IIM IPM Interview Questions with answers

If you aspire to get admission to the IIM IPM course, cracking the interview is very important. You may be worried about how should I prepare for IIM IPM Interview? What type of questions could be asked? How to answer them? 

Well, this post shall resolve all your queries on IPMAT Interview Preparation. To help you get rid of any fear, we have curated preparation strategies provided by our expert from Supergrads here. 

You can also check out the most commonly asked IIM IPM Interview questions and ways to answer them. You can even watch a video of the mock interview below. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read through the complete post and be pro at the interview.

Commonly Asked IIM IPM Personal Interview Questions with Answers

Here is the list of questions and answers asked in the mock interview of the IPMAT Exam. Check the explanation to know how to answer each question

Q) Tell me something about yourself?

  • Create a brief introduction and practice in front of the mirror to overcome your fear.
  • You can start by mentioning your name and where are you from.
  • Give a brief about your parent's occupation.

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  • Mention your percentage secured in class 10th and 12th.
  • Jist your recent achievements and also about your leadership qualities.
  • Let them know about your hobbies as well. 

Q) Elaborate on your participation in International Competition, and what was your stand there? (In case if you have participated in any unique event or competition, interviewers could ask these questions)

  • Explain the event or competition clearly. Let them know when and where it was conducted.
  • Tell the interviewer if you have secured any prize or which place you received.
  • Give a brief on what was the competition about and your learning from there. 

Q) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

  • First, explain your strengths.
  • Explain about true weakness from the past and what you are doing to overcome it

Q) What are your plans after completion of the course?

  • Mention your career options. 
  • List out the development goals that you have in your mind. 
  • Travel plans (if any)

Q) What skills do you hope to develop in college?

  • Explain your skill sets
  • What you are doing to implement those skills
  • Justify the skills with valid examples

Q) Do you plan to participate in academic activities?

  • Show your interest in participating in academic activities
  • Explain how you coordinate with other classmates to start a new activity
  • Mention some activity examples that you participated in past.

Q) Why should I select you?

  • List your qualities and how they are going to help them
  • Explain how creative you are
  • What will you do to bring the best in your colleagues

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ipmat online coaching

Q) Why did you choose IPMAT as your career?

  • Highlight the positive influences that lead you to choose IPM
  • mention about the relevant skills
  • Stress your interest in choosing IIM
  • Be completely positive while answering this question

Q) Why do you want to join IIM Indore?

  • Tell about your interest in management and relate it to good facilities at IIM Indore.
  • Benefits of IIM program at the campus
  • Campus life and facilities
  • Mention about academic facilities

Q) What are your hobbies?

  • Highlight your skills and qualities
  • Give some examples to show your skills and qualities
  • Answer the question directly
  • Discuss possible opportunities to use your extracurricular activity at the campus

Q) What makes you unique?

  • Mention your skills
  • Provide examples of your prior accomplishments
  • Avoid generic answers

Q) Why do you prefer IPM over other courses?

  • Answer the question by comparing BBA+MBA with IPM
  • Explain what makes you choose IPM
  • Give specific examples to explain why IPM is better than other courses

How to Crack IIM IPM Personal Interview 2022?

To ease out your preparation for a personal interview, we have provided few tips below. Following these Preparation Tips for IPMAT Interview would definitely help you crack the interview on the first attempt.

  • Make sure to include points in the introduction that you have really done, or you like. Further questions are usually based on these subjects. For instance, if you like reading, then tell that else don't tell. 
  • Even if you are not questioned about "Tell me about yourself", try to bring in the points so that further questions will be based on that.
  • If you are a fresher with less than a year of experience, the interviewer will likely question you about your academics. So, be prepared for at least 2 topics from the UG that you are comfortable with. 
  • If you don't know any answer, say politely that you don't know, or you can tell what you know in brief. Don't stay quiet without answering or pretend you know.
  • Be honest while answering. Don't let your emotions and biases ruin your interview.
  • Attempting mock IIM IPM Interviews can help in enhancing preparation. 

Watch the mock interview conducted by our Supergrads team for an aspirant. 


What questions can be expected in an IIM Indore IPM Interview?

You can expect questions in IIM IPM Interview based on:

  • yourself
  • your strengths and weakness
  • your skills
  • your hobbies
  • college related questions

How to Prepare for IIM Indore Interview?

You can follow our expert suggested tips for IIM IPM Interview preparation provided in this post. 

How hard is the IPM Personal Interview?

This depends on your preparation levels and confidence. Make sure you are confident through out the interview. Be polite when you answer any question. try to attend as many mock interview as possible to stay confident. 

Where will I get IIM IPM personal Interview Questions with answers?

You can check the IIM IPM personal Interview Questions with answers from the above post.

How to answer what are your strengths and weakness in IIM IPM Personal Interview?

  • List out your strengths and weakness.
  • You can also justify them by giving valid points. 

How to answer how are you overcoming your weakness?

  • Give correct reasons that justify the question. 
  • Do not expand your answer and take too much time. 
  • Try to be clear and answer to the point.