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Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2024

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 3, 2023


Summary: In the previous year's CLAT PG paper analysis, it was found that the difficulty level of Criminal Law was "high"! The paper had questions from criminal law! So, anyone who did not thoroughly prepare for criminal law is unlikely to get good scores in CLAT PG, which is why you must read this blog! 

CLAT PG is one of the prominent law exams conducted for admission to LLM courses offered by the Consortium of NLUs. As per the syllabus, the Criminal Law section is one of the most crucial topics of the CLAT PG examination.

The topic accounts for a total of twenty-four questions of an objective nature in last year's CLAT PG paper. The important topics asked in the examination are

  • CRPC and IPC
  • General principles and definitions of criminal law
  • the POCSO Act
  • Offence Against the State
  • Offence Against the Human Body

To excel in the CLAT PG 2024, you must follow the basic preparation strategy suggested by our experts from LegalEdge After College. 

This Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2024 has been devised by experts who know the type of questions asked in the examination every year. We suggest you read through and entire blog and do not miss watching the video content attached to this article. 

CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024

Before looking at the Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2024? Let's understand the general exam pattern of CLAT PG.

The CLAT PG examination is going to be held in offline mode. The examination will have one section, with questions being objective.

We would also suggest you take the CLAT PG Mock Test Series 2024 to know where you stand with your CLAT PG preparations

Go through the table below to highlight the CLAT PG exam pattern. 

Particulars CLAT PG Exam Pattern 2024
Exam mode Offline 
Exam duration 120 minutes
Test language English 
Type of questions Objective
Total Questions 120
Total marks 120
Negative Marking Yes (-0.25)
Criminal Law Topics Weightage 24-30 questions

CLAT PG Online Coaching

CLAT PG Online Coaching

Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2024

CLAT PG Important Topics 2024: Criminal Law

The first step is to know what topics to study and prioritize when you are short of time. 

~ Eliminate topics that are irrelevant from the exam point of view ~

The concerned authorities have already released the name of the topics you must prepare for the CLAT PG 2024 exam that will be conducted on December 2024.

Luckily, the topics mentioned in the CLAT PG Syllabus for Criminal law are limited and make sure you don't waste time covering irrelevant topics for the exam. Doing so increases the chances of securing high marks in the CLAT PG exam. 

Check: CLAT PG Constitutional Law

Check out the pictorial presentation below to learn about the important topic relevant to the Criminal Law section for the CLAT PG exam. 

Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2023

Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2024

Criminal law is one of the most important topics covering up to twenty to thirty questions in the CLAT PG paper. So what do our experts advise? 

  • Begin your preparation by attempting passages based on Criminal law subjects. Try to attempt passages that are based on the direct application of real-life cases. 
  • Begin your preparations by mastering the Bare Acts based on criminal law. Try to prepare short notes based on these acts and cover all the indexes of the bare acts. 
  • Do not forget to cover the major acts related to IPC, CRPC, and Evidence. Try to study the basic concepts of the law and go for conceptual clarity.
  • Cover the illustrations connected with these laws.
  • The next step is covering the landmark judgments that High Courts or Supreme Courts have given. Do not fail to study the amendments related to IPC, CRPC, POCSO Act, Juvenile Justice, Domestic Violence, etc. 
  • Finally, do not forget to revise all these concepts regularly. The syllabus of Criminal law is very vast, and hence it requires regular revision. 

CLAT PG Mock Tests

CLAT PG Mock Tests

How can LegalEdge After College benefit you in your CLAT PG Preparation 2024?

LegalEdge After College, a TopRankers initiative, is one of the top online CLAT PG coaching centres.

Here, we make your CLAT PG preparation much easier to process. We help you to shape your skills and nourish your qualities to excel in the exam. 

  • Get to communicate with our top faculty.
  • Live classes with separate doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Online Mock Tests are available for self-assessment.
  • Get access to valuable study materials through PDF formats.
  • Stay focused on the subject with interactive visuals and sample papers.

Learn more: CLAT PG 2024 Online Coaching


The first Criminal Law Preparation Strategy for CLAT PG 2024 tip is to start your preparations with the constitution and criminal law, as these sections hold maximum weightage in the exam. Once you have studied the important topics mentioned in this article, revise the concepts and take mock tests. 

Taking mocks will help you understand the type of questions that can be asked in the exam. Hence, solving mocks is essential to ace your Criminal Law Preparation for CLAT PG. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the CLAT PG exam pattern on the official brochure released by the authorities.
 The main concepts of family law under the CLAT PG exam are Sections of the CRPC and IPC, General principles and definitions of criminal law, the POCSO Act, Offence Against State and Offence Against Human Body.
A total of twenty-four questions are asked from the criminal law section under the CLAT PG exam.
The duration of the CLAT PG program is two hours.
The basic preparation strategy for criminal law under the CLAT PG exam is to Commence your preparations by mastering the Bare Acts based on criminal law.


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