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CUET Answer Key 2024: Check the Latest Updates, Direct Link to Download Key Answers

Author : Aparna

Updated On : September 10, 2023


Reader's Digest: CUET answer key is nothing short of 'Aladin Ka Chirag.' It is the best way to calculate your performance and unlock your rank & dream university. If you have appeared for the CUET exam 2024, it's the perfect time to dive into this blog post and learn about the CUET answer key 2024!

These CUET 2024 Answer Keys are released in 2 phases: 

  • CUET Provisional Answer Key
  • CUET Final Answer Key

The final answer keys are displayed for two to three days, and NTA doesn't entertain any further concerns with the final answer key.

With these in hand, you can verify and estimate your CUET scores, helping you understand the chances of getting into your dream university. 

CUET Answer Key Download

NTA CUET Answer Key 2024 Dates

Ideally, the CUET UG provisional answer key will be released shortly after the exam. 

Also, check out CUET Reservation Policy to know the probability of studying in these desired CUET Participating universities in India. 

Check the table below for all the important NTA CUET Answer Key 2024 events.

Answer Key CUET UG - Events Dates
CUET Exam Date To be announced
Release of Provisional  Answer Key for UG Courses To be announced
CUET answer key release date To be announced
CUET final answer key To be announced
CUET Answer Key Challenge Last Date To be announced
CUET Final Answer Key date To be announced
CUET Result 2024 Date To be announced

NOTE: The CUET answer key challenge fee is non-refundable. 

Once the CUET exam concludes, the CUET UG answer key or the CUET samarth answer key will be released shortly. However, the provisional answer key is out! CUET answer key phase 1, and all phases will be released.

How to Download CUET 2024 Answer Key PDF?

The National Testing Agency will release the NTA CUET 2024 Result and the final answer key.

How to check CUET answer key?

Here is how to check the CUET answer key: 

  • Go to cuet.samarth.ac.in to access the official webpage.
  • Your browser will take you to the main page.
  • Your "CUET Application ID & Date of Birth" must be entered.
  • Then press the "Login" button.
  • A 'PDF' version of the CUET 2024 answer key will be shown on the computer screen.
  • Download the CUET 2024 solution manual.
  • Save it on your computer to use later.
  • The applicants must choose the CUET answer key from the "News and Events" section of the homepage.
  • A PDF version of the CUET 2024 answer key will be shown on the screen.
  • Download and review the CUET tentative answer key solutions.

Details Mentioned on Answer Key CUET Sheet

  • Date of the CUET exam
  • Question ID
  • Exam shift
  • Test paper code
  • Correct option ID

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

How to Calculate Marks from CUET Answer Key 2024?

Using the CUET UG answer key, you can calculate your scores based on the following points:

  • Check your answers against the official answer key
  • Count the total number of right and wrong answers
  • Multiply the number of correct answers by 5
  • Multiply the number of incorrect answers by 1
  • Subtract the total score of correct answers and incorrect answers.
  • Predict your rank before the release of the CUET result date.

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Marking Scheme of NTA CUET Answer Key 2024 

The official notification regarding the Common Universities Entrance Test marking scheme indicates a negative marking in the entrance exam.

The CUET Question Paper is divided into 3 sections, as the table below explains.

Types of Response CUET Marking Scheme
Correct Answer or the Most Appropriate Answer +5 marks
Incorrect Answer -1 marks
Unanswered/Marked for Review 0 marks

If more than one option is correct, then five marks (+5) will be awarded to only those who have marked any of the correct options.

If all options are correct, five marks (+5) will be awarded to all who have attempted the question.

If none of the options is correct, a question is found to be wrong, or a question is dropped, all candidates who have attempted the dropped question will be given five marks(+5).

CUET Score Calculation Formula 

Total Marks = (5*Number of Correct Answers) - (1*Number of Incorrect Answers)

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What to Do After Downloading CUET 2024 Answer Key?

Estimate your CUET marks and verify the answers. 

However, if any anomaly or discrepancy is found after the process of challenges of the key verification, NTA shall address it in the following manner:

  • To provide an opportunity for the candidates to challenge the Provisional Answer Keys with a non-refundable online payment of ₹ 200/- per question, challenged as processing charges. 
  • Only paid challenges made during the stipulated time through the key challenge links will be considered.
  • Challenges without justification/evidence and those filed on any medium other than the prescribed link will not be considered.
  • The subject experts will examine all the challenges received, and then a final answer key will be displayed and declared.
  • NTA will not inform the candidates individually about the outcome of the challenges made.
  • The result will be compiled based on the final answer key declared.
  • Any challenge with valid justification filed on any medium other than the prescribed link will not be considered.
  • The NTA decision on the challenges will be final, and no further justification will be entertained.
  • The answer key is publicly displayed; not every individual will be intimated. 

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

How to Raise Objections Against CUET 2024 Answer Key?

You can raise objections if you find discrepancies in the provisional answer key. 

You are allowed to file objections within the window period and only through online mode.

You can follow the below steps to raise objections against the provisional CUET Answer Key 2024.

  • Step 1 - Visit the official website.
  • Step 2 - Log in to your account using your application number and password/date of birth.
  • Step 3 - Click the "View/Challenge Answer Key" link.
  • Step 4 - Select the question you wish to object to.
  • Step 5 - Upload the proof of objection for each question by clicking the "choose file and upload" button.
  • Step 6 - Submit the objections by paying Rs.200 per question.
  • Step 7 - Pay this amount only through online mode.

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Important Points to Keep in Mind While Challenging CUET Answer Key 2024

Go through the following points to challenge the answer key:

For MCQs, the candidates must choose one option corresponding to the correct or most appropriate answer.

In case of any discrepancy after the key verification, NTA will address it in the following way:

  • Evaluation of MCQs of all the tests/subjects will be carried out using final answer keys.
  • The raw (actual) marks obtained by a candidate will be considered further for the computation of the result of CUET (UG) - 2024.
  • For multi-shift papers, raw (actual) marks obtained by the candidates in different shifts/ sessions will be converted to NTA scores.
  • Based on the final answer keys, CUET UG results will be released.
  • No re-evaluation/re-checking of the result will take place. 
  • No scorecard will be dispatched to the candidates.
  • Candidates must check the official website for results. 

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Summing Up - After releasing the CUET answer key, download the PDF, check your scores, and compare it to your answers in the paper. If you are preparing for CUET 2024, seek help from SuperGrads. We are the pioneers in the management coaching industry with a success rate unbeatable by others. Join us now to boost your preparations for the next exam.

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