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How to solve Percentage Questions for Aptitude-based Exams 2024?

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : August 31, 2023


Summary: Check out the percentage-based questions in aptitude exams in this comprehensive guide. Learn essential techniques, tips, and examples on how to solve percentage questions for aptitude-based exams 2024? And boost your overall performance!

In most of the aptitude exams, you can expect at least 2-3 questions from the percentage topics.

Percentage-based questions are a common fixture in aptitude-based exams, evaluating candidates' proficiency in numerical reasoning. Whether you're preparing for entrance exams, job assessments, or competitive tests, mastering percentage calculations is essential.

This article is your go-to resource, offering valuable insights and preparation strategies on how to solve percentage questions for aptitude-based exams 2024?

How to solve Percentage Questions for Aptitude-based Exams 2024?: Tips

The percentage questions in an Aptitude Exam can be solved by various methods and tricks, but to use those methods and tricks, you should be aware of the fractional value of the percentage. So that we can convert the percentage into the fractional value, solve the question easily and then convert that fractional value into the ratio.

For example:

Any number XYZ is increased by 25%. So, we should be aware of the fractional value of 25%, i.e. ¼. Here, 4 is the base value. Initially, let us assume that the number is 4, and you have increased it by 1, so the ratio will be 4:5. So if you know the exact value of any of them, 4 or 5. So, you can calculate the other value easily or else you know the exact value of their difference, i.e. 1 unit.

The fractional value of 25% is ¼, the fractional value of 20% is 1/5, and the fractional value of 33.33% is 1/3.

How to find 100% of a number - 100% of a number means the whole thing; hence, 100% of any number is just the number itself.

Example: 100% of 5 is 5; 100% of 740 is 740.

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How to find 50% of a number - 50% of a number means half of that number. So, when you are finding 50% of any number, just divide it by 2.

Example: 50% of 86 is 43; 50% of 7/2 is 3.5

How to find 25% of a number - 25% of any number is 1/4 of that number. Hence, you need to divide the number by 4 to find 25% of the number.

Example: 25% of 84 is 21; 25% of 15 is 3.75.

How to find 20% of a number - 20% of a number is 1/5 of that number, which means you must divide the number by 5 to get 25% of that number.

Example: 20% of 250 is 50; 20% of 41 is 8.2

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How to find 10% of a number - 10% of any number is 1/10 of the number. You must divide the given number by 10 to find 10% of that number.

Example: 10% of 8 is 0.8; 10% of 30 is 3.

How to find 200%, 300% and so on of a number - To find 200%, 300% or any multiples of 100, you need to remove the two zeroes and multiply with the left-out numeral.

Example: 300% of 40 is 120 (300 * 40 = 120)

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Preparation Tips to Solve Percentage Questions for Aptitude-based Exams 2024

Here are tips for how to solve percentage questions for aptitude-based exams 2024?

  1. Understand the Concept: Begin by grasping the fundamental concept of percentages. A percentage is a fraction of 100, indicating a proportion or portion of a whole.
  2. Know Common Fraction-Percentage Equivalents: Memorize common fraction-percentage conversions, such as 1/4 = 25%, 1/2 = 50%, and 3/4 = 75%, to streamline calculations.
  3. Practice Mental Math: Strengthen your mental math skills by learning shortcuts like multiplying by 1.5 for a 50% increase or multiplying by 0.8 for a 20% decrease.
  4. Use Proportions: When dealing with part-whole relationships, set up proportions to find unknown values based on given percentages.
  5. Combine Percentages: For successive percentage changes (e.g., a 20% increase followed by a 30% decrease), apply cumulative adjustments to the original value.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

How to solve Percentage Questions for Aptitude-based Exams 2024?: Sample Percentage Questions

Here are a few percentage-based questions curated from previous year's DU JAT question papers. These questions will help you to easily understand the format to solve the percentage questions in Aptitude exams.

By solving these questions, you will find that the percentage of questions are easy to solve and very scoring. You will get every trick and method to solve percentage questions easily. So practice these questions and enhance your preparation.

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Question 1

In order to maximize his gain, a theatre owner decides to reduce the price of tickets by 20%, and as a result of this, the sales of tickets increase by 40% if, as a result of these changes, he is able to increase his total collection by Rs. 8400, find his original price of a ticket if he initially used to sell 140 tickets?

  • (a) 500
  • (b) 1000
  • (c) 240
  • (d) 250

Question 2

If the first number is 8.33% less than the third number and the ratio of the second and third numbers is 15:16, then the average of the first and third numbers is how much per cent less/more than the second number?

  • (a) 2.66%
  • (b) 2.22%
  • (c) 3.33%
  • (d) 2.45%

Download FREE Percentage Questions and Answers PDF

Question 3

At a party, only couples are invited. If 44 4/9% of invited people are vegetarian and 60% of males are non-vegetarian, then find the number of fathers if 20% of males have children (it is given that 920 women are non-vegetarian).

  • (a) 360
  • (b) 270
  • (c) 315
  • (d) 450

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Question 4

A’s income is 57 1/7% of B’s income. If A’s income is 525% more than B’s savings and A’s savings are 16.66% of B’s expenditure. The difference between A’s savings and B’s savings is Rs. 315. Then, find the average income of A and B.

  • (a) 3712.5
  • (b) 3850
  • (c) 4125
  • (d) 4950

Question 5

The expenditure on wheat of a family is 28.56% less than rice; expenditure on rice is 12.5% less than pulse. If expenditure on wheat, rice, and pulse are increased by 9.5%, 17.5%, and 12.5%, respectively, and total expenditure is increased by Rs. 540. Then, find the total income of the family if, other than this expenditure, the family saves Rs. 500.

  • (a) 4500
  • (b) 3500
  • (c) 5500
  • (d) 4000

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Question 6

A’s salary is 20% less than B’s salary. B’s savings is 50% more than A’s savings. If B spends 40% of his salary and the average of A’s salary and B’s savings is Rs. 10500, then find the expenditure of A.

  • (a) 6000
  • (b) 7500
  • (c) 9000
  • (d) 10500
  • (e) 12000

Question 7

In 2010, a library contained a total of 11500 books in two categories – fiction and non-fiction. In 2015, the library contained a total of 12760 books in these two categories. During this period, there was a 10% increase in the fiction category while there was a 12% increase in the non–fiction category. How many fiction books were in the library in 2015?

  • (a) 6600
  • (b) 6160
  • (c) 6000
  • (d) 5500

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Question 8

A Man spends 28% of his salary on food. From the remaining, he spent 1/6th on rent and sent 3/8th to his mother. If he left with Rs. 5280, what amount would he send to his mother?

  • (a) Rs. 4230
  • (b) Rs. 4320
  • (c) Rs. 4580
  • (d) Rs. 4420

Question 9

If the price of a laptop is reduced by 15%, and the new price is $850, what is the original price?

Answer: Original price = New price / (1 - Percentage decrease) Original price = $850 / (1 - 0.15) = $1000

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Question 10

A company's profits increased by 25% in the first quarter and then decreased by 10% in the second quarter. What is the net change in profits?

Answer: Net change = (25% increase) + (-10% decrease) Net change = 15%

Question 11

If an item originally costs $120 and is on sale for 20% off, what is the sale price?

Answer: Sale price = Original price - (Percentage off * Original price) Sale price = $120 - (0.20 * $120) = $96

Question 12

In a class of 50 students, 40% are boys. How many girls are there?

Answer: Number of girls = Total students * Percentage girls Number of girls = 50 * 0.60 = 30

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Question 13

 car's value depreciated by 15% annually. If its current value is $17,000, what was its value two years ago?

Answer: Value two years ago = Current value / (1 - Percentage depreciation)^Number of years Value two years ago = $17000 / (1 - 0.15)^2 ≈ $22,064.96

Percentage Questions and Answers PDF Download

For more questions on percentage questions, download the pdf below, which includes questions and solutions.

Enhance your preparation for DU JAT by solving these questions and score good marks in the mathematics section.


Solving percentage questions is a skill that holds significance in various aptitude-based exams. By mastering percentage calculations, you not only enhance your problem-solving abilities but also boost your confidence when tackling quantitative challenges. The preparation tips on How to solve Percentage Questions for Aptitude-based Exams 2024? And the example questions provided in this article offer a strong foundation for approaching percentage-related problems with ease and accuracy. With practice and persistence, you'll find yourself excelling in these calculations and achieving success in your aptitude exams.

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