The difficulty level of the CUET 2021 Exam is of moderate level but it requires proper preparation to get shortlisted for admission because of the limited number of seats available. To ease out your preparation, we have provided CUET Preparation Strategy in this post.

  • To score more marks in the Maths section, candidates must revise all the formulas on a regular basis.
  • Candidates are advised to solve at least 1-2 CUET Question Papers as it will help increase their time management skills and problem-solving skills.

CUET Preparation Strategy - Analysis and How to Attempt

Following the preparation tips provided by experts would definitely help candidates to clear the exam in the first attempt. Before starting the preparation, it is important for candidates to be aware of the detailed CUET Syllabus and exam pattern as it will help them to know how to plan their preparation in a better way.

  • It is observed that the syllabus, difficulty level, and exam pattern have remained the same over the years. Therefore, preparing all the topics as per the syllabus will let you clear the exam easily.
  • This article provides detailed information about different rounds and sections to be studied during the CUET 2021 preparation.
  • Opting for the best CUET Online Coaching will help candidates to enhance their preparation and score good marks in the upcoming exam.
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CUET Exam Pattern 2021

Knowing the exam pattern will help candidates to know the marking scheme, number of sections, and how many questions are asked from each section. Here, we have provided the detailed CUET Exam Pattern 2021 for different courses. Candidates can go through the paper pattern and plan their preparation accordingly.

Exam pattern for admission in BBA courses through CUET

For BBA courses, the time duration of the exam is 120 minutes (i.e. two hours). It is different for admission in different courses. Each question is awarded one mark for the right answer and 0.25 mark (or one-fourth ) marks is deducted for the wrong answer.

Subject-wise Marks distribution in CUET exam for BBA

The MCQs based Christ University Entrance Test consists of 120 questions with a weightage of 120 marks to be aimed in the time span of 120 minutes. Topic-wise weightage distribution in CUET for BBA courses is as discussed below:

Topics Weightage
English Language, Comprehension Skills, Verbal Reasoning 30 Marks
General Knowledge, Current Affairs 25 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability, Fundamental Mathematics Operations 25 Marks
Critical/ Logical/ Analytical Reasoning 20 Marks
Data Analysis and Interpretation 20 Marks
Total 120 Marks

Exam pattern for admission in B.Com. courses through CUET

For B.Com. courses, the time duration of the exam is 90 minutes (i.e. One and a half hours).Options available for B.Com. at Christ University are B.Com. (Hons.), B.Com. (International Finance),B.Com. (Finance and Accounting), B.Com. (Professional). Marking Scheme for each question is one mark for the right answer and 0.25 mark (or one-fourth ) marks is deducted for the wrong answer as negative marking.

Syllabus-wise Marks distribution in CUET exam for B.Com.

The MCQs based Christ University Entrance Test consists of 90 questions with a weightage of 90 marks to be aimed in the time span of 90 minutes. Topic-wise weightage distribution for the BBA course is as discussed below:

Topic Name Weightage
Fundamental Accounting 10 Marks
English Language, Comprehensive Skills, Verbal Reasoning 20 Marks
General Knowledge, Current Affairs 20 Marks
Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability, Fundamental Mathematics Operations 20 Marks
Critical/ Analytical/ Logical Reasoning 10 Marks
Data Analysis and Interpretation 10 Marks
Total 90 Marks

CUET Preparation Strategy for BBA 2021

Christ University offers a plethora of options for BBA courses, such as BBA General, BBA Honours, BBA Finance Technology, BBA Business Analytics, BBA Finance, and International Business, BBA Finance and Accountancy, and BBA Travel and Tourism.  

Here is the detailed CUET Preparation Strategy & Study Plan to crack the national level exam in one go.

Section-wise Christ University preparation Strategy 2021

The difficulty level of the exam is moderate. So, it is important to prepare for the exam section-wise as not only the entrance exam but skill assessment, micro presentation, and personal interview plays an equal role in the candidate’s selection.


  • Increase vocabulary by making it a part of daily routine through different apps available and by improving reading habits.
  • Solve as many passages as possible as this section holds high weightage in the exam.
  • Work on grammar to have a clear understanding of the basics.


  • Give at least half an hour of practice to reasoning questions.
  • Find tips and tricks to solve reasoning questions quickly.
  • Practice sudoku or other puzzle games to improve reasoning in a fun way.


  • Strengthen core concepts of basic mathematics of 10th to 12th standard.
  • Practice previous years' CUET papers and try to analyze all questions after the completion of the exam.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Practice pie charts, graphs, bar diagrams, and analytical queries.
  • Candidates are advised to practice questions from their school textbooks 

General Knowledge

  • Read English newspaper on a daily basis as it will help grasp current and history related to the national and international economy.
  • Follow Daily Current Affairs as that will help you stay about all the happenings around the world and score good marks in this section.
  • Use the internet to get at least 10 G.K. points daily.

Fundamental Accounting

  • Clear basics of accounting from 11th and 12th standard books.
  • Make notes for important definitions and formulas and facts.

Skill Assessment

  • Improve communication skills by increasing the presence of mind and learning a few tips and tricks from the internet.
  • Work on logical reasoning.
  • Writing skills are also examined in the skill assessment round.

Micro Presentation

  • Choose any current topic and practice speaking on it for 90 seconds, i.e., 1.5 minutes.

Personal Interview

  • Watch videos to practice better for PI.
  • Prepare for generally asked questions.
  • Keep a natural smile on your face.

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CUET Preparation Strategy for B.Com 2021

CUET preparation strategy involves a focus on Current Affairs, Reading, Writing, and communication skills. Balancing strong and weak points always help in competitive exams. Focusing on strength areas while covering up weak areas helps to increase the final results and to build up confidence. Knowledge of subjects from 10th to 12th standard is very important. If the candidate is not sure about it they may even take the help of crash courses to brush up their knowledge.

Section-wise CUET Preparation Strategy & Study Plan 2021

Section-wise preparation strategy equally divides the time and efforts required to prepare for the exam without compromising on any section. Daily practice of each section makes the selection more reliable.

Fundamental Accounting

  • Make use of reference books along with NCERT books.
  • Devote at least two hours daily on this subject as this is the base subject to get admission in B.Com.

Quantitative Aptitude

  • Find shortcuts, tips, and tricks to solve similar problems.
  • This section requires an analysis of questions to solve them quickly at exam time.
  • Attempt as many CUET Mock Tests as possible to test your preparation level and improve your weak areas.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Practice this section for an hour on alternate days.
  • Practices old and new formats of data analysis based questions.


  • This section has an overall weightage of 10 marks.
  • The difficulty level of this section is high.
  • The section needs high accuracy levels. Hence, practicing the Reasoning Quiz will help candidates to improve their logical skills and score the highest marks in this section.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

  • Improve reading/listening habits of current affairs through newspapers, magazines, and news channels.
  • Study current affairs and G.K. books available in the market.

Verbal Ability

  • Reading helps in this section to great levels.
  • Work on spelling, vocabulary, and grammar to get good scores in this section.

How to crack an Interview for Christ University 2021?

The interview is broadly divided into two types of categories: 

  • Objective questions 
  • Subjective questions

Objective Type Questions

Questions that have answers in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ are considered as objective type questions. These questions are the questions that a candidate can answer without any prior preparations. And this type of question generally does not impact the scores of the interview.

Subjective Type Questions

These questions are important to score well in an interview. These questions require prior preparations before an interview. If the candidate has not prepared well for subjective type questions then his/her answers would, most probably, not be that impactful and there is a higher chance of getting a rejection in the interview itself. 

Hence, it is suggested to prepare the following list of questions which are generally asked in Christ University interviews.

  • Q1-Tell me something about yourself?
  • Q2-Why do you want to pursue this course?
  • Q3-What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Q4-What do you know about the college?
  • Q5-How will you manage in a new city?
  • Q6-Why should we take you?
  • Q7-Why do you think you are appropriate for this course?
  • Q8-What do you know about the curriculum?

These questions are only to provide an idea about what type of subjective questions are asked during the interview to prepare them beforehand. Obviously, these might not be the exact question or the series in which the interviewer will ask these questions. But these questions should be prepared before the interview as immediately answering these questions is sometimes not even possible or it could lead to an embarrassing situation as well.

CUET Exam Analysis and Questions Asked

Going through the exam analysis will help candidates to know the difficulty level of the paper and the number of good attempts. Last year, the exam was a moderate level of difficulty. All questions asked in CUET were objective type questions.

  • Also, it will help candidates to know the type of questions asked in the exam. 
  • Session II and Session III were delayed for 2020.
  • There are no changes in the syllabus and exam pattern of the examination for the year 2021.


How to Prepare For Christ University Entrance Test?

There are three options to prepare for the CUET exam. One Year coaching plan, joining a crash course or by gathering the study material and acting according to CUET preparation Strategy & Study Plan. 

Candidates need to prepare six sections for the CUET exam. Apart from this a skill assessment round, Micro Presentation and a Personal interview are also a part of the selection process.

Which are the best books for the CUET preparation of analytical and critical reasoning section?

How to prepare for Logical Reasoning for CAT by Arun Sharma, Logical and Analytical Reasoning by K Gupta, etc. are some of the best books for the preparation of analytical and reasoning section of the CUET exam 2021.

What are topics asked from GK and Current Affairs section of the exam?

International events, Awards and honors, Major developments in the areas of sports, geopolitics and important environmental agreements, Eminent personalities, UN bodies are some of the topics asked from GK and Current Affairs section of the exam.

What are the important topics that need to be prepared under Quantitative Aptitude section?

The important topics that need to be prepared under Quantitative Aptitude, Fundamental Mathematics Operations, and Numerical Ability section include Profit and Loss, Percentage, Average, Number System, Algebra, AP, and GP.

Which is the best book for the preparation of the Fundamental Accounting section of the CUET Exam 2020?

Handbook on Accountancy by Arihant is one of the best books for the preparation of the Fundamental Accounting section of the CUET Exam 2020.

Can I clear the CUET Exam in one attempt?

Yes, with the right preparation and strategy you can easily clear the CUET exam in one attempt. Also, referring to the right books and study materials will help in clearing the exam with more marks