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How To Improve Your LSAT India Score 2024? - Expert Tips for a Massive Score Leap

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : July 14, 2023


Reader's Digest - Are you ready to conquer the LSAT? If you're searching for the ultimate guide on how to improve your LSAT score 2024, look no further! We've got you covered with insider tips and section-wise strategies.

Improving your LSAT score may seem tedious, but you can unlock your full potential with dedication and the right strategies. 

Remember, the key to LSAT success lies in understanding how to improve your LSAT score with a section-wise approach and a positive mindset.

Here are the basics of the inside scoop to improve your LSAT score:

  1. Build Endurance with Longer Practice Tests Fatigue can be a significant score-reducer. To overcome this, try taking even longer practice tests. The actual LSAT will feel like a breeze as you get used to these extended tests.
  2. Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses: Superman knows his weakness is kryptonite. Similarly, knowing your LSAT weaknesses will only add to your strengths. Rank each section from strongest to weakest, and allocate your study time accordingly. 
  3. Master the Blind Review Strategy: Blind review can reveal where and why you often make mistakes. After completing a practice test or section, write down the questions you felt uncertain about. Retake them, and then calculate your score before and after reviewing them. 
  4. Tackle Specific Sections with Tried-and-True Tactics: Focus on strategies tailored to each section to improve your LSAT score.

How Much Can You Improve Your LSAT Score 2024?

  • The renowned LSAT preparation organization PowerScore states that many law school aspirants benefit from retaking the LSAT.
  • Averagely, repeat test-takers witness an improvement of up to 5 points in their scores.
  • The higher your score in the LSAT, the more challenging it gets to improve your score.
  • If you scored within the "average" range of 280-300 on your first LSAT attempt, you could improve your between 320 to 380 to get admission to LSAT India colleges.

How to Improve LSAT Score? Proven Hacks for an Unstoppable Score Increase

For that, you must follow these below-mentioned guidelines carefully, and in no time, your confidence will be firing on all cylinders:

  1. Understand the general ins and outs of the LSAT.
  2. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Make a structured timetable and follow it regularly.
  4. Practice mock question papers without fail.
  5. Detoxify your brain and start believing in yourself.

(i) Understand the General Ins & Outs 

Any improvement thoughts are meaningless unless you acquaint yourself with the pattern or the general overview of the requisite exam.

It might not seem much at first but try to expedite the reading process by forming a broad understanding of the order in which the questions are asked.

E.g., Assumption questions follow tabular arrangement questions in logical reasoning 1, assumption-based questions follow reading comprehension questions, and so on. This will help you save time by defining your strategy while attempting questions that cater to your strengths. 

(ii) Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses 

To improve your LSAT score, you must understand that you can’t be perfect in every question type from Day 1. Thus, it is essential to zero in on your strengths and mark out your weaknesses to better understand how to move ahead with your preparation.

Devote double the time you would typically devote to the weak areas while avoiding being complacent in your vital areas.

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(iii) Make a Structured Timetable & Follow it Regularly

The importance of a coordinated study routine can’t be stressed enough. Ever wonder how people can recall everything they prepared a day before while you only remember half of it?

This is primarily because structuring your preparation helps simplify the burden of the LSAT India Syllabus 2024 while relieving the stress associated with a humongous curriculum. 

Also, remember not to overdo things, e.g., don’t practice all the difficult sections in one day because simply that plan would more often than not prove futile. Make a timetable based on your working capacities, and don’t forget to take a break when fatigue kicks in. 

(iv) Practice Mock Question Papers Without Fail 

The essential thing that can almost certainly speed up your progress has to be the mock question papers.

Simply put, there is no way to check how you are faring in subsequent attempts unless you test yourself against your co-competitors. Admit it or not, you might feel like you are improving, but the mocks will ultimately prove to be a reality check. 

Also, you can’t just pick up any random question paper and attempt to solve it because it might become counter-effective more often than not. What you need is a mock exam designed with extreme precision and accuracy. 

The best approach I found extremely helpful during my preparation was to take mocks after finishing the conceptual stuff, as they re-energized me while also reducing my fatigue.

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(v) Detoxify your brain and start believing in yourself

Take a half-hour break after every 2 hours of studying to make your preparation fun and enriching. This will act as a stress repellant, making your preparation more streamlined and sharp. In these testing times, you can’t function with a congested mindset.

Music can also serve as a great mode of motivation and does not become a distraction if used judiciously. 

Last but not least, you must believe in your capabilities, as they will ultimately be the reason for your success. Tell yourself why you deserve to be in your dream college more than others, and don’t let any negative person affect you or your preparation. Turn off all distractions and reaffirm your priorities.

Section-wise Killer Strategies to Improve LSAT Score 2024

Now that we've covered some overall strategies for boosting your LSAT score let's delve into how to enhance your performance in each specific LSAT section.

How to Improve Your LSAT Score in Analytical Reasoning?

Many students and tutors consider the Analytical Reasoning section the most learnable part of the LSAT. The key is to identify effective techniques that work for you.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the limited number of Analytical Reasoning question types on the LSAT, which include Sequencing, Grouping, and Matching. Pay attention to the types that often trip you up during practice sessions.

Becoming adept at swiftly creating accurate diagrams is crucial for tackling this section. While you might already have a preferred diagramming style, remember that many tutors and test-takers have developed a language of rule representation that enables faster problem-solving. 

To improve your Analytical Reasoning further, hone your inference-making abilities. Continuous practice will help you identify patterns and answer questions without additional diagrams, saving you valuable time.

Lastly, read the given conditions carefully to avoid missing any crucial inferences. Once you've drawn a detailed diagram, revisit the prompt to look for any immediate inferences you can make.

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How to Improve Your LSAT Score 2024 in Logical Reasoning?

Improving scores in the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT can be challenging, but don't worry. Here are some proven methods to significantly boost your LSAT scores.

Remember that each Logical Reasoning prompt is essentially an argument, and the test-makers aim to assess your ability to identify key argument components and draw logical conclusions.

Don't go with the flow of the content of the argument. Focus on understanding its main components: Premise, Inference & Conclusion.

Be clear on the meanings of these terms and their occurrence in an argument.

For example, consider a real Logical Reasoning question from LSAC and dissect its premise, inference, and conclusion.

The premise sets the context or circumstances for the argument, while the inference represents the "Eureka" moment that stems from considering the premises.

The conclusion refers to the main point of the argument.

Sometimes, the inference and conclusion can be combined into one statement.

By breaking down Logical Reasoning prompts into these three components, you'll be better equipped to identify missing elements or flaws within the argument. Simply asking for the author's main point is another way of requesting the conclusion.

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How to Improve Your LSAT Score in Reading Comprehension?

Improving your LSAT score in the Reading Comprehension section might seem confusing, but progress is possible with dedication and the right strategies.

One effective approach to boost your performance in Reading Comprehension is by enhancing your recall abilities. Remember specific details from the passage if you don't want to waste time searching in the paragraphs. To practice this skill, try an exercise outside of a practice test.

Read a passage without worrying about answering questions, then jot down everything you remember from the text. No detail is huge or tiny.

While reading comprehension is a skill developed over time, and some may find it more challenging than others, focusing on building your reading endurance and consistently practising recall techniques will help you make strides in improving your LSAT score in a student-friendly and engaging manner.

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching


Dedication, persistence, and the right strategies can significantly improve your LSAT score 2024. Embrace these tips, and you'll be well on your way to achieving a higher score and getting into your dream law school!

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