colleges.
  • Colleges participating in the Law School Admission Test India release a separate cut-off list for each course. 
  • The cut-off of the LSAT India varies from college to college depending on the calibre of the applicants, the number of applicants and the seats available for a course.
  • The higher the cut-off, the more difficult it is to secure admission into law school. 

Colleges Accepting LSAT India 2024 Scores 

In recent years, many law schools in India have started accepting LSAT India scores. 

Accepting LSAT India scores by these law schools is a significant breakthrough for aspiring law students as it allows them to apply to multiple law schools with just one set of scores. 

Some of the popular LSAT India colleges are mentioned below. For a detailed list, course duration, and curriculum, check the colleges that accept LSAT Score:

  • Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), Sonipat
  • Vinayaka Mission's Law SchoolAlliance University, Bangalore
  • Alliance University

LSAT India Counselling Process

LSAC Global does not conduct LSAT India counselling for seat allocation in colleges accepting exam scores, and a merit list for LSAT India has also not been released.

  • You will need to apply to law colleges of your choice separately after the announcement of cut-off scores.
  • The admission process is different for different colleges.
  • The number of seats is limited in renowned colleges. Make sure to apply quickly just after the cut-off announcement of the respective college.
  • If the seats are filled before your application, you will lose the college even after qualifying for the cut-off score.
  • In the counselling process, your documents are verified. So, take your educational qualification proof to the counselling centre.
  • Educational qualification requirements vary for different colleges and courses. Make sure to check these before applying to a college.

LSAT Mock Tests

LSAT Mock Tests


Here are the key points you need to remember for LSAT India 2024:

  • The LSAT India 2024 exam is a standardized test that assesses logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and reading comprehension skills.
  • It is administered by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) and takes place once a year in India, with online registration available.
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice questions covering logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension.
  • The LSAT India exam pattern includes four sections: Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning (1), Logical Reasoning (2), and Reading Comprehension.
  • Each section has a time limit of 35 minutes, and there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
  • To be eligible, you must fulfil academic requirements and have a good command of English.
  • Follow the LSAT India preparation tips, including familiarizing yourself with the syllabus, developing a study plan, managing time effectively, and seeking guidance from mentors.

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