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How to Calculate Percentile in CUET?

Author : Aparna

Updated On : September 30, 2023


Summary: In a bid to make the CUET exam process more transparent, the National Testing Agency has introduced the percentile method. Let's understand "how to calculate percentile in CUET?"!

NTA releases CUET scorecards on the dashboards of students. 

The agency notifies the percentile score along with the scorecard displaying the subjectwise percentile score.

These CUET percentile marks are calculated by the agency resorting to the overall marks secured in the exam, difficulty level across a session, etc. 

How to Calculate CUET Percentile Score?

The CUET percentile is calculated based on the total marks secured by the candidates in the examination.

It is technically determined by considering the rank and marks secured by candidates more than or less than in a session.

In general, the CUET percentile score lies between 0 to 100 marks. Find the CUET percentile formula to calculate your marks in the CUET examination

CUET 2024 Percentile score: 100 x Number of candidates who appeared in the session with a raw score equal to or more or less than candidates/ Total number of candidates who appeared.

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cuet online coaching

How to Calculate Percentile in CUET?: CUET Normalization Process

The CUET normalization is a common process used to adjust the scores of candidates who appeared for the CUET exam across multiple shifts or sessions.

The normalization process is used to ensure that the scores obtained by the candidates are fair. It also leads to transparency in the difficulty level of the exam.

As per the normalization process, the scores obtained by the candidates are adjusted based on the exam's difficulty level and the candidates' performance.

The process considers the variations in the difficulty level of different question papers.

The normalization process involves several steps, including determining the overall difficulty level of the exam, evaluating the difficulty level and calculating raw scores, scaled scores, etc. 

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How to Calculate Percentile in CUET?: Need for Normalisation

The need for normalization in the CUET (Central Universities Common Entrance Test) exam arises due to the varying levels of difficulty in different sets of question papers administered to candidates on the same test day. Here's an explanation of why normalization is essential in CUET and similar exams:

  1. Ensuring Fairness: Normalization is a statistical method used to account for any discrepancies in the difficulty levels of different question sets. Without normalization, candidates who receive a more challenging set of questions might be unfairly disadvantaged compared to those who get an easier set. Normalization aims to level the playing field and ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to perform well.
  2. Multiple Shifts: In large-scale entrance exams like CUET, multiple shifts or sessions are conducted on the same day to accommodate a significant number of test-takers. These shifts may have different sets of questions to prevent cheating. Normalization helps in comparing the performance of candidates across these shifts, making the results more accurate.
  3. Statistical Process: The process of normalization involves statistical techniques that adjust scores based on the relative difficulty of the questions. Essentially, candidates who faced more challenging questions may receive higher normalized scores, while those with easier questions may have their scores adjusted downward.
  4. Fair Ranking: Normalized scores help in creating a fair and consistent ranking of candidates. This ensures that those who performed better relative to the difficulty of their question set are appropriately rewarded, regardless of the particular question paper they received.
  5. Merit-Based Selection: Universities and institutions that accept CUET scores use these normalized scores for admissions. Normalization ensures that the most deserving candidates, rather than those who had easier questions, are admitted based on merit.
  6. Transparency: The process of normalization is typically explained and made transparent to candidates. This helps build trust in the fairness of the exam and the subsequent admissions process.

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

How to Calculate Percentile in CUET?: How are CUET scores converted into Percentiles? 

  • Score Collection: Initially, raw scores (the actual marks obtained by candidates) are collected for each section and the overall test.
  • Normalization Process: The normalization process involves transforming raw scores into normalized scores, which are then converted into percentiles.
  • Overall Percentile: Finally, an overall percentile is calculated using the percentile scores from individual sections, often with appropriate weightage assigned to each section based on the exam's format.
  • Display of Percentiles: The percentiles are then used to rank candidates. The higher the percentile, the better the candidate's relative performance compared to others who took the CUET exam.

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Key Takeaways: 

  • The National Testing Agency (NTA) has introduced the percentile method for CUET (Central Universities Common Entrance Test) to enhance transparency in the examination process amongst CUET participating colleges
  • The normalization process in CUET adjusts scores across multiple shifts or sessions to ensure fairness and transparency. It considers variations in question paper difficulty.
  • The normalization process involves several steps, including evaluating the overall difficulty level of the exam, calculating raw scores, scaled scores, and finally, percentiles.
  • Normalization is crucial in large-scale exams like CUET to create a level playing field for candidates who face different levels of question difficulty.
  • The transparency of the normalization process helps build trust in the fairness of the exam and the subsequent admissions process.

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