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Short Tricks to Solve Reading Comprehension in Aptitude Exams

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 31, 2023


Summary: Master the art of acing Reading Comprehension (RC) questions in aptitude exams with these effective short tricks. This article offers insightful strategies and short tricks to solve reading comprehension in aptitude exams to help you decode passages swiftly, enhancing your overall performance in aptitude tests.

Reading Comprehension (RC) questions are a common sight in aptitude exams, challenging candidates' reading and analytical skills.

These questions assess your ability to understand, interpret, and draw conclusions from written passages. While RC questions might seem daunting, mastering a few short tricks can significantly improve your accuracy and speed in solving them.

In this article, we will share valuable preparation tips and 10 RC questions with answers that will boost your confidence in tackling these challenges.

Let's check the short tricks to solve reading comprehension in aptitude exams!

Short Tricks to Solve Reading Comprehension in Aptitude Exams 2024

In order to do well in Reading Comprehension questions in aptitude exams, it is important to practice certain techniques. These include skimming the passage to get the main points, scanning for important words like proper nouns and conjunctions, focusing more on the first and last paragraph, anticipating what will come next in the passage, and reading any given comprehension at least twice.

Additionally, visiting IPMAT Mocks to access various types of passages can further help with practice.

1. Skim the Passage

Begin by quickly skimming through the passage to get a sense of its topic and structure.

This initial reading helps you understand the main ideas before diving into the details.

2. Focus on Keywords

Identify keywords or phrases that convey the main ideas, opinions, or arguments within the passage.

This will guide you while answering questions.

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3. Take Notes

Jot down a few keywords or short phrases while reading.

These notes will aid your memory when answering questions that require you to recall specific details.

4. Avoid Overreading

Don't spend too much time reading and re-reading the passage.

Extract the necessary information and move on to the questions.

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5. Predict Answers

Before looking at the answer choices, try to predict the possible answers based on your understanding of the passage.

This can help you quickly identify the correct choice.

6. Answer Wh-Questions First

Start with questions that have 'who,' 'what,' 'where,' 'when,' and 'why.'

These questions often refer to specific information in the passage.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Short Tricks to Solve Reading Comprehension in Aptitude Exams: 10 Questions

In many Aptitude Exams, English sections are strongly emphasized, with Reading Comprehension being the most significant. This particular portion of the English section is often the most challenging for test takers due to its time-intensive nature.

Other topics included in the English section are -

  • Para Jumbles
  • Vocabulary
  • Cloze Test, and more

Consequently, it is frequently difficult for examinees to achieve a high score in this portion of the test.

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Short Tricks to Solve Reading Comprehension in Aptitude Exams: Sample Passage

The honeybee is a remarkable insect known for its complex social structure and vital role in pollination. Worker bees gather nectar from flowers and convert it into honey through a process of enzymatic reaction. This honey serves as a primary food source for the bee colony during the winter months.

Question 1: What is the primary role of worker bees?

Answer: The primary role of worker bees is to gather nectar from flowers and convert it into honey.

Question 2: Why is honey important for the bee colony?

Answer: Honey serves as a primary food source for the bee colony during the winter months.

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Question 3: What is the significance of honeybees in pollination?

Answer: Honeybees play a vital role in pollination, aiding in the reproduction of various plant species.

Question 4: What is the process by which nectar is converted into honey?

Answer: Nectar is converted into honey through an enzymatic reaction.

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Question 5: What is the primary function of the honeybee's complex social structure?

Answer: The complex social structure of honeybees allows for efficient gathering, processing, and storage of nectar and honey.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Question 6: When does the bee colony primarily rely on honey?

Answer: The bee colony primarily relies on honey during the winter months.

Question 7: How do worker bees contribute to the bee colony's survival?

Answer: Worker bees contribute to the bee colony's survival by converting nectar into honey, which serves as a source of sustenance.

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Question 8: What food source do honeybees depend on during the winter?

Answer: Honeybees depend on the stored honey as their main food source during the winter.

Question 9: What does the passage highlight about the enzymatic reaction in bees?

Answer: The passage highlights that an enzymatic reaction is involved in the conversion of nectar into honey.

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Question 10: Which season is particularly challenging for the bee colony in terms of food availability?

Answer: Winter is a challenging season for the bee colony in terms of food availability.


Mastering Reading Comprehension questions in aptitude exams requires a combination of strategic reading and quick thinking. By following the short tricks to solve reading comprehension in aptitude exams and practising with the provided RC questions, you'll be well-equipped to tackle these questions efficiently. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with consistent effort, you can enhance your ability to decode passages and extract crucial information, thus improving your performance in aptitude exams.

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