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Myths About IPMAT Entrance Exam 2023

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 4, 2023


Indian Institute of Management (IIM) conducts Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) annually to provide admissions to a five-year integrated program. 

As IPMAT is one of India's most highly competitive exams, many misconceptions about the exam often mislead the aspirants.

Coming to the context of this article, we have debunked all myths about the IPMAT Exam 2023 that are not true and require clarification.

Misconceptions about IIM IPM 2023

As said above, IIM provides admissions to five years IPM program through IPMAT Entrance Exam 2023.

During five years, the first three years will help you build a foundation in basic subjects like Mathematics, Statistics, Principles of Management, Business History, etc.

The last two years have focused on management subjects like Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, and several other essential concepts. 

However, the myths about the IPMAT exam 2023 may affect your preparation levels and score in the upcoming exam. The following are some of the common misconceptions among most aspirants.

5 Years Stay Compulsory at IIM

Staying five years at IIM is compulsory is one of the most common myths among IPMAT aspirants. But, this is not true!

You can exit after the completion of the 3-years IPM program. Currently, five IIMs in India offer a 5-years IPM program: IIM Indore, IIM Ranchi, IIM Rohtak, IIM Bodh Gaya, and IIM Jammu.

  • The IPM program is divided into two parts, i.e., a three-year UG program and a two-year PG program.
  • Suppose you complete a 3-years IPM program from IIM Indore; you will receive a BA Foundation certificate from the institute.
  • If you complete a 3-years IPM program from any other four IIMs, you will receive a BBA certificate.
  • After completing the 5-years program, you will receive an MBA certificate from the Indian Institute of Management.

UG Degree is not Awarded after 3 Years

  • Many aspirants think that no official UG degree is offered when they complete a 3-years program, which is not valid.
  • IIMs offer a UG degree right after completing your course if you plan to take an exit option.
  • If you pursue your IPM program at IIM Indore, you will receive a BA certificate. If not from Indore, you will receive a BBA certificate.

Clearing Cut Off is the Only Criteria

The common misconception that clearing the IPMAT Cut Off will provide admission to IIM is not true. Along with clearing the cut-off, you should also have a good academic background.

During the interview, you might expect questions from the interviewer that why you have fewer marks in class 10 or why you have a high-performance score in class 12.

Therefore, your academic score should be required to be admitted to the 5-year integrated program.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Non-Mathematics Student can not Crack IPMAT 

One common myth about the IPMAT exam is that aspirants from a non-mathematics academic background can not crack the entrance exam. However, this is false!

  • Generally, the questions in the quantitative section are asked from 6th grade to 12th standard mathematics.
  • Of course, mathematics is required to clear the entrance exam. But it is not like only mathematics students can crack the exam.
  • Since there will be questions from 6th to 10th grade, aspirants from any background can easily crack the exam by following a proper study plan and a few IPMAT preparation tips.

Droppers can not Clear IPMAT Exam

There are some myths about the IPMAT exam that aspirants who took the gap after their class 12 cannot clear the IPM exam, which is false.

Droppers can clear the IPMAT exam. However, you should give a valid reason to the interviewer during the interview round.

There might be personal reasons for aspirants to take a drop for a year. But, note that the reason you are giving must justify why you took a drop for one year after your 12th standard.

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Life is Set Once You are Inside the IIM

  • Most aspirants have a misconception that if they get admission to IIM, their life is set, which is not true.
  • Usually, IIMs will choose the brightest of minds to enroll in their integrated course. Therefore, there will be high competition inside the IIM.
  • You have to keep up with all the activities, academics, and non-academics parts of the curriculum.

Mocks Should be Given only after Complete Preparation

Most of the aspirants preparing for the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test may think that they start attempting IPMAT Mock Tests after completion of preparation. But this is not a good practice.

As we all know, the pattern is divided into different parts. Therefore, giving mock tests after completing each topic will help analyze your preparation and focus on improving weak areas.

There are two types of mock tests: full-length mocks and sectional mocks. There is no need to wait till the completion of your preparation to give either full-length mocks or sectional mocks.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

IPMAT can not be Cleared in 2 Months

Cracking or not cracking the exam with two months of preparation completely depends on the individual's potential.

  • Many students prepare for only two months and crack the exam successfully.
  • On the other hand, a few other students cannot crack the exam even with two years of preparation. 
  • The only thing you are required to clear the exam is to plan the best IPMAT Study Plan and preparation strategy as per your convenience.
  • The more you practice, there are more chances to clear the IPMAT exam on the first attempt. 

Academics is the Only Focus Inside IIM

Indian Institute of Management's focus only on academics is one of the myths about the IPMAT Exam 2023. 

You can explore many things inside the IIM, such as clubs, internships, activities, industry visits, etc. The institute does not focus only on academics.

IIM aims to provide holistic development to each individual, whether in career or personal life.

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Sabbatical is Allowed in all IIMs

Sabbatical means that aspirants can take a break after completing their 3-years course, maybe because of personal reasons, and resume after a year.

If you have the right reason to take a sabbatical, IIM Indore offers you to resume your course where you left. However, the sabbatical option is not available in other IIMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates belonging to NC/OBC category must not exceed 20 years of age as on July 31, 2024, while candidates belonging to SC, ST and PwD/SD should not exceed 22 years of age as on July 31, 2024.
It completely depends on you and your understanding of topics. There are few aspirants who are good at understanding and grasping concepts quickly while some are too slow. On average, if starting to prepare from basics it will take a minimum of 5-6 months.
First, examine the syllabus, weightage, and difficulty level of different topics. Try to cover the most difficult and time-consuming topics initially, so you have enough time to revise them afterward. To achieve a high score, create a study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses.
Some of the best books for IPMAT Preparation are: Class XI and XII Mathematics – R.D. Sharma Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams – R.S.Aggarwal Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis English Grammar and Composition – Wren and Martin
Reading the newspaper daily is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary and grammar for IPMAT exam.
The important topics of IPMAT Verbal Ability Section include Vocabulary (including Synonyms & Antonyms), Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Sentence Rearrangement, Sentence Correction, Sentence Completion, Correct Usage of words and phrases, Verbal Analogies.


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