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What is Business Studies

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : April 3, 2023


Business Studies is one of the 11th Commerce Subjects and it is the most popular global investigation subjects on the planet, because of how expansive it is. As a vast subject in sociology, business studies opens up various opportunities in bookkeeping, accounts, organizations, HR management, and advertising. 

The following qualities are additionally developed in the students through business studies: 

  • Critical reasoning and analytical aptitudes, while also inculcating knowledge of evaluative procedures. 
  • Develop the ability to investigate, decipher, and use business and monetary data.
  • Independence, initiative, and the capacity to manage time, tasks, and assets.
  • Valuation for the circumstances and end results of monetary and other external changes. 
  • An innovative critical thinking approach and sound as well as intelligent dynamic abilities.
  • Powerful and convincing written and oral communication abilities.
  • Understanding authoritative conduct and structure. 

What is Business Studies

What is Business Studies

Reasons Why One Should Choose Business Studies 

Business Studies is a subject that deals with the operations and organization of various types of business associations. The subject covers each element of a business firm, for example, how a firm will be influenced by various business circumstances. 

The fundamental areas of study in the subject incorporate business associations, their different highlights, structure and working, advertising techniques, human resources management, and so on.

Business Studies involves something beyond just nailing the speciality of doing business. The subject brings a spotlight to the corporate culture and prepares students immensely for their professional life. 

Various Business activities influence the day to day lives of the people living in a society. It likewise impacts the creation of businesses, salaries, opens doors for an individual's ventures as well as the culture of all individuals, all things considered. Studying business permits an individual to see how business activities impact the general public and the economy directly or indirectly. 

Courses In Business Studies 

Business Studies course can be sought from the undergrad level and from there on, a student can study and work in this space till the doctorate level. This stream is aimed to sharpen the abilities of the students in a way where they can handle the craft of managing a business while applying logical standards whenever the need emerges. The following are different kinds of Courses after 12th Commerce intended for the applicants: 

Undergraduate Courses 

An undergraduate degree in Business Studies stream is prevalently known as B.B.S and the duration of this degree is three years and is separated into six semesters. 

Postgraduate Courses 

A postgraduate degree in the Business Management stream is known as Master of Business Studies (MBS). This scholarly degree has a duration of 2 years and is divided into 4 semesters. 

Doctoral Courses

The doctoral courses in the field of Business Studies is known as "Ph.D. in Business Studies." Different management colleges conduct this course in the period of 3 to 5 years.

Qualification Criteria For Admission In Business Studies 

In the event that you fulfill the qualification criteria of your targeted university or college, it gets simpler to appear for the entrance examination. So let's discover the overall terms and conditions that a student must fulfill to get admission in Business Studies courses at different levels. 


To get admission in the Business Studies course, a student is required to pass the 10+2 (or same) examination with total of 60% marks (55% for SC/ST/WW/Physically Challenged Categories) in four papers as well as in English which is a compulsory subject. 

Postgraduate Course 

On the off chance that you have a degree from a college or university with at least 50% marks, you are eligible to apply for a postgraduate course. 

Doctoral course 

For a doctoral course, a student must have finished post-Graduation in the applicable subject or similar with at least 50% marks in total. 

Business Studies Subjects And Syllabus 

Taking everything into account, each institute offers various modules or subjects, however, there are some regular modules that are commonly included in the course syllabus of different colleges and universities. 

The following is the list of the subjects that are included in the Class 11 Business Studies Syllabus.

  • Accounting & Auditing
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Corporate Responsibility

business studies

business studies

Career Opportunities In Business Studies 

There are different career choices for Business Studies graduates in the business industry. Be it the banking industry, financial sector, advertising organizations, stock trades, or BPOs, each industry has a few of the other vacant positions for the business examines experts. 

Job Profiles Available After Graduation

  • Business Analyst
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Manager
  • Consultant
  • Analyzing Business Analyst
  • Accountant

Job Profiles Available after Post-Graduation

  • Business Development Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Accounting Head
  • Management Consultant

Job Profiles Available after Ph.D. Degree

  • CEO
  • Business Consultant
  • CFO

Business Studies Preparation Tips

The following are some of the crucial tips that will help you to prepare for the CBSE Business Studies examination:

  • Refer to NCERT textbooks as the exam is based on these CBSE prescribed textbooks and the language is also concise and clear. 
  • Attempt to visualize the concepts and ideas to review and recall them later. 
  • Solve every single question given at the end of a chapter. 
  • Make your own notes and highlight important points since it will assist you with recalling significant points quickly during the examination.
  • To handle questions that deal with higher-order aptitudes, read plenty of case studies that will help you to dissect and solve them in a better manner. 
  • Put in all your efforts for the Business Studies project, it accounts for 20 marks but is an assured way to score higher. 
  • Prepare a timetable for self-study and create a roadmap of scoring topics, your strong as well as weak concepts.
  • While studying business studies, it's useful to break huge tasks and activities into smaller chunks. For instance, divide the textbook into sections instead of pages.
  • After studying a chapter, take a shot at clarifying the important points in your own words, this will assist you with summing up and revising the crucial topics. 
  • Study with your friends and discuss various topics that will ultimately help you in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Solve as many Class 11 Bussiness Studies Sample Papers as possible to improve your time management skills, speed, and accuracy.
  • When you are through with your syllabus, proceed to paper solving, to acclimate yourself to the real-life exam scenario.
  • At the point when you write the answers, remember that the most crucial factor is clarity. Utilize headings and appropriate points to make your answers simple to read and straightforward. Abstain from overwriting. 

Recommended Books For Business Studies

As per the experts, referring to the best 12th Commerce Books will help candidates to better succeed in the exam. The following are some of the best books for the preparation of business studies of both class 11 and class 12.

NCERT Textbooks: Priced at Rs 65 and Rs 55, Book 1 and book 2 cover every topic in the prescribed CBSE syllabus. They are essentially the "official" books for the subject. 

Business Studies by C.B Gupta: Priced at Rs 121, this famous and commonly read book empowers the students to comprehend the elements and subtleties of business and appreciate its financial matters and social importance. 

CBSE Sample papers: Students can download the papers from the CBSE’s official site. The sample papers on the website prescribed by the CBSE are a replica of the real-life exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

The theory paper for business studies accounts for 80 marks.

The project work for business studies accounts for 20 marks.
The theory paper has a duration of 3 hours.

Out of 20 marks for the project, 8 marks are assigned for viva voce.

There will be Internal Choice in questions of 3 marks (1 choice), 4 marks (1 choice),

5 marks (2 choices) and 6 marks (2 choices). In all, total 6 internal choices.


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