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How to get 90 percentile in LSAT India

Author : Aparna

Updated On : January 30, 2023


Reader's Digest: Who doesn't want to acquire a great score in LSAT India? A good score can take you to the top-notch college of your dreams. However, certain strategies are involved in acquiring the benchmark score of 90 percentile. So, are you ready to know those gems of an idea that can rank you amongst 90-percentile achievers? Just spare a few minutes to read this blog because this can change your course of preparation.

What is LSAT, and What sets it apart from other Law Exams?

LSAT is not similar to other Law entrance examinations which are conducted in India.

Its structure is extremely different from what you will encounter in other well-known law Entrance Examinations like CLAT or AILET. The reason is that LSAT India is conducted by LSAC Global, based in the US.

Additionally, LSAT is a standardized test that tests your aptitude and conceptual understanding and doesn't involve any rote learning section like General Knowledge, GS, and Current Affairs, unlike other law exams in India. 

Also, The LSAT India entitles you to study law at the undergraduate and graduate levels (LLB/LLM). The selection, however, is based on merit. 50+ law schools in India accept the LSAT and can admit you.

Is it possible, however, to enrol without passing the Entrance Test? Nay. Fasten your seat belts because we'll take you on a wild strategy ride.

How to get 90 percentile in LSAT India? 

When you go for attempting the LSAT examination, you will have to face 5 different segments of questions in which, 3 of which will be the scoring domain, while the other two are just for analyzing your comprehension and writing abilities.

What is a good score in LSAT India? LSAT India score range between 320 to 380 is considered good enough to get admission to LSAT India colleges.

These two segments have relevance but can't be associated as a qualifying factor in your LSAT India Examination. Take a quick look at their details. 

1. Logical reasoning (papers 1 & 2)

In logical reasoning, there are two sections. Number and Letter Series, Calendars, Clocks, Cubes, Venn Diagrams, Binary Logic, Logical Sequence, Logical, Matching, Logical Connectives, Syllogism, and Blood Relations will be covered in this segment. Also, you will get 70 mins to attempt this segment, where each section will have 24-26 questions. 

2. Analytical reasoning

It covers subjects such as arrangements, comparisons, selections, family-based problems, intersection type, logical deductions, directions, and coding and decoding. Like Logical Reasoning, you will get 24-26 questions to attempt, and you will be allocated 35 minutes to complete the set. 

3. Reading comprehension 

The reading comprehension section has 4 passages, 3 excerpts by a single author, and 1 combination of texts from two sources addressing the same subject matter. Here you will be evaluated on your ability of potential to deduce from text, determine core concepts of passages, locate necessary details within such a text, and comprehend a complex, academic text.

The section can pick topics from Law, sociology, philosophy, psychology, technology, economics & Business. You will get 35 mins where you have to attempt 27 MCQs related to the text. 

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching

Toppers strategy for acquiring 90 percentile and above in LSAT India

Here are a bunch of tips that you can follow before and during the examination to enhance your score in the upcoming LSAT India Examination. 

Preparation before exam

Here is how to get 90 percentile in LSAT India:

  • Follow a 3+2+1 schedule plan: Make a plan to divide your six hours into 3 segments. For the first 3 hours, make sure to study and cover all the topics of the LSAT. For another 2 hours, revise everything you have previously read, and for the last 1 hour, attempt the model questions based on your preparations. 
  • Don’t forget to attempt mocks: Mock tests and practice tests are the most effective tools for evaluating, practising, and analyzing. It will assist you by familiarizing you with the question paper, varieties of questions, and complexity tier of questions. After taking a practice test, you can assess your preparatory work and the modifications you need to make to your strategy. You can find free mock tests on the discovery law.in.
  • Previous Year Questions are a must: Practising the previous year’s questions doesn’t only make you familiar with the exam's nature and type of questions. But it also acquaints you with the right strategy for solving those questions. Also, there are possibilities of encountering the previous year's questions in your upcoming examinations. Hence, practise it well.

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  • Work on enhancing your efficiency: LSAT India Questions are lengthy and encompass much tricky information that might confuse you and consume a large part of your time. To prevent this, make sure to enhance your efficiency by practising questions every day. In that manner, you require less time to dissect the question during the examination. 
  • Learn the art of answering the Questions: Each question can’t be answered similarly. You must grasp the concept as well as the tactic that relates to a specific sort of question. Analytical and critical analysis approaches will suffice for reading comprehension. You must gain a conceptual understanding of the reasonings. As a result, adopt the proper approach to question-solving and become an LSAT India champion.
  • Analyze your performance: You will be capable of recognizing the problematic section as soon as you take the test. Once you’ve identified it, work on it by devoting more time to it, attending video tutorials, comprehending the concept, and strenuously practising the same set.
  • Ace the reading Skill: LSAT India has Lengthy passages in both Reading Comprehension and Analytical Reasoning sections. To ace this section, you need to read newspaper, editorial and legal journals daily. Alongside that, you must dedicate your time to quickly grasping the information given in those journals. It will help you to crack and dissect your questions in the examination within a limited time. 

LSAT Mock Tests

LSAT Mock Tests

How to get 90 percentile in LSAT India

What to do during exams? 

Here's further guidance you must follow. 

Reading comprehension

You will get 4 passages in this segment. Don’t spend more than 7-8 mins on reading the passage and collect the ideas and information in the passage. Spend the next three minutes highlighting and underlining the major points from the passage. In the last 5 minutes, attempt to answer your questions based on the information you have gathered about the author’s perspective, style of writing, and other relevant information. Also, stop there if you come across a lengthy passage that leaves you confused! Take a closer look at the Questions and try to gather the information accordingly. 

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasonings have comparatively tough and lengthy questions with confusing options as answers. So Instead of becoming hysterical because of questions length or difficulty level, we advise you first to analyze the answers and then pick the best option. Now, keep the answer in mind, go back to the question, and evaluate if the option you have chosen is right in respect of the arguments given in the questions. It will prevent confusion and help you to answer the questions more logically and rationally. Also, make sure not to spend more than 1 minute/Question so that you can have a little time left for a quick revision. 

Analytical Reasoning

This section is considered the toughest and most tricky one because it consists of problems that will pose questions based on analysis. It means that you have to analyze the circumstances and answer regarding what is possible or impossible and even what is necessary for the given scenario. To deal with these questions, you need to dissect them well. Also, good paperwork will give you an edge over other students. You need to write down the information in abbreviations on paper clearly and concisely. It will direct you to the clear and crisp answer you require from a lengthy, jumbled, confusing web of information. 

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How to maintain your mental health while preparing for getting 90 percentile in LSAT India 

  • Have Enough Snooze: By a study released by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, 7 sleep hours are recommended. Regrettably, if you believe it is excessive, sleep at least six hours; sleeping less than that can cause stressors, leading to decreased concentration and poor performance.
  • Stay Hydrated: Cortisol is a stress hormone. Adequate hydration can aid in stress reduction. When you don’t supply your body with the liquids it needs, you place it under stress, and it will react. So, try to drink 10 glasses of water per day. 
  • Exercise: Workout improves your living standard and well-being, putting a spring in your step daily. A workout, on the other hand, has some significant stress-relieving benefits. It raises your endorphin levels. Routine physical activity can help the brain produce serotonin/endorphins and dopamine, which are feel-good neurotransmitters. So, go to the fitness centre, walk, or run for at least 30 minutes to improve your mental health.
  • Meditate: Practising mindfulness can lead to relaxation and a cool and collected mind. During meditation, you focus your mind and clear your subconscious of the jumbled thoughts that may be teeming with your subconscious and putting stress on it. This treatment enhances both mental and behavioural well-being. Therefore, devote 30 minutes to meditation to achieve the 90 percentile milestone. 

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We have collected and enlisted all the tips you will need to achieve the 90 percentile in your LSAT Exam.

We believe you will find it helpful and answers on how to get the 90 percentile in LSAT India.

We wish you all the best for your LSAT. Keep going and acquire new heights in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

For LSAT, you can spend a maximum of 2-4 months depending on your routine. However, even a week of preparation can do wonders, but we advise you to start as early as possible.
At Least 4 hours for Early beginners and around 8-10 hours for the ones preparing right before the exams. 
Not necessarily, but taking expert guidance will not hurt. So you can opt for it if you want. 
There are not many credible sources for the mock tests. That’s why you need to choose carefully. Also, you can find a few mock tests on discoverlaw. in
Both are equally effective. It depends on you which mode of learning suits you best. Also, we advise you to check the online platforms for guidance because you will get better options there.


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