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Best Ways to Improve Quantitative Aptitude for BBA Entrance Exam

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : October 17, 2022


Summary: Quantitative Aptitude is the key to cracking any BBA entrance exam. It’s the most scoring subject of all, and if you are here, you probably want to learn “how to improve your quantitative aptitude skills?”. So here we will be discussing some important practices that will improve your quantitative aptitude skills drastically.

Are you scared of numbers? If yes, then this article is the perfect remedy for your fear. Quantitative Aptitude is all about numbers and your ability to solve numerical problems. Whether you are mathematics or non-mathematics student, if you are planning for BBA, you need to crack the code for quantitative aptitude.

Quant can be a high-scoring subject if you have your grasp over mathematics. Even many non-maths students have scored amazing marks just by using some simple tricks. 

Keep reading, and we will reveal the secret ingredients high-scoring aspirants use to crack the quantitative section. 

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Best Practices to Improve Quantitative Aptitude for BBA Entrance Exams

Before talking about these tips, how about you trying to figure out one tip that you think might help you in a better way? If yes, that would be a bonus, or these practices will help you improve your quantitative aptitude.

  • Accept Numbers
    In Quantitative Aptitude, you are going to face the complexities of numbers. If you have had time to accept numbers as your friend, you will face lots of trouble solving the paper. Start with the basics and go through all the relevant mathematical formulas. 
    Thereafter you should practice handling large numbers and complex mathematical formulas. As always, practice makes you perfect, so do practice a lot, and eventually, you will become efficient in solving any numerical problems.
  • Rely on Shortcuts and Techniques
    This kind of entrance exam requires efficiency while solving problems. If you are using old-school methods, then you need an upgrade. Shortcuts and tricks are much more efficient in saving your time while attempting exams. There are many sessions on the SuperGrads channel that will teach you how to solve different types of questions with simple and efficient tricks.
    While the old-school methods take unnecessary time for any question, shortcuts will help you solve them in a matter of seconds. 
  • Time Management
    The biggest responsibility is to manage your time while attempting the paper. Mostly the exams consist of 60 questions which you need to answer in just two hours. That is 2 minutes for each question, so you need to be calculative about your decisions as there is also negative marking for wrongly answered questions. Considering this fact, you should attempt the questions you are sure about and have confidence that you can solve them under the 2-minute time limit. Leaving out a few unsure questions is always better than attempting them wrongly and reducing your overall score. 
  • Speed with Accuracy
    Being fast in the entrance exam is the only way you can cover up the 60 questions mark. But don’t be in a hurry to complete all the questions; leaving a question you are unsure about is not a problem. While marking your answers, take a brief pause and mark them with consciousness. Most students do find the right answer but the hurry to move to the next question sometimes prompts them to mark the incorrect answer, wasting their hard work, time, and effort. 

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  • Practice and Mocks
    As a last tip in the list, we would definitely mention this. Practice can easily make the burden lighter for you. If you are consistent with your practice, even the toughest topics will become easier for you, especially while dealing with subjects like mathematics, where rote knowledge has no place, only thing helping you will be practice.
    Now coming to mocks, you should at least attempt two mocks a week to have a constant track of your progress. At SuperGrads, you will get a series of mock tests designed by expert faculty having in-depth knowledge of the subject. Mocks will surely tell you whether you stand a chance of qualifying for the exam or not. 

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

These tips are considered some of the best tips for improving quantitative aptitude for the BBA entrance exam. However, you can surely apply any tip that comes to your mind that sounds brilliant to you. 

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Things You Should Avoid While Preparing for Quantitative Aptitude

As it is clear Quantitative Aptitude is all about numbers, and you are expected to be good at it. If you are preparing for competitive exams like CUET or IPMAT, you need to be fast in order to maximize your chances of selection. Here are some points that you should avoid if you want to score higher in Quantitative Aptitude-

  • Never rely on conventional methods- Conventional methods of problem-solving are usually what we all have learned in schools. While these methods are straightforward, we don’t have enough time to solve each problem. 
  • Never miss any concept- Clearing concepts in quantitative aptitude is very important. Mostly students skip some concepts, either thinking that’s too easy or too tough. This is a mathematics exam; any concept can be combined with others to create a new question. And surely you will leave it unattempted. 
  • Never ignore the fundamentals- Even advanced mathematics requires a fundamental understanding of concepts. If you skip the basics and move to advanced, especially in maths, you won’t understand anything for sure. 

Hope these things are clear to you, and also the tips to improve your Quantitative Aptitude for BBA entrance exams. Make sure to avoid these things to excel in your examinations. 

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ipmat mock test

ipmat Mock test


To ace the Quantitative Aptitude section, you will have to follow these basic tips with sincerity. Quantitative aptitude has a decent weightage in the entrance exams, so you must prepare well.
In case you are having difficulty with the preparations, you can avail of the coaching at SuperGrads, where you will be taught by one of the best faculties in the field. You can also get a series of mock tests to improve your overall performance. 

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