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How to Improve Logical Reasoning for LSAT 2024? (Tips & Tricks Shared!)

Author : Shashwat Srivastava

Updated On : July 14, 2023


Reader's Digest If you are reading this, we're presuming you're well aware of the fact that the logical reasoning section in LSAT holds the maximum weightage. We're here with this helpful blog to help you with strengthen this section with effective strategies. Scroll and Explore!

The LSAT India Logical Reasoning section includes questions testing the critical thinking skills necessary to analyse dense and complex legal arguments.

The section evaluates skills such as recognizing the parts of an argument, identifying flaws, drawing conclusions, reasoning by analogy, and detecting assumptions made by particular arguments.

Although the questions do not necessarily involve legal topics, they aim to evaluate one's ability to analyze arguments. The LSAT Logical Reasoning Section provides helpful background information on the test's structure and composition, as well as tips for taking and preparing for the section.

With the insights provided in this article, you can feel more confident in your readiness for and performance in the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section.

Here, we have answered the common doubts about the Logical Reasoning of LSAT:

  • What are some effective ways to improve my logical reasoning skills for LSAT 2024? Practice questions asked in the LSAT India exam previously, review and analyze your mistakes, and seek additional resources like study guides and online courses (from LegalEdge!).
  • Can reading books help me improve my logical reasoning abilities for LSAT 2024? Yes, reading can help improve critical thinking and reasoning skills, but focusing on materials relevant to the LSAT and its question types is important.
  • How important is time management for improving logical reasoning for LSAT 2024? Time management is crucial for LSAT success, as the exam is timed and requires test-takers to complete many questions within a limited timeframe.

How to Improve Logical Reasoning for LSAT 2024? (Basic Hacks to Score High)

If you're preparing for the LSAT 2024, here are some savvy tips and tricks to improve your score in the logical reasoning section and get to the top LSAT India colleges:

LSAT Logical Reasoning Trick #1: Understand the Question Stem

When tackling the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section, it is advisable to begin by reading the question stem before diving into the stimulus. This approach can help you quickly grasp the type of question being asked, making it easier to understand the stimulus and answer the question.

By starting with the question stem, you can read the stimulus with more purpose and identify the information that is most relevant to the question. This intentional reading can save you time and ensure that you do not waste effort on irrelevant information.

So, remember to begin with the question stem to improve your performance in the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section. Here's an example to support this strategy:

Question: If all cats have fur and all animals with fur shed, which of the following must be true?

A) All animals that shed are cats

B) All animals that shed have fur

C) All cats shed

D) All animals with fur are cats.

E) All cats have fur and shed

Answer: B) All animals that shed have fur

Explanation: The question stem signals that this is an inference question. So, the correct answer can be inferred from the given information. Since shedding is a characteristic of animals with fur and all cats have fur, it can be concluded that all animals with fur shed. Therefore, option B is the correct answer. Option A, C, D, and E cannot be inferred from the given information and are therefore incorrect.

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LSAT Logical Reasoning Trick #2: Map Statements Carefully

While mapping reasoning is not a prerequisite for the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section, it can prove beneficial to possess fundamental knowledge of mapping conditional statements. You may consider exploring resources on symbolic reasoning and mapping conditional statements to initiate your learning. This approach of representation can assist you in quickly comprehending and retaining information as you progress through the test.

Let's see a Question Example to support this: 👇 

Question: The university only hires faculty members who hold a PhD. Professor Smith holds a PhD and has been hired as a faculty member.

Which of the following best expresses the conclusion of the passage above?

A) The university hires only faculty members who hold a PhD.

B) Professor Smith holds a PhD.

C) Professor Smith will be teaching at the university.

D) The university has hired multiple faculty members.

E) Professor Smith holds a PhD and is qualified to teach at the university.

Answer: E) Professor Smith holds a PhD and is qualified to teach at the university.

Explanation: The passage mentions that the university only hires faculty members with a PhD, and Professor Smith holds a PhD and has been hired as a faculty member. Therefore, the conclusion is that Professor Smith is qualified to teach at the university. Option E correctly expresses the conclusion. Option A is a premise, not a conclusion. Option B is a premise. Option C is not necessarily true. Option D is not supported by the passage.

LSAT Logical Reasoning Trick #3: Take Timed Tests

To succeed in the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section, it is essential to adapt to the time constraints of the section. Initially, you may struggle to finish the section within the allotted time, but consistent practice will enhance your pace.

To increase your speed, it is crucial to recognize the type of question and simplify the arguments. Identifying the conclusion of the argument quickly is one of the essential components to improving your speed. If you face difficulty in identifying the conclusion, try underlining it in every stimulus in the section to develop this skill.

LSAT Logical Reasoning Trick #4: Use Process of Elimination

The Process of Elimination (POE) involves systematically eliminating answer choices that are incorrect, thereby increasing the probability of selecting the right answer.

To use POE, start by reading the question and each answer choice carefully. Next, identify any answer choices that are clearly incorrect, and eliminate them. This can be done by identifying answers that contradict information in the stimulus, are outside the scope of the question, or are not supported by the evidence. Once you have eliminated the clearly incorrect choices, evaluate the remaining options and determine which one is the best answer to the question.

Using POE can save time, as it allows you to eliminate answer choices without thoroughly analyzing each one. Additionally, the POE can help you identify patterns in the types of incorrect answer choices, which can aid in recognizing the correct answer more quickly.

However, it is essential to note that the POE does not guarantee success, as there may be situations where multiple answer choices could be plausible. Therefore, the POE should be used in conjunction with other strategies, such as identifying the conclusion, distilling the argument, and identifying the question type, to increase your chances of selecting the correct answer.

Expert Tips to Improve Logical Reasoning for LSAT 2024

To succeed in the LSAT Logical Reasoning Section, a proper approach is necessary. This section can be mentally challenging, but practising sectional tests regularly and within the allotted time can help. The section usually contains four categories of critical reasoning questions: Strength/Weakness, Assumption, Parallel Reasoning, and Alternate Conclusion.

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It is recommended to begin with Strength/Weakness and Assumption questions as they are usually quicker to solve with answers found in the prompt. Then, move on to Parallel Reasoning and Alternate Conclusion questions with the remaining time.

The goal is to answer 23 questions within 35 minutes, which is approximately 1.5 minutes per question. Skimming the options and the passage can help increase accuracy and improve scores. 

Pro-Tip 01: Improve Logical Reasoning for LSAT 2023 with 30-60 Rule

The 30-60 rule is a popular approach to preparing for the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT. According to this rule, you should spend the first 30 seconds reading the question stem and identifying the type of question being asked. This will help you understand what the question is asking and what you need to look for in the stimulus.

Next, you should spend the next 60 seconds reading the stimulus and identifying the relevant information. This includes identifying the conclusion and premises, as well as any key words or phrases that might help you answer the question.

By following the 30-60 rule, you can ensure that you are using your time effectively and efficiently on each question. This approach can also help you avoid getting bogged down in the details of the stimulus and focus on the main points that are relevant to the question at hand.

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Pro-Tip 02: Improve Logical Reasoning for LSAT 2023 with Pictorial Presentation

Pictorial representation is a technique used to visually represent an argument's structure in the LSAT's Logical Reasoning section. It involves breaking down the argument into constituent parts and drawing them out in a diagram or picture.

To use this technique, you must identify the argument's conclusion, premises, and intermediate steps. You can then represent these components using symbols or shapes like arrows, circles, and squares.

For example, you could use a circle to represent the conclusion and arrows to show the premises that support it. Squares or other shapes could represent intermediate steps.

This technique can help you better understand the structure of an argument and identify any flaws or weaknesses in the reasoning. It also makes it easier to see the relationship between different parts of the argument.

Using pictorial representation can be especially helpful for visual learners who prefer to see information presented in a visual format. With practice, this technique can become a valuable tool for tackling the Logical Reasoning section of the LSAT.

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Pro Tip 03: Practice + Annotations  

Untimed practice methodology to improve logical reasoning for LSAT involves taking the time to carefully read and analyze each question without being under the pressure of time constraints. This allows you to thoroughly understand each question and its corresponding answer choices, giving you a better chance of selecting the correct option.

Annotating or taking notes while practising is another helpful technique to improve logical reasoning skills. This involves underlining or circling important words, phrases, or arguments in the stimulus or answer choices. Additionally, writing brief notes or summaries of the stimulus or answer choices can help clarify understanding and improve retention.

By combining untimed practice with annotating, test takers can strengthen their ability to comprehend and analyze arguments, ultimately leading to better performance in this section.

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LSAT Online Coaching


In conclusion, improving your logical reasoning skills is key to acing the LSAT 2024. Keep these tips and tricks in mind as you prepare for the exam, and you'll be well on your way to achieving your law school dreams

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