Best Books For Design Entrance Exams 2022

As many books are available both offline and online, it is difficult for many of you to opt for the right books to prepare for design entrance exams like NID, NIFT, and UCEED. 

To ease your preparation, we have compiled the best books highly recommended by experts and toppers. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read through the post to know the list of best books for design entrance exams.

Highly Recommended Books for Design Entrance Exams 2022

The following are some of the best books for design entrance exams that experts recommend. These books cover all the topics as per the latest Syllabus for NID, NIFT, and UCEED.

Book Name Author
Arihant's Ultimate Guide for NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Arihant Publications
R. Gupta for NIFT Entrance Exam Surendra Kavimandan & Shabina Kavimandan
Basic Rendering Robert W.Gill
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning RS Aggarwal
Design Drawing Francis D. K. Ching
UCEED (B. Des) Entrance Books and Test Series AFA India

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Best Design Entrance Exam Books for UCEED 2022

UCEED is a national-level entrance exam conducted by IIT Bombay for providing admission to the Bachelor’s of Design (B.Design) program at IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, and IITDM Jabalpur.

To crack this exam, you must opt for the best books and study material. After very long research on books, we have got these below-mentioned books that will have all the varieties of the questions asked in the UCEED Exam.

NID Online Coaching

NID Online Coaching

Brain Teasers by I am Livingstone and Jamie Thomson

Brain Teasers, written by I am Livingstone and Jamie Thomson, is a fascinating book. While solving this book, you will fall in love with this book.

This book has 211 logic puzzles which are based on Lateral Thinking, Memorization based questions, etc. And many exercises will help to prepare and crack the exam on the first attempt.

We highly recommend you practice from this book as it will help you understand what type of questions can come in the upcoming exam.

536 Puzzles & Curious Problems by Henry Ernest Dudeney :

This book is also an exciting and handy book for you. This book has many unique puzzles which will help you to enhance your brain exponentially. This book has a variety of questions that UCEED has asked or can ask.

Authorities might consider these books while making their entrance exams. When you are solving the previous year's papers of UCEED and solving exercises from this book, you will find a similarity between them.

The origin of the questions asked in UCCED has taken from the core of these books only.

The World’s 200 Hardest Brain Teasers by Dr. Gary Gruber:

A book which you must study for the UCEED/CEED entrance examinations. There are many questions uniquely given in this book to enhance your logical brain.

Solving different questions in this book will help you understand the difficulty level and the essential topics from the exam point of view.

Math Puzzles Volume 1 by Presh Talwalkar:

After these three books, the last book is this, which we will strongly recommend you to study because all the things are given in a comprehensive manner and as per the UCEED Syllabus 2022.

This book has questions based on riddles, counting, geometry, probability, mathematics, etc., for making exam question papers. These books are the primary source.

You can study from these four books for the UCEED entrance examination because they have various questions you can ask in the test. And after learning from these books, we can guarantee you that you will get good marks in the examination.

Best Design Entrance Exam Books for NIFT 2022

If you appear for the NIFT Exam, you must refer to the best books describing each concept in detail.

The following NIFT Preparation Books cover all the topics per the syllabus and provide practice questions under each topic.

How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma:

The tricks and techniques mentioned in this book for the CAT examination will also help you solve the NIFT examination's quantitative aptitude.

If you study aptitude from these books, you can enhance your speed while solving the NIFT Question Papers. In this book, there are different difficulty levels of questions given to solve, but you don’t have to solve all of them.

You can just solve the illustration and solve examples that are enough for the NIFT examination.

Takshzila :

They have created their books which are very good for the NIFT examination. You can refer to their material.

They also have created a very insightfully designed material for preparation. This book contains all the questions that can ask in the NIFT entrance examination.

Verbal Reasoning Test Workbook by Mike Byron:

 NIFT asks quantitative aptitude questions and verbal reasoning questions, so this book is the best book for that. In this book, you will get all the questions that NIFT asks in their verbal reasoning section in the examination.

You should study very well from these books to get good marks in the NIFT entrance examination.

All these three books are the best books for NIFT Exam Preparation. You should study from a selected portion of these books to enhance your speed to solve the questions in the examination.

You will get confused about what to study or what not to study from these books, so this is a self-study guide by Creative Edge, which will help you learn by yourself only.

NID mock test

NID mock test

Best Design Entrance Exam Books for NID 2022

The National Institute of Design entrance exam is slightly more accessible than other design tests. If you appear for the NID Exam, you must refer to the best books that explain each concept in depth.

To ease your preparation, we have provided the best NID preparation Books in the post below.

How to do non – verbal reasoning A step by Step Guide by Kay Philip:

From this book, you get to learn how you can solve non-verbal reasoning quickly. In this book, you will get a variety of questions and different techniques to solve the questions.

This book is one of the best books for preparing for non-verbal reasoning for the design entrance exam.

Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests by Mike Byron :

This book has practice questions and previous year's Question Papers for NID. You can practice non-verbal reasoning questions from this book also.

While studying from this book, you can also enhance your imagination and observation skills required for NID and UCEED.

So, these are all the books you should consider studying if you want to crack any of the design entrance examinations.


Which are the best Books for Design Entrance Exams recommended by toppers?

You can refer to the above post to know the best books for design entrance exams by toppers.

How to choose the best Books for Design Entrance Exams?

You must select a book that covers both topics and sub-topics under the design entrance exam syllabus and is easy to read. You should also review the year of publication of the book when checking the best books, as learning from the new edition would help you learn about the revised syllabus and exam pattern.

Do I need to make notes while preparing from the best books for design entrance exams?

Making notes either in writing or digital, both serve as an effective tool for revision purposes. You can make notes by highlighting important information or weak sections in separate notebooks for different subjects. This will help you learn and brush up on concepts quickly.

How to download the best NID entrance Exam books pdf to study online?

There are many NID preparation books available in PDF format on various websites. You can download PDF and study whenever you wish to.

Can I get Previous Year Paper Books for Design Entrance Exams?

Yes. You can check the list of Previous Year Paper Books for Design Entrance Exams from the above post.