LSAT India Scholarship 2024 - Process, Amount & Eligibility

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Reader's Digest: To manifest a social cause, LSAT India offers scholarship opportunities for all candidates like you, and you can get benefits from it too. Curious to know how? Check below. 

Are you an aspiring law student looking for financial assistance? The LSAT India Scholarship is here to help! 

The LSAT India Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded to aspiring law students to help them pursue their dreams of studying law courses. 

It is open to all Indian students who have applied to a recognised university in India and have been accepted for LSAT India admission.

If you are an aspiring law student, this is a great opportunity for you to get the financial assistance you need to pursue your dream law course. So, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and apply for the LSAT India Scholarship today!

Overview of LSAT India Scholarship 

Interested to know how much scholarship does one get from LSAT India? Read on from below:

  • LSAT India is amongst the premium Law Entrance Examinations. 
  • Candidates can admit themselves to the top Law colleges of India through LSAT
  • However, the fees of these colleges might cost a fortune. 
  • That's why LSAG has introduced a scholarship program for all meritorious test takers. 
  • In this way, deserving students like you won't miss the chance to become a part of the best Law Colleges in India
  • LSAT India has introduced a new scholarship program alongside its previous one. 
  • Famed as Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship. This new scholarship will be awarded to you if you are the one winning the Essay competition of LSAT India. 
  • The core idea of both these exams is to cover the tuition and hostel expenses of the qualifying individual. 

LSAT India Scholarship

Let's gather a little more details on the same from the below table:

Key Elements  Details 
Number of Scholarships  2 (50 under the Toppers Scholarship program and 4 under the Justice Scholarship program) 
Scholarship Programme  LSAT India Topper Scholarship, Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship 
Eligibility Criteria  One who takes the LSAT India 2024 and is admitted to an alliance law school that accepts LSAT India scores
Who Receives It?  LSAT India Scholarship is given to the one who tops the examination. While Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship is given to those, who win the Essay competition. 
Courses  Integrated LLB program (5 years) 
Amounts Payable INR 4 Lakhs

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT India Scholarship - Important Dates 

The scholarship forms are released within a restricted time limit for January or May sessions. Let’s look at the date details closely so that you don’t miss your chance to apply for your scholarship claim:

Particulars  Details 
Scholarship Application Date for January 2024 Session  To Be Announced
Scholarship Application Date for June 2024 Session  To Be Announced 

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LSAT India Scholarship - Eligibility for Toppers Scholarship

If you wish to apply for the LSAT Toppers Scholarship program, then you need to know the Terms & Conditions for the same. 

If you violate any of the terms or if you don’t fit any of the prerequisites, then your application will get rejected:

  • You must be a participant in LSAT India 2024. 
  • Your score must have surpassed the score of all other participants. 
  • You must have Indian Nationality. 
  • You must pass the senior secondary school or 10+2 examination from the government-recognized board.
  • You shall not begin receiving any other scholarship during the first year of the graduate law program.

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Eligibility for Shamnad Basheer Justice LSAT India Scholarship 

Here, we have listed the Condition for acquiring the Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship program, which is as follows:

  • It is mandatory to be a participant in LSAT India 2024. 
  • You should be enrolled in the 5 years integrated Law degree and must hail from a college that accepts LSAT scores for admission. 
  • Your work (essay) must not contain any plagiarism, or else you will be eliminated.
  • You need to have an Indian Scholarship. 
  • You must have completed your high school from a recognised school affiliated with India's state or central government. 

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Amount Rewarded in LSAT India Scholarship

A total number of 50 Scholarships are available under the Toppers Scholarship program, and you have to achieve a certain milestone to receive this amount. What are the milestones, and what is the award? We have it all described below:

  • INR 2 lakhs will be given if you are the topper of the LSAT India.
  • The second and the third highest Toppers will receive INR 1 lakh each
  • Following the same, the 4th and 5th highest scorers will receive the amount of INR 50,000 on their names. 
  • Following the journey further, candidates who rank from 6th to 25th position in the Merit list will get INR 25,000 each
  • Lastly, if you rank somewhere between the 26th to 50th ranks, you will receive INR 15,000 each

LSAT India Scholarship Amount For the PG Programme 

  • 3 Scholarships are given to the PG level law aspirants. In this, the highest scorer will get 2 lakhs INR, followed by the 2nd and 3rd highest scorers who will receive INR 1 Lakh each. 

Amount for Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship 

  • This scholarship program also has 3 segments where the winners will get INR 2 lakhs while the first and the second runner-ups will receive 1 lakh INR each.

How to Apply for the LSAT India Toppers Scholarship?

LSAT India doesn't release a separate application window for the LSAT India scholarship program. What you need to do is to fill out the examination form to acquire the scholarship. How? Read it here. 

  • Visit the official website discoverlaw. in and apply for LSAT India Exam 2024. 
  • In the top right corner, you will find 'Register'. Click on it. 
  • Once the page pops up, proceed with the sign-up option to begin the registration process. 
  • Fill up all your basic and mandatory details like name, contact details, email, etc. Now begin with the LSAT India application form
  • To complete the process, attach your scanned documents, including your academic documents, a photograph, and your signature. 
  • Once you have checked the form thoroughly, submit the form and keep a copy for future reference. 

Guidelines to Apply for Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship

You will receive a topic and have to write an essay either supporting the topic or countering the topic. 

To win the Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship, you must closely follow the instructions given below:

  • You need to mail your essay to with “Diversity Essay” in the email subject. 
  • You must also provide a cover page that includes information such as the theme of the dissertation, your first and last name, mobile number, viable email address, and postal address.
  • All essays have to be up to 1,200 words in length, with double one-inch margins, in MS Word format, and the font size has to be 12. 
  • It ought to be saved to a file named [your last name], [your first name]. [Underscore] [An Abbreviated Title of an Essay] (for example, Nidhi, Kalra, Right to Privacy).

Evaluation Parameters 

  • Your essay will be assessed based on the relevancy and conciseness of the subject matter, its assertiveness, and the literary quality following all competition procedures.

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List of Essential Documents for LSAT India Scholarship

Received the mail from LSAT India offering a scholarship to you? But don’t know what to do next? We are here to help you grab this chance. 

You need to send a scholarship acceptance mail within 30 days with the following document attached: 

  • A copy of the LSAT India result citing your score. 
  • An identity and address proof (self-attested).
  • Your PAN card details. 
  • Your high school scorecard (+2). It must be from a recognised board of education. 
  • Document validating your claim of admission to a five-year law program at an LSAC-participating college.
  • Contact details for the university’s financial aid office and bank account information.
  • Certificate citing that you are not a beneficiary under other scholarship programs. You need to get it signed by your parents as well. 

LSAT India Scholarship: Mode of Payment

The amount of Toppers Scholarship will not be awarded to you directly. Rather, it will be paid as a part of your tuition and hostel fees. How? Here are the details.

  • It will cover the first year’s tuition fees, including lodging and library fees. 
  • If there’s any remaining amount, it will be moved to the next year under certain terms and conditions. 
  • If the fees of your course will exceed the scholarship amount, you will be responsible for paying the remaining amount to the institution.
  • The scholarship will not cover any admittance approval deposit fees owed to the partaking of college.
  • If the course fees are paid during the semester or trimester. Then the amount will be divided equally per semester or trimester.

Shamnad Basheer Justice Scholarship 

  • On winning this competition, you will receive INR 2 lakh cash prize.
  • Also, the Essay, along with the name and photos, will be published on the official website. 
  • You must pay taxes on the prize, and the sponsor may debit or withdraw taxes due to following the law.
  • If any tax is billed or withdrawn by the scholarship sponsor. Then the sponsor will provide you with a tax deduction certificate to claim the tax credit.

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Terms & Conditions to Renew LSAT India Scholarship

If you have any unused amount from the scholarship, post your fee reimbursement for the first year and you want to benefit from the remaining amount. Then you need to fulfil the terms and conditions:

  • You must have secured a sterling score in all the subjects and should rank amongst the top 5% of high-performing individuals in your batch. 
  • Should have maintained 75% of attendance throughout. 
  • You have to dodge all the situations where you can be penalised under a nondisciplinary code of conduct. 
  • You have to submit a sponsor letter to LSAC from your concerned department before the onset of the second year of your program. 

LSAT Mock Tests

LSAT Mock Tests

Termination of LSAT India Scholarship

  • If you withdraw your admission, your scholarship will get terminated. 
  • In violation of LSAG scholarship T&C, your scholarship will stand cancelled. 
  • Additionally, if your scholarship is terminated, then you might have to get penalised in the form of repayment by the Sponsors. 


If you are an LSAT India aspirant looking forward to winning a scholarship, you now know how to do that. We wish you all the luck and best wishes. May you rise and shine and reach the pinnacle of success, you have always dreamt of.

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