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AILET Study Plan 2024 - GK Plan, Subject-wise Plan, Reasoning Plan, & More

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : July 17, 2023


Reader's Digest: With AILET 2024 notification just around the corner, you cannot afford to ignore the importance of a study plan. To save you time, we have prepared a comprehensive study plan based on the AILET exam pattern 2023.Incorporate some of the best tips in the post below while creating a personalised study timetable. 

AILET 2024 - Exam Date (Out)

The All India Law Entrance Test (AILET), as per the Press release, is December 10, 2023. You have ample time to streamline and prepare for the AILET syllabus.

You must make sure to give equal importance to all the subjects in your daily study plan. If you follow a proper preparation plan and strategy, cracking the exam is not challenging.

If you know exactly what to prepare and how to prepare in these months, cracking the exam is a cakewalk per the revised AILET Exam Pattern 2024, there are only three sections in the question paper, which means Mathematics and legal aptitude have been removed.

If you dedicate 2-3 hours to the law entrance exam, you can easily quickly the syllabus one month before the exam and devote the last month to revision.

Check out this video from last year but still relevant.

AILET Study Plan 2024 - Daily TimeTable

Each day need not be the same. Change your routine that builds interest and eagerness to study more. As the day passes, if you feel any topic is easy, you can replace it with a more challenging subject.

Here is an easy and simple daily plan for the AILET entrance exam that you can follow for better results. 

Topic Preferred Time Allotment
Reading Newspaper 45 mins
Topics from Legal Aptitude 1 hour
Topic from the English Language 1 hour
Topics from General Knowledge 1 hour
Mathematics 1 hour
Puzzles/Analytical Reasoning 45 mins
Passages & Grammar 1-1.5 hours
Revision for the day and planning for the next day 1.5 hours

Do you find it easy? You can alter it if you cannot study for long hours. The preparation timing can vary for each one of you.

But, if you follow this plan continuously for a couple months, you can complete the entire AILET Syllabus. You will also have 2-3 weeks for revision as well.

So, start today itself for better results. 

Most of you might not be able to study for these many hours. Some get confused; others can’t concentrate for a long time. 

Well, don’t worry! We have an alternative AILET study plan to ease your preparation which is as follows.

  • Reduce the number of hours allotted for each subject.
  • Divide the subjects into easy, medium, and challenging levels.
  • If you are studying Mathematics and Legal Aptitude today, you can learn other subjects tomorrow. 

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Detailed Subject-wise AILET Study Plan 2024

As per the, there are five subjects involved in the examination. There are a few pointers to remember when you prepare a subject-wise study plan. 

You may have queries on what topics should be boring, which topic must focus on, and some tricks. 

You can check out these quick tips and tricks to understand the topic better and score good marks. 

AILET AILET Study Plan 2024 - English 

Like other sections, the English section holds much importance in the AILET exam. The questions in this section are more challenging and lengthier than those in the CLAT exam. 

A total of 35 questions will be asked from the English section of AILET. The questions are designed to test your grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. 

Hence, solving previous year's question papers for AILET every week will help you understand the type of questions asked and the difficulty level.

  • Get a firm grip on grammatical rules to tackle error detection-based questions.
  • Try to learn at least 5-10 new words daily in your daily life.
  • Read novels and newspapers so that you will come across new words.
  • Understand the usage of the words in sentences. 

AILET AILET Study Plan 2024 - Logical Reasoning

The Reasoning section of AILET involves 35 questions, and the majority of questions in this section are from topics like Critical and Verbal Reasoning, Analogies, Number Series, and Fact inference judgment.

  • This section tests your logical thinking and reasoning ability.
  • Solving puzzle-related questions and games that demand logic will help enhance your Reasoning Aptitude Preparation Plan for the AILET exam.
  • Solve more previous year's papers and sample papers to improve your time management and problem-solving skills.

AILET AILET Study Plan 2024 - Current Affairs & GK

The GK section includes 35 objective-type questions from sports, History, Art & Culture, economics, and Govt. Karan quoted policy, Books, Geography, Awards, National & International Events, Organizations, and people.

You can follow the study plan given be enhance your GK Preparation for AILET 2024.

  • Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily.
  • As per the previous analysis, most of the questions are asked from current affairs than static GK.
  • You can tackle static GK by reading the recommended books.
  • For current affairs, refer to popular newspapers and monthly magazines.
  • Also, you can follow Daily Current Affairs to stay updated with all the latest issues happening across the globe.
  • Practice previous year's papers to know the different types of questions asked. 

AILET Study Plan 2024 - Expert's Tips to Prepare along with Board Exams

This could be most of your issue or a query in most of your’s minds. Well, you need not worry about this. 

Generally, the AILET exam is conducted after the board exams, and you will have around one month to prepare for the entrance exam.

However, one month is enough to balance your school study and AILET preparation.

To prepare well for All Indithe Law Entrance Test and board exams, you should divide the time between board exam preparation and entrance exam preparation.

You can give 2-3 hours each day for AILET Preparation and the remaining time for the board exams.

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After I have completed the entire syllabus, what can be my final stage of preparation? How to revise all topics in a week or ten days? 

AILET Study Plan 2024 - Last 10 Days Strategy

Based on the expert advice from the LegalEdge team, during the last ten days, do not pick any new concepts. Instead, revise all the topics you prepared for the past two to three months.

The following are some of the backs to enhance your Last Minute Preparation for the AILET exam.

  • GK: Allot 2-3 hours of your daily time for the GK section and revise at least one month of current affairs in one day.
  • English: Allocate 1 hour of your daily time revising antonyms and synonyms you have learned in the past month. Solve at least one previous year's AILET paper a day.
  • Logical Reasoning: You can allot 2 hours per day for the analytical reasoning section. Note down all the questions and try to work on the concepts on which you are not clear.

AILET Preparation Plan 2024 - Do's & Don't

Remember these do's and don't while following the AILET study plan. 

  • A study plan doesn’t mean 24*7 you need to study. Try to relax and take breaks.
  • Distribute all the subjects in your daily plan.
  • Include all subjects in your schedule with equal time intervals. 
  • Keep a checklist of what to study daily, as it will help you not miss out on any topic. 
  • Don’t begin your preparation with a tricky and tedious subject. 
  • Take up the subject or topic you like the most first and later move to other subjects.

AILET Mock Tests

AILET Mock Tests

AILET Study Plan 2024 - Know the Top 3 Benefits

Everyone is a different individual, and we have different likings, dislikings, strengths and weaknesses. Each one of your preparation strategies may vary.

So, the same study plan might not work for all. 

While doing the AILET Exam Preparation, some of you may feel fully prepared and know everything, but nothing pops out in the exam.

Just reading or studying doesn’t fetch you good marks and qualifications. It would help if you were smart while studying and also, notably, during revision.

The most common reason for the same is a lack of study plan. A proper study plan puts things in place. 

Know the top 3 benefits of having a study plan. 

  1. Better and improved study pattern - The most significant advantage of a study plan is that it gives you more time to prepare for the exam.
  2. Time to prepare for the unexpected - If anything surprising topic or question pops up, in the end, you still have time to prepare it.
  3. Enhanced Productivity - It helps you to avoid procrastination enabling you to memorise effectively.

Summing Up - Want more guidance on AILET? Get tips on how long you should study for the law entrance exams by visiting www.toprankers.com. Good luck with your preparation! Happy Reading! 

“Work as hard as you can and then be happy in the knowledge you couldn’t have done anymore.”

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