How to Crack CLAT 2024 in 4 Months? CLAT Preparation Strategy

Author : Tanya Kaushal

Updated On : June 20, 2023


Reader's Digest - Hey there! Wondering how to crack CLAT 2024 in 4 months? Well, buckle up as we guide you through effective strategies and tips to help you ace the exam. Let's dive in and make these 4 months count towards your CLAT success!

The Consortium of National Law Universities annually conducts the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) for the admission of young, talented, and hardworking students to various undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the 26 National Law Universities.

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 will be conducted online on 3rd December 2023.

Read through the post that will give you a complete insight into how to prepare for CLAT 2024 in 4 months, subject-wise strategies, and more.

Short Tricks to Prepare for CLAT Exam 2024 in 4 Months

The Common Law Admission Test is one of the most competitive law entrance exams, with approximately 70,000 students competing yearly to secure admission to 26 National Law Universities.

It might be frightening to compete with all these aspirants to secure a seat in NLU. However, if you are committed and dedicated to your goal, cracking the exam is not a big challenge!

The following are some of the tips that will help help you better understand how to crack the CLAT Exam on the first attempt in 4 months.

Focus on Limited Study Material

You don’t have to search or study from every available study material. You should have limited study material, for example: for critical reasoning subject study from 1 book which has all the information and all types of questions related to critical reasoning.

With the internet at your disposal, you tend to look at every source of information or material as a cure to the fear of missing out on potentially helpful material. You end up hoarding material that you either never solve, and it piles onto your anxious mind, or you solve it without having a meaningful impact through analysis.

Study material does not mean only books. Study material includes all educational sources like books, youtube channels, coaching institute notes, etc. So, study from one or two sources only for the CLAT 2024 and study with full dedication and focus on achieving your goal easily.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in 4 Months: Make Your Own Strategy

  • Start practising a comprehensive test series through which your ability to complete the test and your speed will increase.
  • Don’t listen to anybody; just make your own strategy as you study. If you want to study Legal reasoning or English first, that is up to you. But make that strategy that is beneficial for you. Or that helps you to study easily and improves your performance.
  • Many people think it is fit to give out unnecessary generic prep advice that is not tailored to fit your preparation and progress, which again causes a breach of equilibrium.
  • Make a proper CLAT study plan and try to complete each and every subject within the time limit.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in 4 months: Attempt Mocks

Start attempting and practising mock tests because while attempting mocks, you will learn so much about the exam pattern and the examination that will help you crack the CLAT 2024 Entrance test easily.

  • You must practice at least 40 to 50 mocks before the CLAT 2024 examination, so start attempting mocks from today onwards.
  • For attempting mocks, you can join various coaching institutes, enrol in our LegalEdge’s mock, and purchase our CLAT Mock Test Series for practice.
  • You will get a mock test series of 50 tests from our website LegalEdge. It is not compulsory to purchase from us. You can purchase mock test series from any website you want to, but just practice mocks. It will greatly help you in your CLAT 2024 preparation and examination.
  • The benefit of solving mock tests is that you will solve 150 questions in one mock test, and if you are attempting around 30 to 40 mock tests, you will get to solve around 4000+ questions. And in that 4000+ questions, you will get all types of questions that can come in the CLAT exam.
  • After attempting the mocks, analyze them, find your mistake, and try to rectify it. Do not repeat the same mistake again in the next mock.
  • Prepare a copy or register and note your mistakes and what new you have learned while attempting or analyzing the mocks.

Revision of Current Affairs 

  • You can revise the Current Affairs from our uploaded videos on our Youtube channel. It will help you prepare well for the CLAT 2024 entrance examination.
  • You must refer to the CLAT Post by LE, a monthly compendium of GK and Current Affairs which ensures proper revision.
  • For the current affairs section, revision is a must because current affairs are a topic that if you study at night, then the next morning you will forget, so it requires proper revision of each and every topic.

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

LegalEdge CLAT Coaching

How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in 4 Months: Legal Reasoning 

  • The legal reasoning section demands practice, practice, and practice only. 
  • For Legal Reasoning Preparation, you must clearly understand the law, including various topics like Contracts, IPC, Torts, etc.
  • If you have an idea of the basic concepts, it will be easy to crack the legal reasoning questions.
  • You should read the Hindu Newspaper for current affairs; then, you will get some updates about legal issues that will help you understand the jargon.
  • Practice from mock tests, different test series, videos, etc.
  • Skim reading will help you reduce the amount of time you take in this section.

How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 in 4 Months: Critical Reasoning, English, and Mathematics

  • The basic mantra to prepare for Critical reasoning, English, and Mathematics subjects is practice, practice, and practice only.
  • The English and Critical Reasoning sections include English, so if your English is good, you will have the upper hand in both sections.
  • The Critical Reasoning section is directly proportional to the English section in some ways, shapes and forms- but you mainly require to be thorough with the concepts that are tested in critical reasoning for you to be able to tackle those questions.
  • If you are not good at English, read daily newspapers, novels, books, magazines, etc., and improve your reading skills. Reading mindfully ensures a better comprehension and understanding base, which is extremely helpful and important.
  • And students who are good at English should practice more to become masters in the English language and enhance their CLAT English Preparation.
  • Practice will help you improve your English skills because you will be practising many questions, making it easy to understand each type of question.
  • For students whose English is not good, don’t worry if you cannot understand the whole passage because you just have to tick the most probable answer. You think if you waste your time reading the passage repeatedly, it will be wrong.
  • In the Mathematics section, mostly the data interpretation questions come. So practice Data interpretation questions as many as you can. Don’t skip it, thinking maths is tough because data interpretation is a scoring topic. You can easily score 12 to 15 marks in the mathematics section.
  • You can buy books on CLAT for preparing for the data interpretation topic or any competitive exam book with a data interpretation topic.

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

LegalEdge CLAT Mocks

Fear of Failure

  • When your CLAT 2024 Exam is near, you will fear that you might fail the examination. That fear of failure is good, don't worry; every student goes with this fear of failure.
  • As much as you fear, your performance will also improve. The fear of failure helps you enhance your performance because you fear you will study more, which benefits you.
  • As per our data analysis, we learned that students perform exceptionally well under high pressure.
  • If you are afraid of the examination, then it is good to study more for good results.

Make Short Notes

Students should prepare a question bank for every major and minor section for the Legal Reasoning section, Critical / Logical Reasoning section, Quantitative ability section, English section, and Current affairs, including the general knowledge section. Referring to these will keep you in touch with your concepts and knowledge foundations.


Congratulations on taking the first step towards cracking CLAT 2023 in just 4 months! With the right strategies and dedication, success is within your reach. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Develop a well-structured study plan and stick to it consistently.
  • Focus on all sections of the exam, giving adequate time to each.
  • Practice mock tests regularly to improve time management and gauge your progress.
  • Identify and work on your weak areas to strengthen your overall performance.
  • Stay updated with current affairs and legal developments.
  • Seek guidance from mentors or join coaching programs for additional support.
  • Take care of your physical and mental well-being throughout the preparation journey.

Following these key takeaways will prepare you to crack CLAT 2023 and pave your way to a successful legal career. Best of luck!

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