AILET is one of the law entrance exam conducted by NLU Delhi. Are you preparing or appearing for AILET 2021? Well, there are a few important points to remember during your preparation and last-minute revision. Here, we shall discuss AILET Last Minute Preparation Tips.

Many of you might be having exam fear, and facing problems in answering the questions even when you know the right answer. This post presents you tips and tricks for your revision period and attempting the exam with a calm mind. 

AILET Last Minute Preparation Tips

This year, the AILET 2021 Exam is scheduled for 20th June 2021. There is an ample amount of time to prepare perfectly for all subjects. There are five sections in the All India Law Entrance Test for the LLB program while just 2 sections for the LLM program. To know subject-wise tricks and strategies, follow our AILET Preparation Tips by top faculties. 

Once you are done with studying all topics as per the syllabus, it is time for revision. Generally, experts advise to begin the revision when there is a month left for the exam. This is the right time as you have enough time to revise each topic you have read and also take up tests for better preparation. Check out the top three things to do during AILET Last Minute Preparation and their benefits. 

Important AILET Last Minute Tips 2021

During the last minute preparation, make sure to plan your preparation well and crack the exam with a high score. Let's get deep to understand a few strategies on how to improve AILET Revision, last-minute preparation, and get away from exam fear:

Solve Sample Questions

Like any other entrance exam, ensure to solve as many AILET Previous Year Papers. Also, while solving these test papers, set a time limit in the form of a real-time exam, and complete it on time. Practicing in that way will help in improving time management. You will understand the difficulty level of questions and know which type of questions will be asked in the exam. 

Strategize your Time Management

As the old proverb says, “Time Flies”, so you need to take good care of what are you doing with your valuable time. You need to formulate a proper time strategy by understanding the AILET paper pattern thoroughly. AILET paper is divided into five sections, which are, Basic Mathematics, General Knowledge, English, Legal Aptitude, and Logical Reasoning with a total of 90 minutes duration to answer 150 questions. Thus, it is advised that taking up the exam should fix your time for the particular section firmly.

Tackling Reading Comprehension

As per the previous year papers, it is quite noticeable that Reading Comprehension passages in AILET exam are a bit long and usually difficult to comprehend. So, it is advisable that you need to keep aside more time to solve this section of the exam. Apart from this, you should fix a part of their time to solve the questions in Legal Reasoning section of the exam as well.

Attempt Mock Tests

It is advised to take up AILET Mock Tests during last-minute preparation to analyze your preparation. This enhances your preparation levels and improves your speed while answering the question paper. You will come across different questions through which you can know on which topic you are strong and in which you need to improve. 

AILET Study Plan 2021

AILET Study Plan 2021

Spare Some Time at the End

You need to freeze some amount of time to contemplate the whole paper at the end. We have also given the required time (as per observation) to spend for different sections of the exam in the table given below.

Subject Time to Spend on Section
English 20 Minutes
General Knowledge 10 Minutes
Legal Aptitude 25 Minutes
Logical Reasoning 25 Minutes
Mathematics 10 Minutes

Review and Revision

Grammar is an important part of the AILET paper. You are advised to go through the questions related to Grammar, Legal Aptitude, Critical Reasoning as well as GK/Current Affairs. These are the sections that are well-known to make all the difference for AILET Exam.

Know Marking Scheme for Exam

There will be a negative marking in AILET 2021. The criteria for negative marking will be based on the formula 0.25X4=1, which means for each wrong answer, 0.25 Marks will be deducted. Therefore, four wrong answers will lead to a deduction of 1 Mark.

Subject Total Questions Total Marks
English including Comprehension 35 35
General Knowledge (Current Affairs, General Science, History, Geography, Economics, Civics) 35 35
Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability) 10 10
Legal Aptitude 35 35
Logical Reasoning 35 35
Total 150 150

Section Wise AILET Last Minute Preparation Tips 2021


  • Keep in touch with prepositions and phrasal verbs questions.
  • Review your vocabulary as well; revising the words that you have already learned would be of great help.
  • Try to solve previous year papers and attempt English Quiz to know which type of questions can come under this section. 


  • Keep recollecting all the important formulae that you have learned;
  • make a list of the tough ones and revise them as frequently as you can.
  • Also review important concepts of all topics, focusing essentially on arithmetic.
  • Make sure to go through all the short-cuts you have learned during your preparation. They are huge time savers on the AILET.

General Knowledge

  • For GK, keep yourself updated with Daily Current Affairs until the previous day of the exam.
  • For static GK, read through a standard GK book oriented towards CLAT.
  • Read newspapers and watch the news to know about recent issues across the globe.


How can I better prepare for the AILET Exam?

  • Following the expert tips would definitely help you to prepare better for the AILET Exam 2021. 
  • Begin your preparation by studying from the right books which cover all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern and make sure you are aware of the detailed Paper pattern and latest Syllabus of the exam before starting your preparation.
  • Taking up Mock Tests regularly and solving AILET Sample Papers helps to test your preparation and improve your speed and managing time.

Can I complete the AILET syllabus in 3 months?

Yes. With proper preparation strategy, candidates can easily complete the AILET Syllabus 2021 in 3 months.

Should I solve AILET LLM Previous year question papers during my exam preparation?

Yes. It is important to solve AILET Previous year questions papers during your exam preparation as it will help you to improve your speed and accuracy.

Can I prepare for AILET in one month?

This would be very tough and you cant focus on all subjects equally. Generally, the last one month is suggested for revision. Atleast 6 months is required for proper in depth preparation. 

What are the top AILET last minute tips?

Some of the important last minute tips for AILET exam are:

  • revising each topic and giving a quick glance
  • solving previous year papers or sample papers
  • attempting mock tests