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Is pursuing LLM necessary?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 2, 2022


If you have completed LLB and are deciding to practice law or study further? Consider a few factors before jumping to a conclusion. 

Deciding on impulse and not exploring all the possibilities cannot help you make good decisions. 

If you want to practice law after LLB, list down your reasons and analyze them. If you have no reason and are wondering, is pursuing LLM necessary? Continue reading the article to know the Benefits of Pursuing Master in LAW [LLM]

Although having an LLM is not mandatory, however, it comes with several benefits that you might want to consider having an LLM degree. 

Is pursuing LLM necessary?

Many student's face this question of is it necessary to do LLM after LLB? 

Let’s check the benefits of having an LLM that will help you decide if LLM is necessary for you. 

Specializations that require LLM

If you want to pursue a career in the fields of Criminal law, Commercial law, Intellectual Property law, etc., you must possess an LLM. 

If you have developed an interest in any discipline, apply for LLM in that particular specialization of your interest. 

Lawyers with niche skill sets and specializations are most wanted in all industries. 

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Switching of Specialization

The UG law program will introduce you to the basics of Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, and Labour. 

Suppose you did not get to learn any of these fields and want to switch or explore a niche in particular. You can always do it by pursuing your LLM degree. 

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In-Depth Knowledge

Ideally, LLB gives a general idea of all the subjects and may not help have complete knowledge of any topic in particular.

Pursuing LLM will help you narrow down your interests. LLM can also be acquired through full-time or part-time programs. So you can work and simultaneously look to take your LLM degree. 

More work opportunities abroad for LLM degree holders 

Several work opportunities are available on online job portals for LLM graduates every year. 

In recent years, Canada's National Committee on Accreditation has declared that law degrees of legal professionals from India will be equivalent to those from the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Isn't this good news? If you wish to have experience working outside the country, you can simply hold an LLM degree with you. 

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT Online Coaching

Better Salary and Job offers 

LLM graduate freshers can find a job as Corporate Lawyer, Sub Magistrate, Criminal Lawyer, Legal officers, Subdivision Magistrate, District Munsiff, Bank advisors, Executive Officers, or Legal Defense Officers. is llm is necessary in India? Definitely, if you wish to have better earning potential. 

Candidates of the following specializations get up to the salaries mentioned in the table below :

Designation Salary
Corporate Lawyer INR 10 LPA
Taxation Lawyer INR 9 LPA
Contracts Negotiation Lawyer INR 11 LPA
Court Magistrate INR 14 LPA
Legal Acquisitions INR 8 LPA

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You can also get to work in Top MNCs like MAERSK, IBM, Star Network, Morgan Stanley, L&L Partners, and Ernest and Young.

With an LLM degree, your earning potential and job opportunities will increase in the country and outside. 

CLAT Mock Tests

CLAT Mock Tests

LLM can help in a long career gap

If you have a long career gap and find it difficult to land a job, the easiest way to approach this situation is to get your LLM degree as soon as possible. 

With the LLM degree, you are likely to land a job much sooner, and your earning potential will increase as well. 

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Teaching as a profession 

If you want to pursue teaching law as a profession, then you must hold LLM or a Ph.D. 

In top colleges and universities like NLUs, and Delhi University, the applicants must hold Ph.D.

However, various other colleges require an LLM degree to qualify to apply as a teacher. 

Having an LLM is not mandatory. However, you have several good reasons to choose to pursue an LLM degree. 

The reasons above should help you decide is it necessary to do LLM after LLB?

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are national-level, state-level, and college-level entrance exams conducted to admit students to PG Law programs.
CLAT PG, AILET LLM, MH CET, LSAT, DU LLM, SLAT, etc are some well known LLM entrance exams

Companies like Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), BHEL, ONGC, and NTPC hire to complete the LLM program through CLAT PG.

Usually cut off are high, aim for marks ranging from 95-120.
The minimum mark is 55% to be scored in CLAT PG to qualify for PSUs interviews.
LLM is not necessarily required for Judiciary. 


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