DU JAT (Delhi University Joint Admission Test) is the authorized entrance exam held for admissions in undergraduate programs like BMS, BBA, etc. in Delhi University. As the exam is arriving soon, it is important for candidates to know How to Prepare for DU JAT 2021.

How to Prepare for DU JAT 2021?

The DU JAT Exam 2021 is an online mode of exam conducted for 120 marks. Here we have provided simple tips and tricks to help candidates to know how to better prepare for DU JAT 2021 Exam.

  • Candidates who have a wish to get admission in Delhi University must appear for the DU JAT exam.
  • To get an admission, candidates must focus on the important topics that carry the highest marks in the exam.
  • As per the previous year's DU JAT Exam Analysis, the question paper is easy and doable. Most of the questions are repeated from previous years. 
  • Before starting with preparation, it is important for candidates to know the detailed DU JAT exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Interested candidates who want to clear their exam in the first attempt can follow the expert tips provided in this post.
  • Solve DU JAT Sample Papers regularly to know the difficulty level of the exam and know which type of questions are asked. 
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DU JAT Study Plan 2021

Before beginning with the preparation, it is important for every candidate to make a proper study plan as per their convenience. Here is the list of strategies to be followed during preparation.

Be thorough with the Pattern & Syllabus

  • make sure you are well versed with the exam pattern and DU JAT Syllabus 2021
  • Know the marking scheme, number of questions asked from each section, and also the time duration.
  • Make a note of topics in which you are strong and weak

Prepare a Study Plan

  • Prepare a study plan such that you allot regular intervals for completing each topic.
  • Give more time for studying tough topics and less time for the easiest and the topics in which you are strong.
  • Make sure to study all the topics planned for that day without fail.

Make Notes

  • While you are studying, try to note down important points and terminologies.
  • This will help in last-minute preparation. This way you can know that you are studying in-depth.

Choose the Right Book

  • Study all the topics from the right books prescribed by the experts.
  • Ensure to study each topic in-depth and be thorough.
  • Mark your doubts and seek help from your faculties and get them cleared. 

Take up Mock Tests

  • After completion of each topic or subject, try to attempt mock tests
  • This will help in analyzing your preparation. You can also improve your speed and accuracy.

Solve Previous Year Papers

  • This is one of the most suggested methods of preparation by experts as you will understand the difficulty level of the exam.
  • You can also know which type of questions are from each subject by solving DU JAT sample papers

Do not forget to Revise

  • No one is perfect at one time. make sure to revise all the topics again without fail.
  • Revision helps in testing yourself whether you are aware of all these topics or not.

5 Day Final Preparation Guidelines

The last few days left for the exam are the crucial days and must be well utilized. Try to put in the utmost effort and be well prepared. Here are a few important tips from experts to enhance your last few days preparation:

  • Revision is the most important strategy in the last few days left for the exam.
  • Try to revise all the topics by giving a quick glance. Also, revise the notes made during studying all the topics.
  • Set a time limit and solve question papers to know how much you are prepared. This way you can improve your speed and manage time.
  • Pick any random topic and list out questions from that. Try answering them and know your preparation levels.
  • As there is negative marking in DU JAT Exam, try not to guess any answers. If you are not sure just move on to the next question. 

DU JAT Preparation Tips and Strategies 2021

To enhance your preparation of the exam, follow these simple DU JAT Preparation tips provided by experts.

Time Management

To crack any competitive exam, time management is the most important factor. Begin your preparation by assigning fixed time for each subject. This will help you learn how to analyze questions in the final exam without wasting much time. Don't stick on the question you don't know, skip that particular question and solve the other questions that are easy.

Know Syllabus

Before starting your preparation, it is important for candidates to know the detailed DU JAT Syllabus 2021. It will help you know the difficult topics and easy topics as the point of the exam. Prepare a study plan as per the syllabus and start your preparation.

Know the Exam pattern

After knowing the syllabus, candidates must go through the DU JAT Exam pattern 2021. Knowing the exam pattern will help you know the total number of questions for each section, marking scheme, and time duration for each section.

Make Short Notes

Ensure to make notes that include important points and basic formulas during studying. These notes will help in the revision period.

Know Weakness and Strengths

During the preparation, it is important for candidates to know their weaknesses and strengths. It will help to build up in strong areas and focus on the weaker areas to work hard. To analyze the preparation level, one can make a list of topics that they have learned on the most productive day and compare it with the topics they have learned on subsequent days.

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Find Best Study Material

Finding the best study material is the most important factor while preparing for the DU JAT Exam. You can opt for the best books that cover all the topics as per the latest syllabus. Candidates should be very careful while choosing the books because their entire preparation will depend on it.

Analyze Previous Year Papers

Solving previous year DU JAT sample papers will help candidates to know the type of questions asked in the exam, the difficulty level of the paper, marking scheme, etc. Candidates need to practice as many as sample papers in order to crack the exam easily. Also, every year some repeated questions will be asked in the exam from the previous year's papers, so it will be easy to score marks in the exam.

Read Newspaper Daily

Reading newspapers daily will let candidates know all the happening around the world which is very important to clear the General Awareness section of the DU JAT Exam. Candidates must spend at least one-hour reading newspapers in order to improve their vocabulary.

Practice Mock Tests

Practicing mock tests will help candidates to improve their time management skills and problem-solving techniques. It will also help improve your speed, accuracy, and build your confidence. Practicing more and more DU JAT Mock Tests regularly would definitely help learn the techniques to solve the difficult type of questions easily in the exam.


Without revision, it is difficult for candidates to remember the concepts. So, candidates are advised to revise all the topics on a weekly basis. It will also help you focus more on topics that you are feeling difficult. 

Maintain Good Health

Last but not least, maintaining good health is very important while preparation. Maintain a proper diet during the DU JAT Preparation. Take fresh fruits and vegetables at the time of preparation for the exam. Avoid oily and greasy foods. Do Meditation and yoga in the free time that helps to concentrate and focus on studies.

DU JAT Section-Wise Preparation Tips 2021

Here are a few experts who suggested section-wise preparation strategies. Follow them during your preparation and be exam ready.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • The quant section includes questions from the 11th and 12th Maths syllabus. Also, there are a few important topics from the 10th standard. 
  • R.D.Sharma is one of the best-suggested books for Quant preparation as it explains every topic in-depth and includes many questions.
  • Try to solve more and more question papers and mock tests to analyze preparation levels and be well prepared.

Reasoning and Analytical Ability

  • This section tests candidate's reasoning and analytical ability.
  • It includes questions related to bar graphs and charts etc.
  • Any data interpretation book could be helpful for this section.

Verbal Ability

  • This section tests candidate's vocabulary and reading skills.
  • Try reading newspapers to find out new words and improve your vocabulary.
  • Candidates should learn the roots of the words that may be the best way to determine the meaning of hundreds of words.

Business and General Awareness

  • Questions related to products and their companies are asked.
  • Important international days are also asked.
  • Candidates are also advised to remember national prize winners of current and previous years.

Best Books for DU JAT Preparation 2021

Preparing from the best book would definitely enhance your preparation level and boost your confidence levels. To ease your preparation, we have provided some best books for the preparation of the DU JAT 2021 Exam. Refer to the books and start your preparation accordingly.

Best Books for Quantitative Aptitude

Go through the best books for Quantitative Aptitude that are mentioned in the table below.

Books Author
Maths class XI and XIIth NCERT
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations Abhijit Guha-McGraw-Hill Education
The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations Dinesh Khattar

Best Books for Reasoning and Analytical Ability

Here is the list of some best books for the preparation of the Reasoning and Analytical Ability section.

Books Author
Short-cuts in reasoning Disha Publications
A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical Arihant publications
Verbal and Non-Verbal Aptitude RS Agrawal

Best Books for General English

Check the table below to know the best books for the preparation of the General English section of the DU JAT Exam 2021.

Books Author
General English Arihant Publications
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
High School English Grammar Wren and Martin

Mistakes to Avoid in DU JAT 2021 Exam

Candidates who are going to appear in the DU JAT 2021 Exam should avoid the mistakes that are mentioned below.

  • Candidates should not start with difficult topics while preparing for the exam.
  • Try to avoid mugging up all the topics in one go, instead read each topic on a daily basis and it will help you remember all the important formulas and concepts.
  • For General English Section, do not read all the concepts in a single day. Instead, try to make a list of difficult words and their meanings while studying books or newspapers.
  • Candidates must avoid taking new topics one or two weeks before the examination.
  • Aspirants are advised do not take the final exam without attempting mock tests or previous year papers.


How can I better prepare for the DU JAT 2020 Exam?

Following the expert tips will definitely help you to prepare better for the DU JAT Exam 2020. Begin your preparation by studying from the right books which cover all the concepts and topics according to the latest exam pattern and make sure you are aware of the detailed Paper pattern and latest Syllabus of the DU JAT Exam before starting your preparation.

Taking up Mock Tests regularly and solving DU JAT Sample Papers helps to test your preparation and improve your speed and managing time. It is important to study all the topics present in the syllabus without leaving any topic. One of the best methods to score more marks in the exam is to practice as many previous year question papers as possible.

What are the best books for the preparation of the General English Section of the DU JAT 2020 Exam?

The following are some of the best books for the preparation of the General English Section of the DU JAT 2020 Exam.

General EnglishArihant Publications
Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
High School English GrammarWren and Martin

Do I need to take specific coaching for DU JAT 2020?

It solely depends on you whether you need to take DU JAT coaching or not. If your fundamentals are strong, then it is easy to crack the exam just by solving previous year sample papers and Mock tests. However, if you want to improve your fundamentals then opting for coaching is beneficial.

How can I improve my accuracy in the DU JAT exam?

You can easily improve your speed and accuracy by solving as many sample papers as possible. Practicing mock tests would definitely improve your time management skills and problem-solving techniques. So, it is advisable for candidates to solve mock tests on a daily basis.

Which books should I refer to for preparing Quantitative Ability in the DU JAT exam?

You can refer the following books for preparing Quantitative Ability in the DU JAT exam:

Maths class XI and XIIth by NCERT

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha-McGraw-Hill Education

The Pearson Guide To Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by Dinesh Khattar

What are the important topics under the QA section of the DU JAT exam?

The important topics under the QA section of the DU JAT exam include Arithmetic, Number System, Algebra, Trigonometry, Mensuration, etc. If you have strong fundamentals on all the concepts, you can score the highest marks in the exam.