There are 4 design entrance exams conducted every year for the admission in design courses offered by different colleges and universities.

The 4 design entrances exams are: -

  • UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  • CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  • NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology)
  • NID (National institute of Design)

You often get confused about which books you should study for Design Entrance exams. But now we have come with some extraordinary books for you that will help you to study well and clear the design entrance exams easily. These books will be quite handy and useful for you. 

In this article, you will get all the information about the best books to study for Design entrance examinations.

UCEED/CEED Design Entrance Exam

If you want to give UCEED and CEED which is conducted by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), they prefer to ask technical questions related to design only but they believe only in the brain they will ask questions to check your logical brain.

So if you want to enhance your logical brain, you should practice questions based on puzzles and riddles. And not all questions are based on puzzles or riddles but some of them are based on counting, observation, visualization, Geometry, and Probability etc also.

NID Online Coaching

NID Online Coaching

Best Books for UCEED/CEED Design Entrance Exam

 After a very long research on books we have got these below mentioned books which will be having all the varieties of the questions which will be asked in UCEED/CEED entrance examinations.

Brain Teasers by Iam Livingstone and Jamie Thomson

This book titled Brain Teasers written by Iam Livingstone and Jamie Thomson is a very interesting book. While solving this book you will fall in love with this book.

This book has 211 logic puzzles which are based on Lateral Thinking, Memorization based questions etc. And there are many exercises which will help to prepare and crack UCEED/CEED entrance examinations.

We will highly recommend you to practice from this book; this book will help to understand what type of questions can come in UCEED/CEED examinations.

536 Puzzles & Curious Problems by Henry Ernest Dudeney :

This book is also a very interesting and very useful book for you. This book has many amazing puzzles which will help you to enhance your brain exponentially. This book has all the variety of questions which UCEED/CEED had asked or can ask.

UCCED/CEED might consider these books while making their entrance exams. When you will be solving the previous year papers of UCEED/CEED and solving exercises from this book, you will find a similarity between them.

The origin of the questions asked in UCCED/CEED has taken from the core of these books only.

The World’s 200 Hardest Brain Teasers by Dr. Gary Gruber:

A book which you must study for the UCEED/CEED entrance examinations. There are many questions given in this book in a very unique manner to enhance your logical brain.

So you should study from this book and should solve all of these 200 questions, which will help to understand all the variety of questions UCEED/CEED can ask.

Math Puzzles Volume 1 by Presh Talwalkar:

After these 3 books the last book is this which we will strongly recommend you to study because in this book all the things are given in a comprehensive manner.

This book has questions based on riddles, counting, geometry, probability, mathematics, etc. for making UCEED/CEED question papers. These books are the main source. This book contains all the things which UCEED contains or does.

So, you study from these 4 books for the UCEED/CEED entrance examinations because they have all the variety of questions that can be asked by UCEED/CEED in the examination. And after studying from these books we can guarantee you that you will get good marks in the examination.

 NIFT Design Entrance Exam

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) for this examination we are recommending you the study material of CAT level. You don’t have to study the whole book; you just have to study some of the selected portions from the books.

 Mentioned below are the best books which you should study if you want to crack the NIFT entrance exam easily.

Best Books for NIFT Design Entrance Exam

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma:

The tricks and techniques mentioned in this book for CAT examination will also help you to solve quantitative aptitude of NIFT examination.

If you will study aptitude from these books, then your average speed will be increased to solve the NIFT aptitude questions. In this book there are different difficulty levels of questions given to solve but you don’t have to solve all of them.

You can just solve the illustration and solve examples that are enough for the NIFT examination.

Takshzila :

They have created their own books which are very good for the NIFT examination. You can refer to their material.

They also have created a very insightfully designed material for preparation. This book contains all the questions that can be asked in the NIFT entrance examination.

Verbal Reasoning Test Workbook by Mike Byron:

 NIFT not only asks quantitative aptitude questions they also ask verbal reasoning questions so this book is the best book for that. In this book you will get all the questions which NIFT asks in their verbal reasoning section in the examination.

You should study very well from these books to get good marks in the NIFT entrance examination.

All these 3 books are the best books for NIFT preparation. You should study from a selected portion from these books so that you can enhance your speed to solve the questions in the examination.

You will get confused about what to study or what not to study from these books so this is a self study guide by Creative Edge which will help you to study by yourself only.

NID Design Entrance Exam

NID is a design entrance exam which you will take to take admission in various design institutes. In this entrance examination, the weightage for the aptitude test varies every year.

Last year the weightage for the aptitude test was 40% and 60% for the drawing test. And last to last year it was 30% and 70% respectively.

The maximum number of questions asked in NID is from non – verbal reasoning. So, you should focus on preparing well for non – verbal reasoning. The National Institute of Design entrance exam is slightly easier than other design tests.

Mentioned below are the best books which you should study if you want to crack the NID entrance exam easily.

Best Books for NID Design Entrance Exam

How to do non – verbal reasoning A step by Step Guide by Kay Philip:

From this book you get to learn how you can solve non verbal reasoning easily. In this book you will get a variety of questions and different techniques to solve the questions.

This book is one of the best books for preparing for non verbal reasoning for the design entrance exam.

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests by Mike Byron :

You can practice non verbal reasoning questions from this book also. While studying from this book you can also enhance your imagination and observation skill which is required for NID and UCEED both.

So, these are all the books from which you should consider studying if you want to crack any of the design entrance examinations.