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How to Prepare for LSAT India in 1 Week? Tips & Tricks 

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : July 13, 2023


Reader’s Digest - Without a plan, can you win a war? Of course, you can't. Similarly, without a preparation strategy, you can't ace an exam. So, check out how to prepare for LSAT India in 1 week!

Before discussing the preparation strategy for the LSAT, let’s understand the exam closely so that it can become more convenient to develop a plan. 

The LSAT is a standardised test created to assess law students according to their performance in the test. It encompasses several big aspects, such as advanced reading skills, critical thinking, and conversational and deductive reasoning skills. 

The LSAT India qualifies you to enrol in undergraduate and graduate law programs (LLB/LLM). However, the selection is based on merit. 85 law colleges in India accept the LSAT score and can offer you admission. 

But is it possible to enrol without qualifying for the Entrance Test? Nay. Now, tighten your seatbelt as we take you on a topsy-turvy strategy ride.

Overview of How To Prepare For LSAT India In 1 Week?

  • LSAT India is considered a gateway to land in the top law colleges. 
  • More than 50 top law colleges in India accept the LSAT score and provide admission in its mainstream law courses. 
  • Also, it gives you a chance to secure a sterling career with the top legal Universities because, alongside courses, they have much more to offer, like campus training and placement. 
  • Therefore, you must score in all the sections of the LSAT Examination. 
  • Hence, for the same, you need to prepare with an unbeaten strategy because you have to strive to win. Also, with this set of strategies, you can achieve your goals. 

LSAT Online Coaching

LSAT Online Coaching

Let's quickly find the details attached about the exam pattern because if you are not familiar with it, you won't be able to do the preparation right. 

Overview of the LSAT India Exam Pattern:

Types of Questions  Total Questions  Time allotted (in mins) 
Analytical reasoning  23 35
Logical reasoning/Critical Reasoning  22 35
23 35
Comprehensions 24 35
Total segment: 4  Number of Questions: 92 Time limit: 2 hr 20 mins 

How to Prepare for LSAT India in 1 Week

How To Prepare For LSAT India In 1 Week?

Go through the following tips and tricks to improve your score in LSAT India:

Create a Study Plan: 

  • Before you set to prepare, make sure to create a study plan. 
  • It must be curated according to the LSAT India syllabus and cover all the significant aspects, like time management. 
  • Focus areas, your time management between study and extracurricular activities. 

Divide the LSAT India Syllabus into Sections: 

  • As we have listed above. Identify the segments and break them into sections. 
  • It will prevent confusion and guide you through your preparations in a disciplined manner. 

Allot an Appropriate Duration for Each Section:

  • No section in your syllabus is particularly easy or hard. 
  • To achieve a good score overall, you must focus on all the sections equally.
  • So make sure to distribute your time equally, like if you are studying for 8 hours, then allocate 2 hours for each section.

Develop a Strategy: 

  • You need to identify which segments have difficult and relatively more straightforward questions. 
  • For instance, the reasoning one involves numerical and strategic questions. 
  • On the other hand, Comprehension has conceptual questions. 
  • So, practice the reasoning and develop an understanding of concepts for the reading section. 

Take Practice Tests: 

  • Mock tests or practice tests are the best tools for evaluation, practice, and LSAT India analysis
  • It will help you by familiarising you with the examination pattern, types of questions, and difficulty level. 
  • Once you take a practice test, you can evaluate your preparation and the changes you must make in your strategy. 

Analyse Weak Points: 

  • As soon as you take the test, you will be able to identify the troubling section. 
  • Once you identify it, work on it by taking more time, taking tutorials, understanding the concept, and practising the same set vigorously. 

Strategize Accordingly: 

  • Give more time to strengthen the weaker section and less time to the one in which you hold expertise. 
  • So make sure to shift your focus as per the requirement of your preparation. 

Study the Exam Pattern/Understand the exam structure/Get familiar with the question types: 

  • Suppose you are not familiar with the question types. In that case, it will become confusing, and you will have to invest more time in analysing the question, giving you restricted time to attempt questions in the examination. 
  • This scenario will lead to less score, which is not a good sign. 
  • So, gather information about exam patterns and types of questions. 

Learn How to Answer Each Type of Question: 

  • Every Question can't be solved with a similar approach. 
  • You need to understand the concept and the strategy which applies to a particular type of question. 
  • For LSAT India Reading Comprehension, Analytical and Critical Analysis approaches will work fine. 
  • While for the Reasonings, you need to understand the concepts. 
  • Hence, implement the right approach for solving questions and become a champion of the LSAT India preparation in 1 Week. 

How to Prepare for LSAT India in 1 Week -Tips to Manage Stress 

Go through the following points to know how to manage stress while preparing for LSAT India:

Get Enough Sleep

  • According to a research paper published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, taking 7 hours is essential. 
  • However, if you think it’s too much, sleep at least 6 hours. 
  • Less than that can lead to stress and anxiety, decreasing concentration and poor performance. 

Stay Hydrated

  • One of the stress hormones is cortisol. Staying hydrated can help to reduce your stress levels.
  • When you don’t give your body the required fluids, you’re putting stress on it, and it will respond. 
  • So, make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and if you have a water source at home, then it’s free, right? 

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  • Exercise boosts your general life quality and well-being, giving you more pep in your step every day. 
  • However, a workout does have some significant stress-relieving benefits, and it stimulates your endorphins. 
  • Regular exercise may aid in producing serotonin/endorphins and dopamine, the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. 
  • So, indulge in the gym or jog for at least 30 mins to boost your overall mental health. 


  • Meditation can result in a deep state of relaxation and a calm mind. 
  • Throughout meditation, you concentrate your attention and clear your subconscious of the jumbled thoughts that are possibly swarming your psyche and putting on a strain. 
  • This procedure improves both cognitive and psychosocial well-being. 
  • Therefore, make sure to invest 30 mins of your day in meditation for improved concentration during LSAT India preparation in 1 week. 

Section-wise Tips & Tricks To Prepare For LSAT India In 1 Week 

Logical Reasoning

  • Logical reasoning is the question that requires a logical implementation to solve them. 
  • This segment will include topics like Number and Letter Series, Calendars, Clocks, Cubes, Venn Diagrams, Binary Logic, Logical Sequence, Logical, Matching, Logical Connectives, Syllogism, and Blood Relations. 
  • Hence, you have to understand the concept before solving these questions.
  • Invest 2-3 hours a day, and once you gather points on concepts, you will be able to crack the questions in the exam. 

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Analytical Reasoning

  • These are pattern-based questions. 
  • If you look closely, you will find that they strictly follow a pattern. 
  • To solve these questions, some tutorials explaining the tips and tricks for analytical reasoning will be the best resource, and you can practice it for just 2 hours a day. 
  • It includes arrangements, comparisons, selections, family-based problems, intersection type, logical deductions, directions & coding & decoding. 

Reading Comprehension

  • The reading section can deal with topics including Law, sociology, philosophy, psychology, technology, economics & Business. 
  • These paragraphs can be written in varied styles, like narrative, descriptive, critical, or analytical. 
  • Also, they have a great vocabulary. 
  • To acing this segment, you must read editorials from the Hindi and Times of India. 
  • It will help in enriching your Vocabulary as well as in developing analysation skills. 

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Day-wise Study Plan To Prepare For LSAT India In 1 Week

Day 1: Concentrate on the fundamentals of the entire test. Perceive the areas you need to improve and the abilities and expectations of the LSAT writers.

Day 2: Go over the Logical reasoning portion since it is the most important. Explore what areas or types of questions appear in many previous papers. The flaw, like assertion, contributes more, and you have absolute control over them.

Day 3: Start practising with a suitable book. Obtain a comprehensive understanding and rigorous practice.

Day 4: Give one full day to reading comprehension. and pinpoint the areas where you can improve. Complete all practice assignments on time and with genuine feedback. 

Day 5: Play logical games to determine the type of question. get the Foundational clarification of principles and tricks to solve those questions. 

Day 6: Get some non-scoring writing and accomplish 4-5 complete practice tests within the time limit.

Day 7: Perform a thorough practice test. You can attempt 7-8 mock tests for the same. 

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Topper’s Recommended Books To Prepare For LSAT India In 1 Week 

For best preparation, you need the best resources, and what can be the best tool for excellent content? To prepare properly, you need to discover the best books with all the facts and concepts. We have handpicked some resources for LSAT India preparation in 1 week. Cast a glance at the details attached below. 

Analytical Reasoning

Books  Writer
Magical Book on Quicker Maths  Tyra 
Analytical Reasoning  M.K Pandey 
Fast track objective Arithmetic  Rajesh Verma

LSAT Mock Tests

LSAT Mock Tests

Logical Reasoning

Books  Writer 
Universal logical reasoning for LSAT, CLAT, AILET, and other Law Exams. Jain Prateek
A new approach to Reasoning - Verbal and Non-Verbal  BS Sijwal
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination.  RS Agarwal 
A modern approach to logical reasoning 

Reading Comprehension

Books  Writer
The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension Paperback Matthews Riley & Trent & Jodi Teti
10 New Actual, Official LSAT Prep tests with Comparative Reading (LSAT Series) LSAC (Law School Admission Council)
LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible (Power score LSAT Bible) David M Killoran
Wiley's GMAT Reading Comprehension Grail Aristotle prep

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Now that you have realised that you can't go for attempting LSAT India unguarded. Hence, you must invest at least seven days to prepare for it. Also, there are no shortcuts, so make sure that you follow the guidelines closely. Are you ready to prepare for your LSAT with the right strategy? We wish you luck!

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