LSAT India 2022 Result Updates

Law School Admission Council[LSAC] will release LSAT India results in 2022 in the third week of June. The exam will be conducted somewhere between May 29 to June 5, 2022.

The LSAT scores will be available online for one month to download. After which, you won’t be able to download it.

The Law School Admission Council notifies your LSAT India result with participating institutes which helps them during the counselling process.

To know more about the exam schedule, LSAT India result download process, recheck process and much more, keep reading the article.

LSAT India Result 2022 Schedule

LSAT Exam in  India takes place twice a year. Dates for registration, the commencement of exam, and result declaration remain approximately the same every year.

The below table shows the list of events LSAT India.

Events Dates [Tentative]
Start date of Online Registration 2nd week of November 2021
End of the Registration process 2nd week of February 2022
Registration closes 2nd week of March 2022 
Admit Card releases March 2022
LSAT 2022 Exam 4th week of March 2022
Announcement of Result March/April 2022

How to Download LSAT India Result 2022?

We can download LSAT India results online. The process is easy to follow.

Here are the steps for downloading the LSAT India results:

  1. Open the LSAT India result page on the official website.
  2. Enter your email id and password that you used to register for the LSAT exam.
  3. Click submit.
  4. Your result page will appear; check details* in it.
  5. Download it for future reference.

LSAT is considered during the counselling process.

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Details Mentioned on LSAT 2022 Result

  • Your name
  • Your Roll number
  • Percentile 
  • Score band
  • Qualifying status

LSAT Score Calculation 2022

In the LSAT exam, results are declared in percentile score and a band range of 420 - 480. Getting a band of 480 is a rare case; the chances are nearly 0.1%.

Your percentile is calculated by comparing your score with other candidates in your group.

For example, if your scorecard presents a score of 90%, it doesn’t mean that you have answered 90% of the questions correctly. But it indicates that you performed better than 90% of the candidates in your group. The scores of aspirants of the LLB group are not compared with aspirants of the LLM group.

So the result of the LSAT exam is a comparative score, not the actual score.

Recheck Option

The Law School Admission Council provides you with the option to recheck your answer book. If you find a massive difference between the declared results and your expected score, you can apply for a recheck.

The option is available after two to three days of the result announcement. 

Charges for requesting a recheck is Rs.1500/-.

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LSAT India Result Cancellation 2022

LSAC reserves the right to cancel your candidature if you try to manipulate the results by any means. Any cheating, using pen and paper, moving out of the camera is not allowed during the test.

Consider the following rules to save yourself from getting eliminated from the exam:

  • You must be visible on the webcam throughout the test session.
  • You must not use any other electronic device except the one you are using for the exam.
  • Do not connect or disconnect any external device during the exam.
  • Don’t open any other application/multiple tabs on the computer.
  • Don’t use prohibited materials.
  • Do not speak during the exam.
  • Do not share test details in any oral or written form.
  • Don’t attempt to record the test by any means.


Has anyone scored 480 in LSAT results?

Yes, candidates have scored 480 bands in the LSAT exam in the past years. But it is a rare case. Out of 144,000 approx. candidates participating in the LSAT exam each year, only 0.1% of students have chances to score 480 band points. And less than 0.01% of students actually score the highest possible band points, i.e., 480.

Does LSAT India announce the results of BA LLB, LLM, and LLB programs separately?

Yes, the dates of result declaration of BA LLB, LLB, and LLM are different. Your percentile score for the result is calculated by comparing your score to the score of other candidates of the program you have applied to. LSAT does not merge candidates of different programs and their results in any scenario.

How can I get the LSAT India scorecard 2022?

The scorecard will be available on the official website after the announcement of the result. You will need your email id and password that you used to register for the exam. You have to download, print, and save the results by yourself for future reference. LSAC will not send you the hard copy of the result.

How is the counselling process conducted for LSAT India results in 2022?

The Law School Admission Council shares your result with 70 participating colleges at the time of result declaration. The colleges shortlist the candidates according to their cut-off criteria. You will be contacted by the colleges where you pass the cut-off criteria. To get admission to high-end colleges like Jindal Global Law School, you have to be on the top merit list.

What are the fees for a recheck of the LSAT exam result?

If you are not satisfied with your LSAT results, you apply for a recheck. Your recheck form will cost 1500 bucks to you.