CUET City Intimation Slip 2024, CUET UG and PG Exam City Details

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Summary: CUET City Intimation Slip is an important document for those students applying for admission through the CUET exam. Know the city where you must take your CUET exam. 

The National Testing Agency will release the CUET exam City Slip for students appearing in the CUET 2024 exam.

NTA will announce the CUET intimation slip for all the phases before the CUET 2024 exam. If your CUET City Information Slip is still inaccessible, your exam may be conducted in the next phase of the exam.

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What is the CUET Intimation Slip 2024?

The CUET UG City Intimation Slip 2024 (also sometimes referred to as the CUET Exam City Slip 2024) lists the various cities in which the CUET Entrance Examinations will be conducted for all phases of the CUET 2024 Exam.

It outlines all the necessary information for applicants, including:

  • Examination Name,
  • Name of Candidate
  • Name of Conducting Body
  • Date of Birth
  • Application Number, and
  • Exam City Centre

The National Testing Agency will release the city intimation slip for CUET and centre-related information for candidates whose exams are scheduled between May 15 - May 31 2024.

CUET City Intimation Slip for last academic year.

Phase 1 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified
Phase 2 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified
Phase 3 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified
Phase 4 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified
Phase 5 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified
Phase 6 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified
Phase 7 of CUET 2024 To be notified To be notified

Why is the CUET City Intimation Slip important?

Importance of the City Intimation Slip for CUET 2024:

This CUET Exam City Slip provides the candidates with a breakdown of the centres where they can take their exam in accordance with their specific exam dates in order to plan and prepare for their upcoming entrance examination properly. 

It allows candidates to strategize their travel and accommodation, ensuring they reach their designated exam centres without any hassle.

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

How to check or download City Intimation Slip for CUET exam Phase 4?

  • Step 1: Click on the link below.
  • Step 2: Log in using your application number and date of birth.
  • Step 3: On the top of the following page, you'll be able to view two buttons. One button which says 'Download/Print Confirmation Page' will allow you to access the CUET Registration Form you filled before the exam. The second button, titled 'Download/Print Advance Information for Allotment of Exam City Centre' is the one you need to click to access your CUET City Intimation Slip.
  • Step 4: Click on this button to initiate the download.

Each piece of information on the slip, from the exam date to the test paper details, is crucial for your preparation. It informs your study schedule, travel plans, and overall readiness for the exam day.

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NOTE: It is possible that on clicking the 'Download/Print Advance Information for Allotment of Exam City Centre' button, the download DOES NOT BEGIN. Instead, you might see a message which reads 'Not Found'. 

Learn about difficulty level, safe scores, most asked topics and more in Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the CUET Exam 2024 as it unfolds! Click the link below to be better prepared for your exam session.

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Addressing Common Issues

If you face issues like incorrect information or download troubles, contact the NTA at the provided helplines or via email at for assistance.

How the CUET City Slip Affect CUET Exam Preparation?

The city intimation slip of CUET 2024 can influence your exam preparation strategy. It's advisable to visit the test center beforehand if possible, and plan your study schedule according to the exam dates mentioned in the slip.

CUET City Intimation Slip PDF - CUET Phase 4 Notification

Check the latest official CUET City Intimation Slip Notification PDF below. 

Last Year's CUET City Intimation Slip Details

CUET City Intimation Slip 2024 for Phase 1 to Phase 4 of the CUET Entrance Exam 2024 will be released on the official website. It will be released for the candidates whose exam is scheduled between May 15 - May 31, 2024.

Candidates can choose their 'Exam City Option' through Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) facility.

 To understand how to make this selection, more information will be shared directly with the officially registered number of the candidate, as shared in the CUET 2024 Application Form. To contact the NTA, candidates can call on the following telephone numbers: 011-40759000, 011- 69227700.

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Contents of CUET City Intimation Slip 2024

The City Intimation Slip displays the following information: 

  • Date of the exam
  • Shift of the examination
  • Subjects/Test Papers
  • Medium chosen during the online Application Form

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What does it means if you're unable to see your CUET City Intimation Slip? What If Your CUET City Intimation Slip Is Unavailable?

Some candidates may have chosen subjects other than those displayed in the City Intimation Slip; these will be issued subsequently.

The CUET (UG) 2024 test will be conducted upto May 31, 2024, due to the high number of enrolled applicants in various cities. In case you're unable to view or download your CUET exam City Slip, it simply means your exam may have been postponed.

What does it mean if all your subjects are not shown on your City Intimation Slip?

The remaining subjects will show up in due time. Based on the availability of CUET exam centres, time slots and so on, the National Testing Agency has assigned students the city slips. Keep checking your dashboard on the official website for an update on your remaining subjects and other exam-related updates.

How many cities is the CUET 2024 Exam being held in?

The CUET exam is being held across 411 cities simultaneously, including 24 cities outside of India. 

Note: The City Intimation Slip is NOT the CUET (UG) Admit Card, as the candidates should know. To help the candidates, here is preliminary information regarding selecting the city where the CUET examination centre will be situated. 

Refer: List of Documents Required for CUET 2024

Clarifying Misconceptions

It's crucial to understand that the City Intimation Slip is not the CUET admit card. The admit card for CUET is a separate document that must be downloaded from the CUET website. 

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cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Whom to contact for more information about CUET City Intimation Slip?

For assistance with downloading or verifying the Examination City Intimation Slip for CUET (UG), candidates can call or text 011 - 40759000 or 011 - 69227700 or send an email to

Know more: How to Check CUET Exam Centres 2024?


The CUET City Intimation Slip is more than just an informative document; it's a key to effective exam preparation and smooth logistical planning.

Aspiring candidates are advised to regularly visit the official CUET website for the latest updates and insights, ensuring they are well-prepared for the examination day. Remember, staying informed is the first step towards success in CUET.

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