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Webinar on IPM Program - IIM Rohtak Dignitaries Discussion with Toprankers Team

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : March 4, 2023


Opting for the IPM program is one of the most sought career choices after the 12th, owing to the high-paid job opportunities in the respective field.

The five-year integrated IPM program is a unique and creative program meant for young students with managerial and leadership aspirations.

Sukrati Gagrani, Alumni of IIM Indore, who is working as a capacity growth analyst at Toprankers, had a conversation with Dr. Swetha Ahalawat. Swetha is a finance faculty member at IIM Rohtak, and she is here to help students learn more about IPM courses such as admission process, course structure, and more.

Here is a glimpse of their conversation:

Question: What is the primary difference between a student attending the IPM program after 12th grade and someone clearing the CAT and entering the PGP programs at IIM?

Answer: Students will get admission to the IPM program through the IPMAT Exam, and PGP students will get admission through CAT. We all know that CAT is much more challenging than IPMAT, and to crack the CAT with a 99.5% percentile is difficult for many students. So, it is like a dream come true in the form of an IPM program, which is a unique program. Being IPM students, they will get more exposure, which will help them achieve their goals more focused way. In my personal opinion, hard work can make your journey easier, and you can be someone who gets observed in the same room.

Question: How will the students spend an entire day when they enroll in IPM program at IIM Rohtak?

Answer: IPM program, indeed, is very exhaustive and educative, and at the same time, it is very excited too. Initially, when students get admission to IIM Rohtak, they meet students from across the nation. The diversity is overwhelming at IIM Rohtak. During the first month, half of the month will be exciting, and another half month will go with fear. Students will learn to wake up early in the morning, do yoga daily, and learn to dress well.

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The faculty is amazing and will assist you with very little things. But ultimately, students have to learn something in their own way. Some professors are very strict regarding discipline, and some are very lenient. However, they both want you to be in a better position. Also, attendance is very important at IIM Rohtak. As an individual, you are groomed into a smart manager and into a smart profession.

Question: How about co-curricular activities at IIM Rohtak?

Answer: At IIM Rohtak, we will provide students with different opportunities, and different events will be held at IIM programs, and students have to volunteer themselves for different events. There is a lot to participate in extracurricular activities at IIMs.

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Question: Do we have an exit option after completing the 3-year UG program at IIM Rohtak?

Answer: Yes. We have an exit option after completion of the 3-year program. IIM Rohtak is the first IIM in India to provide a dual degree, i.e., (BBA+MBA). After three years of a BBA degree, there is an exit option. If you think that you are really ambitious to go abroad to try other IIMs, then you can prefer the exit option. You will get the BBA degree after completing the course.

IPMAT mock test

IPMAT Mock test

Question: Do you recommend students to take the exit option, or do you pressure them to continue with the MBA program?

Answer: No. We will never pressure students for anything. The PGP curriculum and the 4th and 5th-year curriculum of the IPM program are similar, and there is no difference between these two. If students really want to opt for the exit option, they can go after completing the undergraduate program.

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Question: Are there questions on 10th and 12th-grade subjects during the interview?

Answer: There are three components when we make the final merit list. The merit list is generated based on the composite scores of the below three components:

  • Aptitude test score
  • Personal interview
  • Academics of 10th and 12th 

We are giving 40% weightage to past academics, i.e., 20% to 10th standard and 20% to 12th standard. So, past academic knowledge is really important to crack the IPMAT interview.

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Question: Do you provide any scholarships for the IPM program at IIM Rohtak?

Answer: We don't offer any scholarships for the IPM program, but there are a few students who will get scholarships from the state based on their class 12 marks. We will help them to avail such scholarships.

Question: Why BBA from IIM Rohtak is way better than any other college?

Answer: BBA from IIM Rohtak is the most innovative and unique program for students after the 12th. We will provide different core areas like mathematics, economics, statistics, and humanities. If you pursue BBA from any other institution across the nation, you will not find such diverse courses in the BBA curriculum. Also, we are providing many other courses such as business communication, management information system, law, philosophy, and some other foreign language courses. At IIM Rohtak, students must do internships after each year, which will help them get more exposure to many areas.

ipmat online coaching

ipmat online coaching

Question: Is there any hamper in the selection process if students have taken a drop in their past academics?

Answer: I don't think so taking a drop will affect the selection process. It totally depends on the individual. If you feel like you need a break for one year for IPMAT preparation, I will encourage students to do so. Taking a drop will help you become a professional in English and mathematics.

Question: What kind of question do you ask in a personal interview round?

Answer: During the personal interview round, the panel members will try to assess your knowledge of the basic fundamentals, general knowledge, Daily Current Affairs, and questions related to all subjects you have learned till your class 12. The interview is not very tough to crack.

Question: Is there any time limit for a personal interview?

Answer: Generally, the interview will be conducted for 15-20 minutes. However, it varies from one student to another.

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