SLAT Preparation Tips 2024

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Updated On : July 11, 2023


SLAT preparation, also infamous as the Symbiosis Law Admission Test, is an examination meant to be a pathway to secure a seat in the Symbiosis Law department.

How to prepare for SLAT is one of the most asked questions by all those looking forward to taking admission into Symbiosis International University.

That's why here we have detailed information regarding the steps, implementation of which will lead to better preparations and yield the best results, as well as the books which will be prescribed, which you can refer to enhance your knowledge. 

In the initial stage, you have to begin by setting off this whole examination preparation earlier for SLAT Preparation (at least a year before) so that you can have enough time to prepare, revise, attempt, and reattempt mocks, go through notes and strengthen your preparations for the big day.

Sometimes it becomes confusing and tricky to determine what techniques you must adopt to cover the SLAT syllabus and manage your time between your coaching (In case you have signed up for one) and self-studies for SLAT Preparation.

How to Prepare for SLAT 2024?

SLAT Entrance Exam ranks second after the CLAT regarding difficulty level and is important for those wanting to make a law career.

So, anyone who wishes to be admitted to Symbiosis Law School can apply for this examination. In addition, you must have sound knowledge about how to embark on your preparation journey to crack this SLAT preparation.

  • First, identify and gather information about the subjects you are required to study in this preparation journey.
  • Weigh your positive and negative sides honestly, then embark on the SLAT preparation Journey. 
  • Don't miss dividing your time to Balance how you study and what you study so that you cover everything.
  • Analyze the examination syllabus and question pattern because SIU has made a few changes in the same. 
Segment of Questions  Question  Score
Legal Reasoning  12 12
Qualitative Reasoning  12 12
Quantitative Reasoning  12 12
English language and Comprehension  12 12
CA & GK 12 12
Total 60 60

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

SLAT Preparation Strategy 2024 

SLAT is an examination conducted by Symbiosis International University (Deemed) to provide admission to the candidates in the most preferred Integrated Law courses, BA LLB and BBA LLB.

So, to solve the question with ease to get into these courses, encapsulate some major tricks to follow, which are:

Make a Schedule

First, you must draft a schedule covering all the sections, including crucial sections you need to study to increase your score and ranking and balance your time between studies and Other activities.

You must adhere to this routine for at least 6-7 months. Also, solve as many previous year's questions for the SLAT Exam as possible for at least one hour daily.

Refer to the Credible Materials

Next, you have to take care to source the best material with credible information to help you prepare instead of creating confusion.

You can do this by sourcing books and notes from your seniors or anyone previously appearing for the SLAT Examination.

Make Notes and Revise

A well-prepared note reduces the labour of studies by 50%. So you are suggested to make notes (Short notes with Major points) and revise the same.

This will keep the information afresh in your mind and will become easier to recall. 

Cover CA from the Daily Newspaper

Compiling News of Global and national importance could be an uphill battle if you try to study everything in one go.

Hence, you are suggested to read the newspaper daily and follow Current Affairs to remain updated about all the important news and make notes to revise it later.

Develop Your Writing Skills for the WAT round

The Writing Ability Test is the examination of comprehension to test a candidate's thought structure, fluency, and Other aspects of writing because this one is conducted as a separate paper, and qualifying in it holds similar importance.

So, candidates must work on increasing their fluency, accuracy, speed, vocabulary, and knowledge of the trending topics (legal or social).

Read More: SLAT Syllabus 

Practice Mock Tests

Practising mock will reduce your chances of making errors during the examination and also help increase your speed and help you evaluate your preparations so that you can work on the domain you are scoring less. 

Be Familiar with the Examination Pattern 

Half of the battle is won if you know the SLAT Exam Pattern of the question, Which is likely to appear in the examination. This you can do by referring to the last 5 years' Questions because it will help you decide which sections need more work than the others. 

SLAT Preparation Tips 2024: Reinforce your English preparation 

The English Segment contains 12 Questions, including Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Phrases, Idioms, and Verbal Ability.

The passage section has long and short passages that the candidates must solve during SLAT preparation. It could be challenging for students not well-versed in English; hence here are some tips for best-shot preparation.

  • Revise the concept of grammar and its rules (Verb, Adverb, Conjunction, etc). This will help you refresh your knowledge. You must also pick up the SLAT Analysis to understand the difficulty level and the marking scheme.
  • Enhance your vocabulary because it will help you in the long run.
  • Enlist all new words in the passage (practice papers/ Newspaper), jot down the synonyms and Antonyms, and understand how to use those words. It will help in both the English section and WAT.

SLAT 2024 Preparation Tips: Master the Analytical Reasoning 

This section is considered as the one that can help you secure the best marks across the examination papers or be dealt with in the right way. It has some of the easiest yet tricky questions, which could be solved with rigorous practice and a little presence of mind.

This section carries 12 questions with 1 mark each. The topics which fall under its umbrella are; Heights & Distance, Syllogism, Number system, agreement & Disagreement, Volume Surface area, Advanced Algebra, Probability, etc., for SLAT Preparation.

These topics are to be covered to such an extent that students would be able to solve every question coming from this section. The steps to follow are:

  • You have to refer to the NCERT books from classes 6-12 for these topics of mathematics mentioned above to have them practised and revise and clear your concepts to deal with the question with ease. 
  • Make the concept crystal clear, and you can do this by constant revision by taking help from the Best Online Coaching for the SLAT Exam.
  • Never Solve questions based on your assumption, as it will lead to negative marking. 
  • If you're stuck with a question, move on to the next. Do not let a minor difficulty hamper your flow of practice. 

SLAT 2024 Preparation: Be the GK Specialists

The GK section has an equal weightage of 12 marks, similar to other sections. However, you can call it one of the vast and tricky segments because it has a broad syllabus covering these limited questions.

Precisely the sections you need to cover to deal with these questions are Geography, History, Political Science, Economics, and GS. In addition, you have to dive into the world of Statistics, GK, and News, which are of both national and international importance for SLAT Preparation.

Given its vast syllabus, the question often appeared to be of high difficulty level. So if you refer to the plan capsules of how to crack this section, you will find some useful tips :

  • Make reading the newspaper and Monthly magazine a cult practice.
  • Always search for credible news sources like the BBC and The Hindu to get updates on all the news that might appear in your upcoming exam.
  • Make only a 15-minute rule for this section while practising mock because investing more than 15 minutes in this section will adversely affect your comprehension section. 
  • NCERT should be the sacred reference book: Read Social Sciences & Science from this.

SLAT Preparation Tips: Beat the Logical Reasoning

The section containing Logical reasoning has the same score of 12 marks, and the question appears from the logical reasoning section, which is specifically designed to monitor and evaluate the analytical and interpretational skills as well as understanding their capabilities of solving understanding and Comprehension based questions in SLAT preparation.

So how can you prepare for this section?

  • Although the difficulty level of the questions is medium, they are tricky sometimes. Hence, you are advised to practice rigorously and practice mocking to increase accuracy and reduce your time-solving questions.
  • The best part is that the questions are not so tough and include a few questions from Verbal and nonverbal reasoning. So you can easily deal with them.
  • Keep on revising the topics and sets you have solved. It will add additional value to your preparation. 

SLAT 2024 Preparation: Become a Law Reasoning Expert

Like all other sections, the law segment has 12 questions to deal with, which come from all different sections and forms of law studies like family law, criminal law, the law of contract or tort, Constitutional law, etc.

This section is divided into two parts: one talks about the article and its usage, and the second talks about the recent amendments and implementation of the same.

Here are some tips to enhance your SLAT Legal Reasoning Preparation:

  • Never miss reading the judgment and amendments passed by the Supreme Courts and Indian High Courts across India.
  • Practice analysis questions are Case Study types because they are often given to the students to check their legal and ethical understanding.
  • Create a memo and revise all the important Legal terms and articles regularly. 

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

SLAT Preparation Books 2024

So refer to the books below and set on your journey of SLAT preparation books: 

Topics to cover  Books to refer 
Legal Reasoning AP Bhardwaj's (legal Reasoning and awareness) 
Logical Reasoning RS Aggarwal: A Modern Approach to Quantitative and Qualitative Reasoning 
Reading Comprehension Objective General English (Arihant) Word Power made easy (Norman Lewis)
General Knowledge Lucent and Arihant LLB Guide for GK & GS
Analytical Reasoning MK Pandey's 

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