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Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : September 16, 2023


Why Read This Article: Gain insights into the marking scheme, potential Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE, and best practices for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies projects to ensure optimal learning and good scores in project work. 

As part of the holistic learning approach, the CBSE Class 12 Business Studies curriculum includes project work.  

These projects enable students to apply theoretical concepts to real-world situations, fostering a practical understanding of business and commerce. 

The board suggests a couple of Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE you can choose to work on your project that carries 20 marks in the final exam.  

Let’s check the Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE suggested by the board of CBSE.  

Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE Objective

Following their completion of the Business Studies project work, students will be able to: 

  • Gain exposure to the operational environment in the field of business management and related services. 
  • Develop a practical approach by utilizing modern technologies. 
  • Inculcate critical abilities such as teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and the collection, processing, analysis, and synthesis of relevant data to arrive at insightful conclusions. 
  • Become actively involved in the study process and show off their independence-working skills. 
  • Make learning entertaining so you will remember it. 

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cuet online coaching

Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE 

In order to give pupils a solid understanding of the concepts and procedures pertaining to business (trade and industry), as well as their interaction with society, the course in business studies is introduced at the senior school level.  

Business is a dynamic process that combines human initiative, natural resources, and technology in a continually shifting international environment.  

Project Work has been added to the Business Studies Syllabus for Classes XI and XII by the CBSE in order to help students better grasp the context in which a business functions and how it interacts with the social, economic, technological, and legal environment. 

Choosing a relevant and engaging topic is essential for a successful project. Here are some potential topics for consideration: 

CBSE business studies project class 12 on marketing management topics are as follows -  

  1. CBSE business studies project for class 12 topics - Project One: Elements of Business Environment  
  2. Topics for business studies project for class 12 CBSE- Project Two: Principles of Management 
  3. Business studies marketing project topics for class 12 CBSE Project Three: Stock Exchange 
  4. CBSE class 12 business studies project on business environment topics Project Four: Marketing 

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Presentation and Submission of Project Report

At the end of the stipulated term, each student will prepare and submit his/her project report.  

The following essentials are required to be fulfilled for its preparation and submission. 

1. The total length of the project will be 25 to 30 pages. 

2. The project should be handwritten. 

3. The project should be presented in a neat folder. 

4. The project report should be developed in the following sequence- 

  • The cover page should include the title of the Project, student information, school and year. 
  • List of contents 
  • Acknowledgements and preface (acknowledging the institution, the places visited and the persons who have helped). 
  • Introduction. 
  • Topic with a suitable heading. 
  • Planning and activities are done during the project, if any. 
  • Observations and findings of the visit. 
  • Conclusions (summarized suggestions or findings, the future scope of the study). 
  • Photographs (if any). 
  • Appendix 
  • Teacher’s observation. 
  • Signatures of the teachers. 
  • At the completion of the evaluation of the project, it should be punched in the centre so that the report may not be reused but is available for reference only. 
  • The project will be returned after evaluation. The school may keep the best projects. 

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How to prepare for Class 12 Business Studies Project?  

Preparing for the Class 12 Business Studies project involves a combination of research, organization, and presentation. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you effectively navigate this task: 

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Select a topic that genuinely interests you. This will make the research process engaging rather than tedious. 

Ensure the topic is relevant and aligns with the CBSE curriculum. 

Understand the Project Objectives

Clearly define what you aim to achieve with the project. This will act as a roadmap throughout your work. 

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Research Thoroughly

Use textbooks, online resources, libraries, and newspapers for your research. 

When sourcing information from the internet, ensure the websites are credible. 

If your topic requires, conduct surveys, interviews, or visit businesses. 

Plan Your Structure

Begin with an introduction that outlines the purpose and significance of your study. 

Clearly segment your project with headings and subheadings, such as objectives, research methodology, data analysis, conclusions, and recommendations. 

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Data Collection and Analysis

Depending on the nature of your project, collect primary data (through surveys or interviews) and/or secondary data (from existing resources). 

Use graphs, charts, and tables for a visual representation of your findings. This enhances clarity and makes the project visually appealing. 

Drafting and Writing

Start by creating a rough draft. This helps you organize your thoughts and findings. 

Keep your language clear and concise. Remember, the aim is to communicate your findings effectively. 

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Cite Your Sources

Always give credit to your sources of information. This avoids issues of plagiarism and showcases the authenticity of your work. 

Practice Your Presentation

You'll likely need to present your project and undergo a viva. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with your content. 

Prepare for potential questions that teachers might ask during the viva. 

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Review and Proofread

Before finalizing, review your work. Check for grammatical errors, ensure data accuracy, and see if the project flows logically. 

Feedback Loop

It's always a good idea to have a peer, teacher, or mentor review your project. They might offer a fresh perspective or catch errors you missed. 

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Final Presentation

Use tools like PowerPoint for your presentation, if required. 

Ensure that your written report is neatly bound and presented. First impressions do matter. 

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Be Ready for Feedback

After presenting, be open to feedback. This helps in learning and improving. 


Start early. Don't leave your project for the last minute. Spacing out your work will lead to better quality research and less stress. 

Engage with the topic. A genuine interest will reflect in the quality of your work. 

Business Studies equips individuals with skills that are applicable in a wide range of sectors and roles. The knowledge acquired often forms the foundation for successful careers in the dynamic world of business. 

Check: CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Syllabus

Class 12 Business Studies Project Topics CBSE Marking Scheme 

The allocation of Marks for the Class 12 Business Studies Project is 20 Marks.  

The marks will be allocated under the following heads: 

Marks allotted for  Marks Allocated 
Initiative, cooperativeness and participation  2 Mark 
Creativity in presentation  2 Mark 
Content, observation and research work  4 Marks 
Analysis of situations  4 Marks 
Viva  8 Marks 
Total  20 Marks 

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The CBSE Class 12 Business Studies project is an opportunity for students to dive deep into the business realm and understand its nuances. Selecting a compelling topic and following the marking scheme not only secures good marks but also provides knowledge and insights into the world of commerce. 

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