LSAT India Cut off 2023 - Previous Year Cut Off Marks

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 13, 2023


Associate colleges will announce LSAT India cut offs after the LSAT India scores have been released. To be eligible for admission to top LSAT India participating schools, candidates must achieve the minimal LSAT India cutoff scores.

Candidates who get higher LSAT cut off scores will have a better chance of being accepted into their preferred degree and institute. Candidates should be aware that those who do not meet the minimal cutoff will not be considered for further admission.

So, you've set your sights on cracking the Law School Admission Test India (LSAT - India) and securing a spot in one of the prestigious law schools across the nation. But here's the deal: to fulfill your legal dreams, you need to navigate through the maze of LSAT India cut offs. Don't worry, we've got you covered!

LSAT India Cut Off is a crucial benchmark in determining your admission prospects. After all, it's the gatekeeper that opens doors to the esteemed law schools in the country. 

It's important to note that LSAT India cut-offs vary from college to college, dancing to the tune of several factors. These include the number of applicants, the LSAT India scores, and the availability of seats in the law school.

Don't worry if you miss the cut-off for your preferred law school! LSAT India offers you the flexibility to explore other participating schools through a decentralized admission process. So, don't let one setback deter you. There are plenty of doors waiting to be opened, and LSAT India is your stepping stone to a bright legal career!

Factors Determining LSAT India Cut off

The following are the decisive factors for the LSAT India cut off:  

  • Total Number of Seats in Participating Colleges: The availability of seats offered by colleges participating in LSAT India plays a crucial role in determining the cutoff. A higher number of seats can result in a comparatively lower cutoff, while a limited number of seats may lead to a higher cutoff.
  • Previous Year's Cutoff Patterns: The cutoff trends observed in the previous year's LSAT India examination serve as an essential factor in determining the current year's cutoff. The cutoffs may vary based on the overall performance of test-takers and the competitiveness of the applicant pool.
  • Difficulty Level of LSAT India Question Paper: The difficulty level of the LSAT India question paper directly influences the cutoff. A challenging paper may result in lower overall scores, which could potentially lead to a higher cutoff. Conversely, if the question paper is relatively easier, test-takers may score higher, potentially resulting in a lower cutoff.
  • Total Number of LSAT Exam Takers: The total number of individuals who take the LSAT Exam also affects the cutoff. A larger pool of test-takers can lead to increased competition, potentially resulting in a higher cutoff. Conversely, a smaller number of exam takers may lead to a lower cutoff due to reduced competition.
  • College's Total Number of Applicants: The number of applicants for a particular college is another determining factor for the LSAT India cutoff. If a college receives a high number of applications, it can raise the cutoff to select the most qualified candidates. On the other hand, a lower number of applicants may result in a lower cutoff.
  • LSAT India Average Performance: The average performance of test-takers in LSAT India is an important factor in setting the cutoff. If the overall performance is exceptional, the cutoff may increase to ensure the selection of top-performing candidates. Conversely, a relatively lower average performance may result in a lower cutoff.

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT India Cut off Score 2023 [June Session]

Course Expected LSAT Cutoff 
BA / BBA LLB 60+
3-year LLB 60.00 to 99.99 percentile
One-year LLM 60.00 to 99.99 percentile

LSAT 2023 Cut Off for Popular Law Schools

The table above provides the expected LSAT 2023 cut offs for popular law schools:

Law School LSAT India Percentile
K.L.E. Society’s B. V. Bellad Law College 60+ percentile
JGLS 60+ percentile
Alliance School of Law, Alliance University 80+ percentile
IFIM Law School 70+ percentile
UPES Dehradun 60+ percentile or above

LSAT India Previous Year Cut off

Candidates are encouraged to review the LSAT India cutoff scores from previous years to have a good notion of the LSAT India cutoff marks for 2022.

LSAT India Cut off 2022

Institute General SC ST OBC PwD
Alliance University 145.2 102 99 132 109
Ansal University 134.2 89 76 104.6 72
Auro University 132 81 84 104 49
ITM Law School 142.9 105 98.1 133 112
Gitam University 122.05 80 62 109.1 60
Central India College of Law 125 73 64 111 48
JSS Law College 120 81 61 103 60
KR Mangalam University 121 71 60 101.22 51
Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law 119 62 51.1 104 46.2

LSAT India Cut off 2021

Participating Colleges Name General OBC ST SC PwD
Alliance School of Law, Alliance University 145.2 132.6 99.1 102.4 109.1
ITM Law School 142.9 133.6 98.1 104.7 111.8
School of Law, Ansal University(Now Sushant University) 134.2 104.6 76 89 72
AURO University, School of Law 131.9 104.6 83.7 81.2 49.2
Central India College of Law 125 111.2 64 73 48
School of Law, Gitam University 122 109.1 62.1 80 60.1
School of Law, K.R Mangalam University 121 101.2 60 71 51
J S S Law College 120.1 103 61 81 60
Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law 119 104 51.1 62 46.2
K.L.E Society’s Law College 119 103 55 62 44

LSAT Mock Tests

LSAT Mock Tests

Key Points for the LSAT India Cutoff

The following are the key points related to the LSAT India cutoff:

  • LSAC India will also share LSAT India scores with affiliate colleges, which will use LSAT India scores to grant admission to students to their law courses;
  • LSAC is only responsible for conducting and declaring LSAT India results.
  • LSAC India participating institutions, such as JGLS, will conduct their own counselling rounds based on LSAT India results.
  • Aspirants will be shortlisted for coaching by coaching centers using a merit list based on LSAT India scores.

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