Are you an aspirant of IPMAT and waiting for a personal interview? Then, go through the complete post to know the important IIM IPM interview questions with answers. Knowing the type of questions asked in the interview will help aspirants to enhance their preparation in a better way.

IIM IPM Interview Questions with Answers

After getting shortlisted for the next round of admission process for IPMAT (Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test), the authorized entrance exam held for admissions in the Five-Year Integrated Program in Management (IPM) in the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), students will be worrying how to crack the interview. To ease out your preparation for a personal interview, we have provided questions asked in IIM IPM interview.

  •  While attending for the interview, it is important for students to have thought through the reasons why they want to join IPM.
  • As per the experts, referring to the IPM interview tricky questions with answers will help students to understand how to answer the questions in the interview.
  • Generally, candiadtes are tested on subject knowledge and career aspirations in the final interview. Therefore, candidates must be through with all these questions.
  • In this post, candidates will get questions asked in IPM interview IIM. Check the type of questions asked and prepare well for the interview.

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IIM IPM Mock Interview Questions with Answers

Candidates can go through the questions and answers provided here and get an idea that how can they answer personal interview questions for IPM IIM.

Q) Tell me something about yourself?

  • Start with your name
  • Tell about the place you belong to
  • Father'sOccupation
  • Mother's Occupation
  • Percentage of 10th and 12th
  • Interests
  • Mention leadership qualities (if any)
  • Recent Achievements
  • Hobbies

Q) What are your strengths and weakness?

  • First, explain your strengths
  • Explain about true weakness from the past and what you are doing to overcome it

Q) What are your plans after completion of course?

  • Mention about career options
  • List out the development goals that you have in your mind
  • Travel plans (if any)

Q) What skills do you hope to develop in college?

  • Explain about your skill sets
  • What you are doing to implement those skills
  • Justify the skills with valid examples

Q) Do you plan to participate in academic activities?

  • Show your interest in participating in academic activities
  • Explain how you coordinate with other classmates to start a new activity
  • Mention some activity examples that you participated in past.

Q) Why should I select you?

  • List your qualities and how they are going to help them
  • Explain how creative you are
  • What will you do to bring the best in your colleagues

Q) Why did you choose IPMAT as your career?

  • Highlight the positive influences that lead you to choose IPM
  • mention about the relevant skills
  • Stress your interest in choosing IIM
  • Be completely positive while answering this question

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Q) Why do you want to join IIM Indore?

  • Tell about your interest in management and relate it with good facilities at IIM Indore
  • Benefits of IIM program at the campus
  • Campus life and facilities
  • Mention bout academic facilities

Q) What are your hobbies?

  • Highlight your skills and qualities
  • Give some examples to show your skills and qualities
  • Answer the question directly
  • Discuss possible opportunities to use your extracurricular activity at the campus

Q) What makes you unique?

  • Mention your skills
  • Provide examples of your prior accomplishments
  • Avoid generic answers

Q) Why do you prefer IPM over other courses?

  • Answer the question by comparing BBA+MBA with IPM
  • Explain what makes you choose IPM
  • Give specific examples to explain why IPM is better than other courses