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DU JAT Math Preparation 2021 | Syllabus and Tips

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 3, 2022


DU JAT Math Preparation 2021 | Syllabus and Tips

Is Mathematics your friend? cheeky  If not, then this article can surely make you friends. 

Do you know, Mathematics is required for admission to any of the nation's top business schools. Similarly, Math for the DU JAT Exam is required when applying to Delhi University's business programmes !!

Admission to DU is based on the Delhi University Joint Admission Test (DU JAT), which is conducted by the National Testing Agency for programmes such as Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelor of Business Administration (Financial Investment Analysis), and BA (Hons) in Business (NTA).

In this article, we have provided detailed techniques and strategies on how to prepare for the mathematics section in DU JAT Exam.

How To Prepare Maths For DU JAT 2021?

The DU JAT paper is divided into four sections, each with 25 questions, with the quantitative ability section involving using arithmetic equations, learned in school being one of the most significant. The questions have a medium level of difficulty.

Let's look at the following preparation tips to improve Maths for DU JAT Exam. These are just quick tips for cracking DU JAT Examination

  1. Practice a lot: Aspirants should make it a habit to practice Quantitative problems for at least 2 hours every day, covering every area on the syllabus.
  2. Concentrate on formulas: When learning higher math. To gain the requisite competency, candidates should brush up on the fundamentals.
  3. Previous year question papers: Candidates may learn about question patterns by looking at the previous year's question papers.
  4. Stay Updated with the syllabus: Understand the curriculum and the level of difficulty. Don't over-prepare, especially if arithmetic isn't your strong point.
  5. Download practice papers: Time yourself and decide if you want to perform this portion first, last, or in the middle, according to your preferences.
  6. Create shortcuts: To solve issues fast, create your formulas.

DU JAT mock test

DU JAT mock test

Preparations Tips for Higher Maths in DU JAT

While diving into the many tips and methods, keep in mind that you must be prepared in two distinct levels of Maths for DU JAT. They are as follows:

Lower-division mathematics: This is the NCERT class 10th mathematics level, which covers topics such as:

  • Arithmetic
  • Number System
  • Geometry, Coordinate Geometry and Mensuration
  • Trigonometry
  • Linear inequalities
  • Sequence and Series
  • Set theory & Venn Diagrams

Higher Level Maths: Topics in math that are more advanced than those covered in a board exam, such as:

  • Determinants & Matrices
  • Functions and Relationships
  • Limits and calculus 
  • Vectors and 3D
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Complex Numbers and Probability

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DU JAT Mathematics Syllabus:

The following subjects are featured in the Maths section of the DU JAT:

  • Algebraic Formulae
  • Linear & Quadratic Equations
  • Roots, Indices, Surds
  • Geometry: Lines, Angles & Triangles, Polygons
  • Circles & Mensuration
  • Time, Speed & Distance
  • Averages and percentages
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Numbers
  • Mixtures & Allegations
  • Partnership
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Determinants
  • Vectors
  • Pipes & Cisterns
  • Permutations & Combinations
  • Work-Related Problems
  • Integration and Differentiation
  • Probability

Most Effective Study Materials for DU JAT

The following are the finest books to read when studying Math for the DU JAT:

  • NCERT Maths 11th and 12th textbooks
  • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Abhijit Guha-McGraw-Hill Education
  • Quantitative Aptitude by NK Singh
  • Quantitative Aptitude by Arihant
  • The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by Dinesh Khattar

Topic-wise Weightage to Quantitative Ability

Topic-wise weightage can be used to Prepare Maths For DU JAT. The following is an analysis based on the DU JAT 2021:

Sequence and Series 1
Coordinate Geometry 1
Differentiation and its Applications 4
Time and Work 1
Vectors 3
Geometry and Mensuration 4
Integration 1
Statistics 1
Probability and Permutation 2
Matrices 2
Functions 2
Series 1
Trigonometry 2
Total 25

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