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How to Calculate Percentile in CUET

Author : Aparna

Updated On : April 18, 2023


Summary: In a bid to make the CUET exam process more transparent, the agency has introduced the percentile method. The percentile method also helps to determine one’s rank in the Common University Entrance Test.

The National Testing Agency releases the CUET percentile marks on the official website.

The agency notifies the percentile marks along with the scorecard and rank.

These CUET percentile marks are calculated by the agency resorting to the overall marks secured in the exam, difficulty level across a session etc. 

How to Calculate CUET Percentile Score?

The CUET percentile is calculated based on the total marks secured by the candidates in the examination.

It is technically determined by considering the rank and marks secured by candidates more than or less than in a session.

In general, the CUET percentile score lies between 0 to 100 marks. Find the CUET percentile formula to calculate your marks in the examination. 

CUET 2023 Percentile score: 100 x Number of candidates who appeared in the session with a raw score equal to or more or less than candidates/ Total number of candidates who appeared. 

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Steps to Calculate CUET Percentile Score

  • Obtain your raw score from the CUET scorecard 
  • Determine the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam
  • Rank the candidates based on their raw scores from the highest to the lowest
  • Find your rank in the list of candidates based on your raw score
  • Calculate your percentile score and then tally it with the last year’s cut-off marks

cuet mock tests

cuet mock tests

CUET Normalization Process

The CUET normalization is a common process used to adjust the scores of candidates who appeared for the CUET exam across multiple shifts or sessions.

The normalization process is used to ensure that the scores obtained by the candidates are fair. It also leads to transparency in the difficulty level of the exam.

As per the normalization process, the scores obtained by the candidates are adjusted based on the exam's difficulty level and the candidates' performance.

The process considers the variations in the difficulty level of different question papers.

The normalization process involves several steps, including determining the overall difficulty level of the exam, evaluating the difficulty level and calculating raw scores, scaled scores etc. 

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In conclusion, calculating the percentile in CUET is a relatively straightforward process. By using the formula for percentile, calculating the percentile for your score is easy. Once you have calculated your percentile, you can use this information to determine your rank in the test. Knowing your percentile is an important part of understanding your performance in the test and can help you to work towards achieving even higher scores in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CUET percentile is a measure of the percentage of candidates who scored equal to or below your score in the examination.
CUET percentile is calculated by dividing the number of candidates who scored equal to or below your score by the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam and then multiplying it by 100.
CUET percentile is important because it helps in comparing your performance with other candidates who appeared for the exam.
To find your CUET percentile from the scorecard, you need to locate your score and the total number of candidates who appeared in the exam.
A good CUET percentile is one that is higher than the cutoff percentile set by the university for the particular course or program.


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