IPMAT Entrance exam not only tests your subject knowledge but also tests your time management skills and how you weigh speed against accuracy.

To help you score good marks in the exam, we spoke to Rahul Vaswani, a subject expert at SuperGrads (a pioneer in providing the best online guidance for IPMAT). He suggested that the following tips that help you better understand how to approach IIM IPM Questions.

5 Tips to Approach Questions in IPM Exam 2021

If you are an aspirant of IPMAT 2021, then you must know how to answer maximum questions in the given time, Rahul said. You can follow the tips given below to attempt maximum questions and score well in the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test.

  • Firstly, analyze the questions as soon as you get the question paper. Try to figure out easy, average, and tricky questions.
  • Solve the easy questions first, later move to other questions. This will help you save time and build up your confidence for the rest of the questions.
  • Make sure to identify the breaker questions in every section and try to solve them at the last.
  • You must choose the questions you want to attempt wisely as it is not possible to attempt all the questions in the given time.
  • If you are not able to find the solution for a particular question, do not waste time on it. Instead, move to the next question and come back to it later if time permits.

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How to Approach Questions in IPMAT 2021?

The way to approach questions during the exam is the key factor to decide your success. The duration of the exam is the most appropriate time to showcase knowledge, time management skills, skill to drive answers with accuracy, skill to work under pressure, and your analyzing skills to choose questions that would help you to score better reducing the risk of negative marking.

You should keep in mind the following IIM IPM Preparation Tips while you attempt questions in the exam.

Select easier questions first

To select easier questions first, it is important to know your strengths. For example, if you are good at algebra, functions, areas and volumes, geometry in quant section and Vocab and grammar, para jumble, sentence completion in verbal ability, then you must go through the paper at once and find questions from the topics in the time provided for the section.

As the difficulty level of the entrance exam is high, even a fewer number of right answers can help you to crack the exam in comparison to others trying to attempt more questions by guessing or having low accuracy.

Keep the risk factor as low as possible

As MCQs have negative marking and also attempting SAQs that you are not confident about could eat up the time allotted to finish the section. Attempting questions by approximation or guessing or trying to answer questions randomly could negatively affect the final results.

Time-division per question

You should make up your mind to attempt a question in 1.5 minutes or less. If the time permits after going through all the questions per section you can obviously come back to attempt more questions or can use your leftover time to check the accuracy of attempted questions and rough work.

If you devote less time to a question than required, it can affect the accuracy, and if you increase the time bracket for a question unnecessarily then it could affect the flow of attempting the next questions.

Avoid Tussles

If a question seems to be easy but it is taking more time to solve then it is highly recommended to avoid the question in the first go and come back to it later if the time permits.

Manage time in the exam to attempt more questions quickly with more accuracy by choosing the easiest way to solve a problem and also using tricks to find accurate answers with less calculations.

Short Tricks to Solve Verbal Ability in IPMAT 2021 Exam

According to IPMAT Exam Analysis, the Verbal Ability section is the most scoring part in the exam. You can easily score higher than the sectional cut-off in this section if you have a decent command of the English language. A few tricks can assure an even higher score to the candidate maximizing the overall score. 

  • You should read English newspapers on a daily basis while preparing for the exam.
  • You need to increase your vocabulary for this section which could be easily done with freely available apps like a dictionary, word up, etc.
  • TITA type of questions are usually tricky ones, so you must attempt them only if you are pretty sure about the answer otherwise a negative mark would deduct your hard-earned score.
  • Passage reading is the easiest part with the highest weightage. So, you need to practice at least 100 passages to get hands-on experience for solving passages quickly.
  • Sentence completion and sentence correction are easier to guess accurately due to options available in MCQs. But you should have some idea about the guessed answer, it shouldn’t be a blind guess.

Short Tricks to Solve Quant Section in IPMAT 2021

The Quantitative section in IPMAT 2021 consists of 30 questions out of which 20 questions would be multiple choice questions and 10 questions would be short answer questions. Negative marking is only applicable to MCQs type questions but Attempting short answer questions with a wrong answer will cost time which is equally important in the exam.

Quant Section is based on basic concepts of advanced mathematics of 11th and 12th standard.

So, there are lots of short tricks to solve MCQs as a method of solving the problem is not considered but the correct answer is the only thing that is considered.

For example, 

  • The short trick for calculating the percentage of a number if calculated as it is usually done then it could consume a lot of time but if 100% of a number is calculated (i.e. the number itself) then 1% of the number is calculated (i.e. the same number with two decimal places) then the percentage of number could be easily calculated.

To understand the above let us find out 24 percent of 88. 100 percent of 88 is 88. So, 50% of 88 is 44 and 25% of 88 will be 22. 1% of 88 is 0.88. So, 24% of 88 will be 22-0.88 =21.12.

 If the same question was done as it is usually done the 24 divides by 100 multiplied by 88 would be reduced by their factors then dividing and multiplying a large number would have stolen the allotted time.

  • Similarly, Squares and Cubes of any number could also be generated with help of simple tricks without creating a hustle.
  • Multiple and factors of numbers could also be found with the help of simple tricks by multiplying a number at one’s place and subtracting the result with preceding digits, as simple as that.

So, there are many short tricks available on hand, especially in the era of the internet. You need to find and practice these short tricks to get answers quickly and accurately.


What is the difficulty level of the IPMAT exam?

The difficulty level of IPMAT exam is very high as it would earn the brand name of most prestigious institute of IIM Indore. Some other institutes like Nirma institute of management also accept IPMAT score for admission. Clearing IPMAT Exam, in itself ensures future growth of candidates in managerial and leadership fields.

Is there any change in the exam pattern of IPMAT?

Yes, the exam pattern and structure was revised in the 2020 session which would be followed for the 2021 session as well. Major changes are as listed below:

  • IIM Indore has raised the IPMAT exam score weightage to 85% in the final selection process which includes WAT and PI as the second round. Earlier, the weightage was distributed equally for both the rounds, i.e., 50 - 50% for each round.
  • The time duration for commencement of the IPMAT exam has reduced to one and a half hours which was two hours before.
  • The structure of the IPM AT exam has also changed as it will consist of a total of 60 questions divided into two parts.
  • The Quantitative Section is granted a time duration of 60 minutes and Verbal Ability Section is provided with a time duration of 30 minutes.

How to approach questions in IIM IPM AT exam?

The best approach to answer IPMAT questions involves:

  • Select easier questions first.
  • Keep the risk factor as low as possible.
  • Fix a time bracket of 1.5 minutes or less for each question.
  • Avoid Tussles
  • Choose the easiest way to solve a question as steps involved in getting the answer do not carry any weightage.

What are the last-minute tips to keep in mind while preparing for the IPMAT exam 2021?

While preparing for IPMAT exam 2021 following tips should be kept in mind:

  • Go through the exam pattern and syllabus with proper understanding.
  • Analyse strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly.
  • Revise tricks to solve the questions efficiently and quickly.
  • Manage time effectively to get the best out of it.