LSAT India Syllabus 2022 PDF Download Here

Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has announced the LSAT India Syllabus 2022. It is important to go through the syllabus thoroughly to plan your study schedule strategically. The syllabus makes it crystal clear for you, what to read and what to leave.

  • The LSAT India exam is divided into four sections: Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning(1), Logical Reasoning (2), Reading Comprehension.
  • The exam duration is 140 mins, 35 mins for each section.
  • The paper comprises 92 objective-type questions.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.
  • Each question holds equal marks.

The syllabus will help you to focus on developing a skill set that is evaluated by the examiner.

Highlight Topics in LSAT Syllabus 2022

The most important topics that are inevitable for the LSAT exam preparation are listed below. These topics have the highest weightage in the previous year’s papers. 

Skipping these topics will cost you in terms of a low LSAT score. The better you score, the higher your chances are of getting a good LSAT college in India.

Section Name Important Topics Expected No. of questions
Analytical Reasoning Arrangements 5-6
Task Assignment 3-4
Grouping 3-4
Logical Reasoning(1) Inference 5-6
Strengthen 3-4
Weaken 2-3
Logical Reasoning(2) Statement assumption 2-3
Weaken argument 3-4
Strengthen argument 2-3
Reading Comprehension Specific details 8-10
Inference 6-8
Comparison 2-3

Section-wise LSAT India exam pattern and syllabus 2022

LSAT exam Section Name No. of questions per section
Analytical Reasoning 23
Logical Reasoning (1) 22
Logical Reasoning (2) 23
Reading Comprehension 24
Total 92

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Analytical Reasoning

This subject is based on logical conclusions, legal statements, statements and conclusions, and relationship-based problems. The subject tests your capabilities in data interpretation, data analysis, and legal skills.

Topics of Analytical Reasoning

Family-Based Problems Coding-Decoding
Directions Arrangements
Intersection-type Selections
Structural relationships Logical inference
Legal problem solving Statements and conclusions
Logical Deductions Comparisons

Logical Reasoning

The subject is divided into two sections. The section includes questions based on identifying argument flaws, reasoning by analogy, and applying principles. The subject tests your ability to analyse, evaluate, and complete arguments based on legal passages.

Topics of Logical Reasoning

Syllogism Binary Logic
Clocks Numbers and Letters Series
Logical Connectives Venn Diagrams
Cubes Calendars
Logical Sequence Blood Relation
Logical Matching Seating Arrangement
Inference Strengthen arguments
Weaken arguments Conclusion
Assumptions Paragraph completion
The flaw in the argument Role in the argument
Additional evidence in the argument Reasoning based on analogy
Evaluate Paradox

Reading Comprehension

This section contains four sets of reading questions. Each set is followed by 4 to 9 questions based on the reading set. The section tests your reading and comprehension skills.

In this section, you can practice finding specific details, inference, parallel reasoning, and comparison.

LSAT sources passages from the below topics:

Topics of Reading Comprehension

Law Sociology
Technology Psychology
Philosophy Literature
Politics India Judiciary
Business Economics


Where can I get syllabus updates for LSAT India 2021 exam?

To get an update on LSAT India 2021 exam syllabus you can allow notification from our website Toprankers. You can also check it by yourself on the official website: discoverlaw.

How many sections are there in the LSAT exam?

There are four sections in the LSAT exam containing 92 questions from the three subjects. The four sections are listed below:

  1. Analytical Reasoning
  2. Logical Reasoning 
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Reading Comprehension

What is the time duration of the LSAT India Exam?

 LSAT is a 2 hours 20 mins exam without any break. Each section is equally divided into a time period of 35 mins.

Which is the highest scoring subject in the LSAT exam?

Logical reasoning is considered to be the easiest. The reasons being:

  • Two sections, 70 mins, to attempt questions from logical reasoning.
  • If you cannot interpret one question correctly, it will affect the answer to one question only. In other sections, if you interpret one incorrectly you can miss 4 - 9 marks.
  • It is comparatively easier than the other two subjects.

Can I attempt the exam just by solving the previous year’s paper?

Solving previous year’s papers is crucial for LSAT exam preparation. But it is never recommended to do that only. Learning and understanding topics through books are more important than just going through questions superficially. 

A deeper level of understanding supports you to attempt a large variety of questions and improves your command on the topic.