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How to Approach Questions in IIM IPM Exam 2024?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : November 6, 2023


Summary: Crack the IPMAT Exam with precision and speed! Discover expert strategies for smart question selection and time management to maximize your score. Unlock the secrets to tackling MCQs and Short-answer questions efficiently. Dive into our concise guide and get ready to ace the IPMAT 2024 with confidence!

The IPMAT Entrance exam tests your subject knowledge and your time management skills, and how you weigh speed against accuracy. Also, question selection plays a vital role in qualifying for the entrance exam.

As we all know, the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test consists of two types of questions: MCQs and Short-answer type questions.

Therefore, you should be very careful while approaching the questions because attempting unknown questions may result in getting a lot of negative marks.

To help you better understand how to approach questions in the IIM IPM exam, our experts at Super Grads have shared some valuable tips and tricks in this post.

So, what are you looking for? Let's walk through the post to know different techniques to score good marks in the upcoming exam.

5 Tips to Approach Questions in IPM Exam 2024

Being an aspirant for the IPMAT Exam 2024, you must know how to answer maximum questions in the given time.

The following are some useful tips that help you attempt maximum questions in the IPM entrance exam.

  • Firstly, analyze the questions as soon as you get the question paper. Try to figure out easy, average, and tricky questions.
  • Solve the easy questions first, later move to other questions. This will help you save time and build up your confidence for the rest of the questions.
  • Identify the breaker questions in every section and solve them last.
  • It would help if you chose the questions you want to attempt wisely, as it is impossible to try all the questions in the given time.
  • If you cannot find the solution for a particular question, do not waste time on it. Instead, move to the next question and come back to it later if time permits.

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How to Approach Questions in IPMAT 2024?

The exam duration is the most appropriate time to showcase knowledge time management skills, drive answers with accuracy, work under pressure, and analyze skills to choose questions that would help you score better, reducing the risk of negative marking.

You should keep in mind the following IIM IPM Preparation Tips while approaching questions in the exam. The way to approach questions during the exam is crucial to decide your success. 

Tips to attempt questions in IPMAT 

How to Approach Questions in IIM IPM Exam: Select easier questions first

It is essential to know your strengths to select easier questions first. For example, suppose you are good at algebra, functions, areas and volumes, geometry in the quant section, vocabulary and grammar, para jumble, and sentence completion in verbal ability.

In that case, you must go through the IPMAT question paper and find questions from the topics in the time provided for the section.

As the difficulty level of the entrance exam is high, even fewer correct answers can help you crack the exam compared to others trying to attempt more questions by guessing or having low accuracy.

Refer: IPMAT Question Paper Analysis

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Keep the risk factor as low as possible

As MCQs have negative marking and attempting SAQs that you are not confident about could eat up the time allotted to finish the section.

Attempting questions by approximation, guessing, or answering questions could negatively affect the final results.

How to Approach Questions in IIM IPM Exam: Time-division per question

According to IPMAT Exam Analysis, the difficulty level of the exam will be easy to moderate. Therefore, dividing time to each question will help you fetch more marks than others.

You should make up your mind to attempt a question in 1.5 minutes or less. If the time permits, after going through all the questions per section, you can come back to try more questions or use your leftover time to check the accuracy of attempted questions and rough work.

If you devote less time to a question than required, it can affect the accuracy. If you unnecessarily increase the time bracket for a question, it could affect the flow of attempting the following questions.

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How to Approach Questions in IIM IPM Exam: Avoid Tussles

If a question seems to be easy but takes more time to solve. Then, it is highly recommended to avoid the question in the first go and come back to it later if the time permits.

Manage time in the exam to attempt more questions quickly and accurately by choosing the easiest way to solve a problem.

Also, try using tricks to find accurate answers with fewer calculations.

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Short Tricks to Solve Verbal Ability Section in IPMAT 2024 Exam

In the IPMAT exam, the Verbal Ability section is the most scoring part. You can easily score higher than the sectional cut-off in this section if you have a decent command of the English language.

A few tricks can assure an even higher score to maximize the overall score. The following are some of the best verbal ability tips for IPMAT 2024.

Tips to solve questions in IPM Exam

  • It will help if you read English newspapers daily while preparing for the exam.
  • You can improve your vocabulary by using freely available apps like a dictionary, word up, etc.
  • TITA-type of questions are usually tricky, so you must attempt them only if you are pretty sure about the answer; otherwise, a negative mark would deduct your hard-earned score.
  • Passage reading is the easiest part with the highest weightage. So, you need to practice at least 100 passages to get hands-on experience for solving passages quickly.
  • Sentence completion and sentence correction are easier to guess accurately due to MCQs' available options. But it would help if you had some idea about the assumed answer, it shouldn’t be a blind guess.

Check: IPMAT Answer Key

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

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Example 1:

To understand the above point, let us find out 24 percent of 88. 100 percent of 88 is 88.

So, 50% of 88 is 44, and 25% of 88 will be 22.

1% of 88 is 0.88. So, 24% of 88 will be 22-0.88 =21.12.

 If you do the same question in the following way:

24 divided by 100 and then multiplied by 88 will take a lot of time.

  • Similarly, you can generate squares and cubes of any number with the help of simple tricks without creating a hustle.
  • You could also find multiple factors of numbers with the help of simple tricks by multiplying a number at one’s place and subtracting the result with preceding digits, as simple as that.

So, there are many short tricks available on hand, especially in the internet era. You need to find and practice these quick tricks to get answers quickly and accurately.

Refer: IPMAT Interview Questions

Example 2:

Note that the quantitative tricks differ in length depending on the mathematical operation and the numbers involved. 

If you can calculate the problems in seconds by using short tricks, scoring the marks in the exam is easy.

The following are some short tricks for solving multiplication and division questions in the IPMAT exam. Without knowing the trick, many of you might waste your time multiplying a particular number with 5.

Generally, the 5 is expressed as:

10 divided by 2 i.e., 10/2. Whenever you convert 5 by10/2, the calculation becomes easy.

If you want to multiply 72X5. Replace 5 by 10/2

Then, it will become 72X10/2

Divide the 72/2, which is half of the number, i.e., 36

Finally, multiply 36 with 10 (36X10). The final answer is 360

Practice with: IPMAT Mock Test

In conclusion, mastering the IPMAT exam hinges on a balance of speed, accuracy, and strategic question selection.

By embracing the expert tips from Super Grads, focusing on your strengths, and applying mathematical shortcuts, you can enhance your performance and stand out in the competitive landscape of the IPMAT.

Remember, smart preparation and the right approach are your keys to unlocking a successful outcome in the IPMAT 2024.

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