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NTA CUET Result 2023 - Step By Step Guide to Download Score Card

Author : Aparna

Updated On : June 1, 2023


Summary: CUET Results will be published after the final answer key has been released. Last year, nearly 19.8k students scored 100 percentile in CUET, highest in English and Political Science. You can follow the steps mentioned below in this article to check the results.

Nearly 250 universities will participate in this entrance test this year to provide admission to various undergraduate courses in central, state, deemed and private universities.

Central Universities Entrance Test Result (NTA CUET result 2023) will be released after the final answer keys are published, followed by counselling. 

Since the results are released for such a large scale of students, you are instructed to understand how to calculate your CUET scores. 

Download CUET UG 2022 Results PDF

CUET 2023 Important Update: CUET 2023 Day 2 exam has been succesfully conducted. Check the CUET 2023 exam analysis to know more about it. 

CUET Result 2023 Dates

Students can apply for admission to Central Universities (CUs) nationwide through the NTA CUET exam.

Delhi University (DU) and several other CUET colleges have adopted the exam for the academic year 2023-24.

Hence, it is crucial to adhere to the latest updates of CUET UG and important dates.

Check the CUET results date below: 

Events for CUET UG result CUET Exam Result Dates
CUET Application Process 2023 9 Feb 2023
CUET Entrance Exam 2023 21st to  31 May 2023 (Announced) 
Provisional CUET answer key Last week of June
Objections against the Answer key To be notified
Final answer key To be notified
NTA CUET Result Date 2023 To be notified
CUET Phase 1 Result Date To be notified
CUET Phase 2 Result Date To be notified
CUET 2023 merit list To be notified
Counselling of CUET 2023 To be notified

CUET exam results will be released in form of CUET phase 1 result, phase 2 and so on. When CUET result will be declared, you can visit the cuet result link on the CUET samarth result. 

How to check CUET Result 2023?

 The result of the NTA CUET exam will be declared on the official website of the respective colleges you have applied for, and it will be available through online mode.

The CUET 2023 merit list will be compiled using the results of the CUET admission exam.

You are advised to contact the respective universities and institutions for counselling.

Here's an interesting take on How NTA CUET is going to open doors to many opportunities?

For all CUET result update, visit the official website. The CUET result time is yet to be announced. 

CUET UG Exam Result Login Window

The CUET Result sheet will include the entrance exam and qualifying status.

Important Factors Which Affect CUET 2023 Result

Factors determining the CUET result are as follows: 

  • The number of students attending the entrance exams
  • Seat availability
  • Performance of applicant
  • Difficulty of paper
  • General merit

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

CUET Result 2023: Marking Scheme

How will the normalisation of marks be carried out for CUET UG in multiple sessions for the same subject? 

To calculate the CUET UG results, a simple method is used called the equi-percentile method. 

Let's check how these normalized marks are calculated on a common scale using the equi-percentile method in a given subject. This involves four steps. 

Step 1: Using raw marks of the students in different shifts, calculate the percentiles of students in each shift

To calculate the normalized marks across different sessions in a given subject, first, we need to find the percentile of each group of these students for each shift using the raw marks they have scored. In a given shift, 100 students appeared for the test. We sort their marks in decreasing order.

Let us assume that one student among these 100 students has scored 87 % marks. Now let us assume that 80 out of 100 students have secured less than or equal to 87% marks. The percentile of this student with 87% marks would be 80/100=0⋅8. The percentile so calculated will always be between 0 and 1, and it is usually rounded off to the requisite number of decimal places.

Step 2: Arrange these percentiles in descending order by noting the students' raw marks in each shift.

Let us now assume that there are six students (Stu1, Stu2, Stu3, Stu4, Stu5, Stu6). Three of them (Stu2, Stu4, Stu6) have taken the test in shift-1 and the remaining (Stu1, Stu3, Stu5) in shift-2 but all in the same subject. Using the raw marks of these students, first, the percentiles (PStu1, PStu2, PStu3, PStu4, PStu5, PStu6)of these six students in a given subject are calculated and are sorted in decreasing order. Their Raw Marks (RMStu1, RMStu2, RMStu3, RMStu4, RMStu5, RMStu6)in the test in each shift are also noted, corresponding to their percentiles.

Let us assume that the percentiles in descending order are as follows: PStu5 >PStu2 >PStu1 >PStu4 >PStu6 >PStu3

Student Percentile Raw Marks in shift-1 Raw marks in shift 2
Student 5 P stu5 Blank RMStu5
Student 2 P stu2 RMStu2 Blank
Student 1 P stu1 Blank RMStu1
Student 4 P stu4 RMStu4 Blank
Student 6 P stu6 RMStu6 Blank
Student 3 P stu3 Blank RMStu3

Once the NTA Result CUET is out, we will embed the CUET Result Direct Link here. 

Step 3: Using linear interpolation, calculate the marks of the students in the above blanks in the table

Since some students (Stu2, Stu4, Stu6) have attended shift-1 and not shift-2, their raw marks in shift-2 will not be present. Similarly, the students (Stu1, Stu3, Stu5) who wrote the exam in shift-2 will have no marks in shift-1. Each candidate's missing marks in each shift are then calculated using an interpolation method. Interpolation is a mathematical way of estimating missing marks of the students who are absent in one shift because they have already taken the test in the other shift. The students' Interpolated Marks (IMStu1, IMStu2, IMStu3, IMStu4, IMStu5, IMStu6) are now shown in the table below.

Student Percentile Marks in shift-1 Marks in shift-2
Student 5 P stu5 IMStu5 RMStu5
Student 2 P stu2 RMStu2 IMStu2
Student 1 P stu1 IMStu1 RMStu1
Student 4 P stu4 RMStu4 IMStu4
Student 6 P stu6 RMStu6 IMStu6
Student 3 P stu3 IMStu3 RMStu3

cuet mock tests

cuet mock tests

Step 4: Calculate the normalized marks for each student on a common scale

Using the above method, each percentile value of the candidates sorted in descending order will have marks for both shifts, raw marks, and interpolated marks. Raw marks are available in the shift where the student has written a test, and interpolated marks are estimated in the other shift because the student could not have written a test for the second time in the same subject. For each student, we then calculate the average of the actual raw marks in one shift and the marks obtained using interpolation in the other shift. This will give the normalized marks for the corresponding percentile of each candidate, as shown below.

Student Percentile Marks in shift-1 Marks in shift-2 Normalized Marks
Student 5 P stu5 IMStu5 RMStu5 (IMStu5+ RMStu5)/2
Student 2 P stu2 RMStu2 IMStu2 (RMStu2 + IMStu2 )/2
Student 1 P stu1 IMStu1 RMStu1 (IMStu1+ RMStu1)/2
Student 4 P stu4 RMStu4 IMStu4 (RMStu4+ IMStu4 )/2
Student 6 P stu6 RMStu6 IMStu6 (RMStu6+ IMStu6 )/2
Student 3 P stu3 IMStu3 RMStu3 (IMStu3+ RMStu3)/2

This method is accurate for estimating the normalized marks of candidates when the tests are held in multiple sessions with varying difficulty levels in a given subject. The scorecard of a candidate will have percentiles and normalized marks. Universities must use the normalized marks in the scorecard to prepare the admissions ranking list.

CUET Result 2023 Merit List

A merit list of the participating universities will be available on the website when the CUET results are announced.

There will be a cut-off list, and admission will be considered for those who meet the cut-offs.

Based on the CUET Merit list, you will be able to seek admission to CUET Courses

Refer to: NTA CUET 2023 Preparation Books List

CUET Merit List 2023 Details

The CUET-UG 2023 Merit list comprises the following details:

  • Candidate Name
  • Roll Number
  • Father Name
  • Category
  • Gender
  • Total Marks
  • Mark Secured
  • Rank

If you appear in CUET 2023 or the next CUET cycle, prepare with NTA CUET Mock Tests 2023

How to see CUET Result?

Once you know the CUET Result declared or not, visit the https://cuet.samarth.ac.in/ to check the CUET result UG. 

CUET Counselling Process 2023

After the CUET-UG 2023 results are released, the admissions counselling procedure begins.

Each participating college will hold its counselling session. To participate in the CUET Counselling Process, you must first go to the official website of the participating institutes and register.

You need to carry the following documents at the time of counselling.

  • CUET admit card
  • Class 10 Mark sheets
  • Class 12 Mark sheets
  • Graduation Certificates
  • Category certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical certificate (for PwD category)


Who and when will cuet result come? NTA is responsible for announcing the CUET 2023 results. You can now calculate your exact rank and check your scores following the steps described in this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CUET and CUCET are the same.

CUCET stands for Central University Common Entrance Test.

Its revamped version(NEW NAME) is CUET stands for Common University Entrance Test.

NTA is yet to release the CUET result 2023 dates. 

CUET 2023 notification has been released, the NTA will publish the result dates after the exam concludes.

After the final answer key is out, in 15-30 days results will be released. 

The number of students attending the entrance exams, Cutoff trends, Seat availability, Performance of the applicant, Difficultly with paper and General merit are the effecting factors.
NTA CUET Result 2022 will be published on official website of CUET.
The results for the academic year 2023 are yet to be released. 
As per the previous year notification, candidates paid INR 500 as the CUET Application Fee.


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