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CUET Home Science Syllabus 2024: Important Chapters and Topics

Author : Palak Khanna

Updated On : July 24, 2023



Home Science is a 3-year course that emphasizes learning nutrition, dietetics, human development and much more. 

If you desire to study this course at a top university like DU? knowing of CUET Home Science Syllabus 2024 is important. Here's an article walking you through every unit and its sub-topics you must prepare to clear the CUET Home Science exam 2024. 

Section II covers a wide range of domain subjects, including Home Science. NTA is responsible for releasing the Home Science syllabus for the next academic year on the official website of CUET. 

CUET Home Science Syllabus 2024 majorly covers 6 units, and the home science exam pattern has one question paper with 50 questions, out of which 40 must be attempted.

Let's understand the units and sub-topics to prepare in order to ace your CUET Home science test preparations. 

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CUET Home Science Syllabus 2024 Highlights

You must write the CUET 2024 exam if you wish to study at any CUET participating universities. Last year we had nearly 90 universities accepting CUET scores for their admission process, and this number is expected to increase in the coming years. 

It is anticipated that CUET will be one of the country's biggest competitive entrance tests for undergraduate programs. 

  • The CUET 2024 examination is broken up into three parts: section IA, section IB, section II, and section III.
  • The exam pattern varies for Home Science in every college. Therefore, you are advised to visit the official website of the desired college - you wish to apply.
  • The Home Science domain question paper comprises 50 questions, and you should attempt a minimum of 40 questions.
  • The total number of possible points for this domain exam is a maximum of 200.

Check: NTA CUET Eligibility Criteria

CUET Home Science Syllabus 2024

Note: There will be one question paper with 50 questions on it, 40 of which must be answered. 

Unit I: Nutrition, Food Science and Technology

1. Clinical dietetics and nutrition


  • a) Significance and 
  • b) Diet Therapy goals.
  • c) Nutritionist's role 
  • d) Types of diets 
  • e) nutritionist's scope and career

2. Nutrition and Public Health


  • a) Public health and nutrition concept.
  • b) India's Nutritional Problems.
  • c) Strategies for addressing nutritional issues.
  • d) Scope and profession

3. Management of catering and culinary services


  • a) Types of food service systems
  • b) Food service management.
  • c) the breadth and career

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4. The processing and technology of food


  • a) Fundamental principles - food science, food processing, and food manufacturing
  • b) Development and significance of food processing and technology
  • c) Classification of food products.
  • d) Scope and profession.

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5. Quality and safety of Food


  • a) Basic Concepts - food safety, food contamination, and food adulteration 
  • b) Food Standards Regulation - India (FSSAI, Agmark) and International (CAC, WTO, ISO) 
  • c) Food safety management systems 
  • d) Scope and career opportunities.

Unit II: Human Development: Lifespan Approach

1. Early childhood care and education


  • a) NCF (Principles and aims)
  • b) The concept of crèche, daycare centres, and Montessori schools.
  • b) Psychological Perspective - Piaget and Vygotsky
  • d) Scope and profession.

2. Special Education and services of support


  • a) Disability
  • b) special Education methods
  • c) scope and career

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3. Administration of institutions and programs for children, adolescents, and seniors


  • a) Children: Vulnerable Programs
  • b) Youth: Vulnerable Programs
  • c) Seniors: Vulnerable Programs
  • d) Scope and profession

Unit III: Textiles and Clothing

1. Design for textiles and apparel


  • Constructive and Applied Design Analysis
  • c) Components of design
  • b) The design principles.
  • d) Scope and profession.

2. The fields of fashion design and merchandising


  • a) Fashion terms, including Fashion, style, Fad, and classic.
  • c) Fashion Development - Evolution and History
  • c) Fashion Distribution
  • d) Scope and profession

3. Production and quality assurance in the garment industry


  • a) Stages of garment manufacturing 
  • b) Quality Assurance in the Garment Industry
  • c) Scope and job opportunities

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4. Care and Maintenance of Institutional Fabrics


  • a) Laundry Equipment - Washing, Drying, and Ironing 
  • b) Institutional Laundry 
  • c) Scope and Career Opportunities

cuet online coaching

cuet online coaching

Unit IV: Resource Management

1. Human Resource Administration


  • a) Importance and functions of human resource management
  • b) Scope and career

2. Hospitality Management


  • a) Concept of different hospitality establishments
  • b) Guest Cycle 
  • c) Departments in Hospitality businesses Front Office, Housekeeping, and food and beverages 
  • d) Scope and career opportunities

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3. Consumer Instruction and Safety


  • a) Consumer Problems.
  • b) Consumer Protection Act (2019) - consumer rights and responsibilities
  • c) Standard Marks - ISI, Agmark, FSSAI, Hallmark, silk Mark, Wool Mark, Eco mark
  • d) Consumer voluntary organizations
  • e) Scope and profession

cuet mock test

cuet mock test

Unit V: Communication and Expansion

1. Communication and Journalism Development


  • a) Fundamentals of development, development journalism, and development communication. 
  • b) Methods of communication. 
  • c) Scope and employment opportunities.

2. Media Administration, Design, and Production


  • a) Media planning versus 
  • b) media design and production
  • c) Evaluation and response from the media
  • d) Scope and career

Unit VI: Career Options Following Home Science Education

Topics: Home Science offers self-employment and paid employment opportunities in various subjects.

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Once you understand the exam and CUET Home Science Syllabus 2024, your preparations will get much easier. The best way to prepare for any domain subjects in CUET is to solve a maximum number of mock tests. 

It is important to pick the mocks designed as per the CUET exam pattern and syllabus, like the one attached in this article. 

Wishing you all the best for your CUET Home Science exam. 

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