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A Comparative Analysis: CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024

Author : Aparna

Updated On : August 9, 2023


Summary: This article explores the relationship between the marks obtained in the Central University Entrance Test (CUET) and a student's percentile rank. It discusses the importance of CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024 in evaluating a student's overall performance.

The Central University Entrance Test (CUET) is a crucial examination for aspiring college candidates. 

To measure your success in the exam, you are ranked not just based on your CUET raw score but also by calculating your percentile rank.

Let’s examine the relationship between CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024 and the implications of percentile ranking for student evaluation in CUET.

What is CUET Marks vs Percentile? 

The CUET marks are the score you obtain on clearing the CUET written test. It is based on your performance in the examination. 

However, your CUET percentile is calculated based on your CUET raw scores. The article lists the formula to calculate your percentile marks below. 

  • CUET marks are exactly the raw scores that you received for each subject, while CUET percentile is a measure of how a candidate's score compares to the scores of other candidates who took the same exam.
  • Percentile is calculated by dividing the number of candidates who scored equal to or less than a particular score by the total number of candidates who took the exam.
  • Percentile is generally considered to be more accurate because it takes into account the difficulty of the exam and the number of candidates who took the CUET exam.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) is a significant examination for students aspiring to secure admission to various central universities across India. Understanding the relationship between CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024 is crucial for candidates who await their results. 

How to Calculate the CUET 2024 Percentile? 

Log in to the official website of CUET UG 2024 and check your CUET marks. 

What is required for calculating CUET 2024 percentile? 

  • Your raw score is the actual score you obtained in the CUET 2024 exam. 
  • You need to know the total number of candidates who appeared for the CUET 2024 exam. 

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Have the above information handy before you follow the steps below to determine your CUET percentile.

Step 1: Determine the number of candidates who scored equal to or less than your raw score. 

Step 2: Calculate the percentile by dividing the number of candidates who scored equal to or less than your raw score by the total number of test takers and then multiplying the result by 100. 

Use the formula below - 

Formula to calculate percentile = 

(No. of candidates who scored equal to or lower than your raw score) * 100 

Total number of test takers 

If you know your CUET marks, the information below can help you determine your CUET percentile -

Examples -  

  •  If your marks range between 200 - 188, your CUET percentile may be 100.
  •  If your marks range between 79 - 70, your CUET percentile may be between 83 - 80. 
  •  If your marks range between 39 - 20, your CUET percentile may be between 54 - 30.

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Normalised Score using Interpolation

The process of finding a student's normalised score for the CUET involves comparing the student's raw score to the scores of all other students who took the exam. This is done to determine the percentile value closest to the student's score, which is used to find the normalised score. This means that the percentile values of other students are interpolated to calculate the normalised score.

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Interpreting CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024

  1. High Marks, High Percentile: High marks typically correlate to high percentiles, indicating better performance compared to others.
  2. Equal Marks, Different Percentiles: Two candidates with the same marks might have different percentiles due to variations in the overall performance of candidates.
  3. Percentile as a Benchmark: Percentiles provide a standardized way to compare performances regardless of the difficulty level of the paper.

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CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024

The performance of the candidates is shown in percentiles rather than raw scores in the CUET 2023 results. The following table shows the candidates' range of CUET scores in relation to their percentile:

CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024 - Marks Range CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024 - Percentile
200 - 188 100
187 - 170 99
169 - 150 98 - 97
149 - 130 96 - 95
129 - 110 94 - 93
109 - 90 92 - 90
89 - 80 89 - 84
79 - 70 83 - 80
69 - 60 79 - 75
59 - 50 74 - 70
49 - 40 69 - 55
39 - 20 54 - 30

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Factors Influencing CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024

Several factors can influence how your marks translate to your percentile:

  1. Total Number of Candidates: A larger pool of candidates can lead to more variation in scores, affecting percentiles.
  2. Exam Difficulty: If the exam is challenging, scores might be lower overall, leading to variations in percentile calculation.
  3. Scoring Pattern: If a large number of candidates score closely together, a small difference in marks can lead to a significant shift in percentiles.

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In conclusion, the relation between marks and percentile is important to understand when calculating your percentile in the CUET examination. Most CUET universities will consider the percentile while publishing their CUET cut-off merit list for counselling. Hence understanding CUET Marks vs Percentile 2024 is crucial!

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